The Six Types of Middle-Earth Names

1. Characters whose Names are Secretly Insults: 

Samwise: means “Half-wise” or “Half-wit.” He is Stupid Gamgee

Faramir: Boromir’s name means “steadfast jewel”, but Faramir’s name just means “sufficient jewel.”


Denethor took one look at baby Faramir and thought “eh I guess he exists or whatever” which is very in character

 2. Characters who Have Way Too Many Names

Examples include Aragorn son of Arathorn son of Arador heir of Isildur Elendil’s son, descendant of Numenor,  Thorongill,  Eagle of the Star,  Dúnadan, Strider,  Wingfoot, Longshanks, Elessar, Edhelharn, Elfstone, Estel (”Hope,”) The Chieftain of the Dúnedain, King of the West, High King of Gondor and Arnor, and Envinyatar the Renewer of the House of Telcontar

Wait I’m sorry did I say “examples” plural

Cuz that was all one guy

3. Characters whose parents must’ve been prophets

-Frodo means “wise by experience.” His story is about becoming wise by experience
-A lady named Elwing turns into a bird (geddit)

4. Characters whose families were so lazy that they copy-pasted the same first half of a name onto multiple people

Éomer/ Éomund/Éowyn/Éorl
Elladan/Elrohir/Elrond/Elros/Elwing/Elenwë/Elendil/Eldarion (the laziest family) 

5.Characters whose Names are Expertly Designed so that Newbies can’t Remember Who is Who and Feel Sad

All the people mentioned in number 4
Celeborn, Celegorm, Celebrimbor, Celebrian
All the rhyming dwarf names in the Hobbit
Sauron and Saruman
Arwen and Éowyn

6. Name so nice, you say it twice

Legoas Greenleaf: Legolas’s first name means “Greenleaf” in elvish. Legolas is Greenleaf Greenleaf (thranduil really likes green leaves ok)

King Théoden’s name means King in Rohirric. Tolkien decided to name his king “King.” All hail King King

 this is what the fanbase means when we say tolkien was a creative genius with language

Elven Accents

Middle Earth was supposed to be an origin myth for Britain, so I highly encourage we consider elven accents and their closest British equivalent.

Vanyar - Irish: It’s so lovely, you just want to hug them. Ingwë and Indis just talk and all heads turn so they can listen. Indis’s kids have a slight tinge to their accents because of it, and sometimes, Findis goes full-Irish just because she can. (None of her other siblings are as good at it as she is). And if there’s a Vanya nearby, they are going to get nominated as the evening’s story teller. No matter what.

Falmari - Yorkshire: It’s very thick and difficult to understand when they talk too quickly, but it’s also warm and beautiful and normally quite understandable. They tend to talk loudly, which is all a part of the charm. It’s also very, very hard to lose once you get it. Eärwen keeps her beautiful accent even after she moves to Tirion and all of her children have distorted versions of it.

Noldor - Scottish: Half the reason they get into so many fights is that no one can understand what they’re saying. Finwë’s house has the “posh” version, so they’re a little easier to understand than your average Noldo, but still. It gets like 10x harder when they’re angry. This also became a problem on the battlefield when Fingon was trying to command Sindar troops, too, and they weren’t quite sure whether they’d heard him correctly. But it is still glorious. After the ban, a lot of the Noldor try to take on the Sindar accent, but only with varying success. (For instance, Maedhros and Maglor could hide their accents 99% of the time, but whenever they got frustrated, their burr would come out and Elrond and Elros thought it was so funny, so they’d start leaving toys around for the Fëanorians to trip on just to hear it. Celebrían and, later, Elladan, Elrohir, and Arwen would do the same thing to Galadriel).

Sindar - Posh Southern English: It’s why we see it in the movies, seeing as how by the end of the Third Age, most elves were Sindar or had been influenced by the Sindar accent for so long. It was very pretty, although the exiles totally teased it for being dainty.

Silvan - Welsh: This is also why the English accent is considered the only Elven accent. A lot of people couldn’t tell the difference between the Silvan and Sindar accents, but if you dared to say they were the same thing in front of a Silvan elf, you would be met with a fierce flurry of incomprehensible words. “THEY ARE DIFFERENT AND OURS IS BETTER” is a very common and completely accurate statement among the Silvan. 

I just mentioned it in the tags but I have to say it again because it makes me ridiculously happy

In ‘proper’ classic Sindarin, spoken by most Elves, the word for rider/horseman/knight is rochir and the plural would be rochirrim and if, by some chance, there was a whole land of them, that place would be Rochand. But in Gondor there’s a linguistic shift–it might have actually happened in Númenor, but as Tolkien specifically mentions it as a Gondorian thing I tend to think not–where certain consonants are softened. So it's rohir and rohirrim and Rohan

It’s not the existence of linguistic evolution that makes me happy–well, it does, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Tolkien explicitly said that the rohir in Elrohir is the same as in Rohirrim. In pure Sindarin it would be Elrochir.

But it’s not.

So Elrond named his sons in an Elvish language, but an Edainic dialect–the dialect of his brother’s people. And in actual meaning, both their names refer to both sides of their heritage, too.

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ✿ Elrond ✿* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

You know who the most tragic figure in the LOTR trilogy has to be?

Elrond. Fucking Elrond.

This man(elf) lost everybody he cared about. EVERYbody, and yet he never let it break him. Man, I would have just become a hermit after a while because I got so sick of losing people. Let me give you a list of everybody he lost.

His mother

His father

His uncles (that he never met but still)

His grandparents

His brother

His nieces and nephews

Maedhros and Maglor (they were something to him)


His wife

SEVERAL friends

All three of his kids.

Aragorn (he did help raise him so I assume he loved him).

And not to mention the grandkids he’ll never meet.

I don’t even READ LOTR like that and my heart breaks for this baby. He’s been through so much. I’m surprised he chose the Elves. I mean with everybody in his life becoming human and dying on him, it’s shocking that he didn’t go that way.I’m surprised he chose the Elves. I mean with everybody in his life becoming human and dying on him, it’s shocking that he didn’t go that way. How strong do you have to be to not just give up?! To not throw your hands in the air and say “fuck everything”?! Pretty damn strong.

Fucking Elrond. This poor, poor, unlucky fuck


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You were sitting in the library with Lindir. Your father had given both of you a day off to relax and you spent it together, reading books on dwarvish customs. Dwarves were very interesting to you and you wished to meet them one day.

“Courting beads seem interesting,” Lindir says, stopping at a page.

“Braids are very important to the race of dwarves, apparently. To elves however, it is just used to keep our hairs tied back,” you say, laughing.

He smiles back at you.

“Come Lady y/n, we must make our way back to the dining area. You know how your father is on punctuality,” he says, standing.

You stand as well and take his offered arm. You both make your way to the dining area, but pause at a balcony over looking a courtyard.

Your father is there talking to Elrohir and Elladan. Either scolding them or actually talking to them, you do not know, but you can hazard a guess and say it is the latter given the fact that he does not seemed too displeased.

You jump as a chicken comes flying into view and straight to your father. He panics, swinging his arm wildly and his face is priceless. He lets out an undignified yelp and tumbles to the ground, hair askew.

You let out a snort that turns into a full blown laugh as Lindir lets out a rather high pitched giggle. That causes your brothers to start laughing too and when they part you can see that the hen has made herself at home on your fathers belly and you continue laughing as her chicks follow her lead and makes theirselves at home on your fathers chest.



You had a better heart than me, always, and I wish I had told you that. Instead, you have the bravery of a King, of a half God, I plate you up in my armour and send you off to die. You’re different in this haze, softer, but maybe you’ve always been like that, things have changed me. I can’t tell where we are but that doesn’t matter now, none of it does. Your eyes burn and you smile, offer out a hand I’ve never been worthy of. I take it because pride and honour can’t get us now, neither can fame or reputation. And the poetry is there because you are too.

[ INSP. ] [ POETRY. ]

elves and fav ice cream flavors

thranduil will trade his elk for a scoop of rum raisin

galadriel is a timeless cookies and cream lover, and most of lorien shares her taste, actually, the common pattern is ‘vanilla mixed with something’.

celeborn loves rocky road (so put another dime in the jukebox, baby)

glorfindel loves blue vanilla. everyone in gondolin does, too. it tastes better than normal vanilla, don’t you get it, he casually says, while sam holds a furious frodo back, who screams that blue vanilla is blasphemy. once again, frodo baggins is a fucking pedestrian

elrond, my love, is also a fan of blue vanilla, but he doesn’t want to be accused of copying glorfindel, so he settles with a mellow lemon sorbet. his children give him tubs of lemon sorbet every christmas. he accepts it with a forced smile

celebrian, like her mom, is into cookies and cream, but she’s really a fan of everything. she doesn’t have a favorite flavor, but ever since she sailed back to valinor, she’s been finding her own solace with honeycomb, with how comfortingly sweet it is. they actually do make it. seriously, look it up, celebrian is the honeycomb type

publicly, elladan and elrohir like white chocolate and dark chocolate respectively. but they really do this for maintaining the twin aesthetic, to freak people out. privately, they both like raspberry.

arwen likes salty caramel. she puts a lil bit o salt over her already salty caramel. aragorn is the only one who understands her and doesn’t flinch back in horror when she confesses her favorite ice cream flavor. she also falls in love with him because of this

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Elrond and Galadriel would be like, “what a sweet tradition, a wonderful way to bring families together, etc, etc.”

and Thranduil would be like, “sweet, another festival to drink at.”

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Do you think after the Balrog incident Glorfindel was then super conscious of loose hair in battle? Like not only for himself but others too, especially the twins.

*about to ambush orcs*

Glorfindel: Boys put your back.

Elladan: Why? No one else does…

Glorfindel: Put your damn hair in a damn braid. Don’t make me come over there!

*twins braid each other’s hair*

Youtuber AU

Bard has a gamer channel where he plays minecraft, sims 4, city skylines, etc. 

Thranduil has a channel dedicated vlogs and usually recounts strange and funny things that have happened to or around him. 

Elrond’s channel is full of history and linguistic facts, explanations and information. 

Elrohir and Elladan have a film review and film theories channel. 

Tauriel has a feminist and LGBT channel. 

Arwen has an art channel. 

Lindir has a book review channel. 

Glorfindel has a self-defence channel. 

Bard is often seen in the back of Thranduil’s vlogs. 

Legolas doesn’t have his own channel and instead appears on everyone else’s from time to time. He is a regular on Glorfindel’s channel, he is often having debates with Tauriel on her channel, but he’s best known for the pillow ambushes he stages on Bard in the back of two of Thranduil’s videos. 

Elrohir and Elladan are often seen on Glorfindel’s channel as he needs people to demonstrate the moves on. 

Whenever Bard and Thranduil play first person shooter games on Bard’s channel Thranduil always does better. Bard doesn’t understand how.  

Thranduil and Bard’s boyfriend tag together on Thranduil’s channel.