Best part of a week working on this with the gang. I’m really proud of how it came out and everyone’s combined efforts for such an amazing track by such an amazing person!

Main Vocals: http://everyonelovesrobots.tumblr.com
Backing Vocals: http://kyleehenke.tumblr.com/
Backing Vocals: http://celestialtoxophilite.tumblr.com
Backing Vocals: http://tentacuddles.tumblr.com/
Backing Vocals: http://tylersthings.tumblr.com/
Backing Vocals/Guitar Work: Fergus Tallon [Doesn’t have a tumblr :( ]

Download the Cover here for free! :) : https://soundcloud.com/everyonelovesrobots/idgaf-cover-by-everyonelovesrobots-feat-friends