ElRing announced exclusively for iOS - Time to Experience the Art

ElRing announced exclusively for iOS – Time to Experience the Art

ElRing announced exclusively for iOS – Time to Experience the Art

Mobile Apps– weUwa today announces the up and coming release of ElRing, its new game title developed specifically for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch devices. The company is bringing back the famous and old school Buzz Wire. Featuring a beautiful design and many tricky wires, players will use all of their skills and senses. Players will…

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min kompis var tillsammans med anna books son. han var största lorten som någonsin skådats, men min kompis fick riktigt nog och gjorde slut när anna book la ut en nakenbild typ det var tydligen för pinsamt för henne

asså kmr grina??????är det här på riktigt elr


Cadillac ELR - 2

New CADILLAC ELR - rebranding campaign for Lowe Campbell Ewald - Serie#6
Photography by Patrick Curtet / Marlyne Curtet
AD: Mike Brooks/ Luke Palushaj
Retouching by the good guys at Curve Digital/Nick Limb &Phil Lynam and the mad scientists at Armstrong White
Assistant: Nicolas Thomas Moreno/Autumn Spadaro
Producer: John Noonan   www.gravyproductions.net    assitant producer: Mesa Lange-Scovel
Stylist: Christina Kretschmer
Make-Up: Lucy CrawfordPatrick Curtet representative:
USA: http://www.cynthiaheld.com
France: http://www.cream-paris.tv
China: http://www.motoproduction.com



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Çok güldük yeter

Drag Fandom Ask

1. Hey Qween or Feast of Fun?

2. Chicago or NYC queens?

3. Lacey Noel or Brendan Jordan?

4. Reddit or Tumblr?
tumblr ofc what kinda bs of a question is that

5. Foto Fashion Ruview or Transformations?

6. Podcast or Interviews

7. Old Pit Crew or new Pit Crew
allll the pitcrewzz

8. Preseason or off season?
pre, cuz of all the hype and anticipation

9. What queens have the best Periscopes?
idk dont have one plz dont stone me to death i dont have enough storage on my phone to download it hahah

10. Drag Center or Extra Lap Recap?

11. Premiere red carpet or final red carpet?
uuuh im gonna say premiere

12. Wait a Minute Bitch or #DragQueenProblems?

13. Ring My Belle or Raja Drawja?

14. Old Untucked or new Untucked?
new cus every scene when ginger, pearl and katya go smoking outside is pure GOLD

15. Lady Bunny’s Dirty Dish or Really Queen?
really queen, i lurv me some bonnie del rico

16. What queens do you hope to see in the Marco Marco Fashion Show this year?
violet and fame duh, and raja and alyssa cuz they flawless

17. Favorite drag daughter and mother pair?
rhea and raja❤️

18. If you could spend a day with any queen what would you do and who would it be with?
raja. wed just sit around, smoke and drink, shed draw me, we would dress up in all her stuff and maybe makeout if im lucky

19. If you could go on any drag fandom show (i.e. hey queen, fof, a wow show, etc.) which would it be?
raja drawja or ffr

20. Favorite queen on ‘Let The Music Play’?

21. If you could have any unedited lip sync which would you want?
ganja/joslyn or raja/carmen

22. If someone gave you the whole unedited version of any season you wanted which would it be?


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