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Bearding y PR (traducción al español)

¡Hola! Esta es una traducción que hice del texto de theharrylouistreatise sobre la diferencia entre ser barba y servir como PR. (Cabe aclarar que este post es del 2014, pero igual es interesante).

Nota: “bearding” vendría a ser la acción de ser barba. La pongo en inglés porque no tiene una traducción literal al español y no queda bien con el resto de las palabras traducidas. “PR” también es un término en inglés que significa relaciones públicas. 

Sin más, los dejo con el post.

“Anónimo preguntó:

Lo que en serio me hace enojar y dudar sobre todo esto es lo expuestos que están ahora. Louis y Eleanor fueron vistos hoy en Portugal juntos. Él está lidiando con su club de football, ¿por qué ella está ahí? ¿Por publicidad? ¿Por qué? No entiendo eso. Cosas como esa me hacen pensar que realmente son una pareja, ¿sino por qué otra razón estarían juntos hoy? 


Okay. Aclaremos algo.

El bearding y los stunts de PR van por separado. Sirven a diferentes propósitos. A veces un fauxmance (*) es ambos PR y bearding (Haylor, por ejemplo). A veces no. 

Elounor no es PR. Elounor es bearding. Cuando miras a las cosas de Elounor, no te deberías preguntar “¿cómo esto publicita a One Direction?” sino “¿cómo esto sirve al propósito de ocultar la sexualidad de Louis?”. Así que, ¿por qué está Eleanor en Portugal? Para hacer parecer que son una pareja real y para asegurarles a los fans de Elounor que todavía están juntos. Es bastante simple. 

Déjame ser clara: No estoy diciendo que Elounor nunca es usado para PR. Estoy diciendo que el propósito principal es el bearding y que los efectos del PR son adicionales. Un PR stunt como Haylor se supone que expone a los que no son fans a la banda, mientras que Elounor solamente es para crear una ilusión para los fans. Y no-fans que prestan atención, supongo.”

(*) fauxmance: relación falsa que sirve para generar publicidad. 

Ayu, x

Oh hai you guys, remember that time 7 months ago when Eleanor and Gigith hung out?

And then Eleanor was featured on the Tommy Hilfiger website for TommyxGigith?

Well Eleanor has customized a look for TommyxGigith’s new collection which will be featured in the runway show

The styles were then customized by influencers Naomi Davis (The Rockstar Diaries), Camille Charrière (Over the Rainbow) and Eleanor Calder (The Trend Pear) for the upcoming runway show.

anonymous asked:

Melly- I am always fascinated when you talk about the families participating in the "public messaging". How deeply do you think they are involved? Surely it is too much of a risk of someone going off message? The reason I ask is that in the last week Zayn's mom has left comments on Instagram posts of both Hadid parents, and the Ruth Payne outburst earlier in the week. Please discuss.


Here’s the way I look at it: You have to ask yourself, would you do that for your family? Because I don’t really have to give it much thought, I know I would. If I could help my family member and take some of that pressure off his shoulders, sure, I’d help supplement the lie. Like a few things on instagram, make a few comments,  take some pictures, whatever, its not a big deal, not when its for someone you love. 

You have to also understand that One Direction is a business estimated at a worth of 1 billion dollars. Stop thinking of One Direction as five individuals, and think of it as a global entity. Jobs, investments, all of that depends on keeping up appearances, like any other public facing corporation, and we are fandom that was built on consuming the day-to-day of their crafted personas, so this works towards that.

Other thing is, there’s precedent that 1DHQ has access to some of these family members’ accounts. These family accounts are also valuable internet real estate. Some of them have hundreds of thousands, even a million+ followers. That translates into social media influencer dollars. 

For instance, they cross-promote similar things w/ the beards:

They take photos and go on pap walks:

And as for whether you’d  worry about the family going “off message”? I would say there’s a roughly 187% chance that all of these dudes’ immediate families have signed iron clad NDAs. They couldn’t talk even if they wanted to (and I’m sure they’ve wanted to over the years). 

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hi Melly, that Jack and Rose hoodie in Louis' pics is almost the same that Eleanor wore a couple of days ago, does it mean she'll be back or they 're just fueling the rumors?


As part of Melly’s original Beardsmas 2k17 predictions, I’ve thought that Eleanor was coming back for awhile and its more then just fueling rumors (sorry, schmoopy). For me, the signs are all there: 

  • Daisy & Phoebe’s social media likes & follows
  • Eleanor’s refollow and like of Louis’s account
  • The mouthpieces narrative reintroducing Elounor
  • Eleanor’s direct links in the 1D Beards United union w/ TommyxGigith

But look on the bright side! I found this real good photo of a dog dressed as Batman

In years to come; told by a Larry shipper.

In years to come, when the posters are taken down and the merchandise is put away. I will think back to this journey. From the time we were all carrots to the time where we all found some strange attraction to Harry’s suits. I will remember the tight bond between the larry shippers, a friendship I could never ever give up. Through thick and thin, through hell and high waters, the Larry shippers supported each other. We went through baby gates and fake girlfriends and tattoos and revealing song’s true meanings. We investigated every single interview and picture and song to identify how in love they were in. Because in years to come I won’t remember the words spoken but I will remember the words that went unsaid. I will laugh at how much time I spent stressing over when they would just come out, and cry remembering how young I was then, making a memory of my teen years. I will sigh at the rememberance of every person who ever dissed the band saying they were ‘gay’ because damn straight they were gay. I will smile at the memory of staying up for 5 days in a row to watch stuffed bears do a countdown. I will remember the upcoming await to their album release. I will look back at all the pictures and all the proofs and all the evidence that Louis and harry were indeed together the whole time. But in years to come, looking at the evidence will be pointless because they would already be out and they will already have prooved themselves. But that, is in years to come.

Why eleanor still has a contract :

●Eleanor wasnt seen with any straight guy for 2 years , wich means she was not allowed publicly to be in a relation after the broke up with Louis

(why a girl in her age , very sociable, working and traveling here and there has never seen even once with a new bf/gf?, she never been seen except with sophia and max

●Syco still has access to eleanor’ IG .. someone commented from her IG in bribri’ s post, then it seems how it was so stupid for doing smt like that, & they deleted the comments ..And eleanor herself disclosed them


●Who remember eleanor and sophia snapchats dancing on pillow talk then followed by tabloids, & Zayn followed her on twitter !!do u think this was not planned ? for sure it was promo, I even saw one of the teenager famous youtuber holding Zayn'album on her IG'post and the caption has #ad .. So yes eleanor was doing promo for Zayn'album and this was a strategy for promoting his work

●Finally, why they ll end her contract from 1st place and Louis still in the closet ?