elphie green


endless list of broadway faves; lilli cooper.

“I called my stage manager who told me our Elphie wasn’t feeling well but thought she could get through the show. About 20 minutes later I’m rushed into the Elphie dressing room, painted green in about 7 minutes and into my “Galindified” costume. The most surreal moment of the whole transition was seeing Elphie onstage from the wings, and then walking on as Elphie in the next scene. It felt like a tag-team. I definitely heard some confused murmurs from the front row, but I’m guessing anyone past the 10th row didn’t even notice the switch out! Until they made the announcement at the end of intermission, which probably eased a lot of folks minds who thought they were going crazy and seeing two green girls.”

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I haven't read TLC yet bc I only just recently finished reading Wicked for the first time and I'm still digesting it so I don't know if you explained it in that fic, but why is Elphie green in SM? I don't think I've seen you address it and I'm curious :o

in TLC elphie being green is a Medical Anomaly, its actually addressed in the very first chapter lmao. 

SM won’t focus on it at any point, Elphaba has always assumed its just a birth defect, BUT… there are several Theories amongst friends/people in their life that will pop up in the fic, like a deep buried gene that comes from non-human peoples of Oz that were thought to be all dead a long time ago, a sign of corruption or sin, possible Kumbric ancestry, ect.