elounor vs larry

Elounor VS Larry

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I will show you some pictures of Elounor and Larry and find the differences between them

Look at these pictures of Elounor

Now be honest with me, do you find any chemistry between them? They don’t look at each other as if they were in love, they don’t hold each other’s hands properly, they barely smile. Where is the chemistry?

But if you look at these pictures/gifs of Larry instead

you can really see the chemistry between them. They both have a gleam in their eyes and the way they look at each other is not like any look you would give to your friend. If you really focus on their eye contact you can see that they look deep into each other’s eyes. They smile, laugh and their body language differs a lot from Elounor’s.

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El's nose looked different to some Larries in the newest pic, so now we have the twin theory back again. Recycling at it's finnest.

*A woman turns to the side while not wearing much make up*

A Tinhat: Wow this is so fake, how did she change her entire face like that? One of her entire eyes and half her nose vanished? This is impossible and Antis think this is realistic? Eyes don’t just disappear like that! Clear stunt fake girlfriend alert.

Elounor VS Larry without cameras

I always see some elounor shippers trought my tl saying that louis and eleanor are happy together. I dont agree with this.

she send me some pics of them and 

uhm yeah cute, but you can’t forget that there were multiple cameras in this airport.

THIS my dear is Elounor without cameras.

And THIS is Larry.

Now tell me who looks more real.

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If the 'E' was for Ernest, where's the D for Doris? Like Larries make even the simplest things into a mountain. Like all them need to chill. And theres all them like "I'm the smartest person bc I analyze my favorite celebrity/think my fave's moves are calculated specifically for me" like... that's so completely absurd. No excuses for it like no celeb lives 100% for their fans they have lives too lmao

Asides from the Ernie theory, we’ve got a Big Larrie here who claims the E photo is obviously photoshopped:


And this Big Larrie over here who claims that actually tattoos don’t mean anything at all and it’s really just an easy meaningless permanent thing Louis decided to do to help “sell” a stunt he supposedly hates and wants to end ASAP:


They’re not stressed about this at all though I’m sure, ‘cause Louis and his baby and this tattoo and Eleanor will all be erased soon, right? He’s just gonna get a few more permanent reminders of these things like tattoos and birth certificates but this planet will eventually be consumed in a fiery supernova at some point so it’s not like we can say these things will last forever. Stay strong, believers! Keep clapping for Tinkerbell!


Elounor vs Larry | Harry can fuck you better

This video is funny and cute. I love it!


Thanks so much for making this awesome video I hope you don’t mind me posting it :)