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Do you read those articles about El and Louis trying make babies? And all this nice things Louis said today about Freddie. Seems like Liams promo now. Again and again. Poor Lilo.

Nonnie, I don’t even have the words to describe how awful Louis’ promo is. It’s so disheartening to see him pandering to the hets to this degree. I thought it couldn’t get worse than Liam’s but damn, Louis is giving him a run for his money. The similarities are undeniable.

  • They both took aim at their real romantic partners (to varying degrees) in order to demoralize & alienate the shippers in the fandom even though they’re some of their most devoted fans
  • They both talk in glowing terms about the beards despite any clear evidence to support such devotion

  • They both are vying for the title of Father of the Year despite spending 90% of the time away from their alleged offspring
Even with these similarities, there’s an ugly edge to Louis’ promo that just really got to me. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it just made me sick and so sad for him. I had to stop myself cuz it was ruining my day and I just didn’t have the energy. It’s all so ugly.
Free the beardy boys immediately.

can we talk about the fact that when it comes to both ziam & larry these boys can’t stay single for more than 5 fucking minutes before they’re onto the next “relationship” meanwhile niall’s been flying solo and under the radar for like 7 years straight…

does no one else (antis) see how weird and fucky that is???

Melly’s Beardsmas 2K17 Predictions

As Beardsmas* kicks off today, me and my Boob Instincts are gonna throw down some predictions, because it beats doing real life work. Let’s circle back here at the end of the month and see how many were right and how many I got ho(e)pelessly wrong!

  • Zigi for TommyxGigith Fashion Show (2/8) and promo including cross-promo on Zayn’s social channels. This will lead in to LFW’s Versace fashion show (2/18) and I’m assuming somewhere in between there, the release of the Zayn Versus campaigns (likely featuring Gigith in some capacity). I’m also gonna put odds on Zayn attending the Brits on 2/22 as more favorable then not, because I just had fruit snacks and I’m feeling fortified by that Red Dye #40.  Wild card: I can also maybe possibly see Zayn releasing a single at some point during this month or early next, not just because of the seeding, but also because the timing seems logical and Complex’s blurbage matches up. 
  • The official return of Elounor, due to Eleanor’s involvement in TommyxGigith (2/8 (suh natural! suh organic!)
  • Meanwhile, Cheryl and her nuddy pants baby bump photoshoot wait in the wings like a spider. I’m kind of expecting Loammy Jean’s return to the UK that Cheryl Cheryl’s intern leaked to match up around the time of Zayn being in the UK, because its funny how that always seems to work out! 

*I just made up Beardsmas. It felt right. 

its never easy missing someone, 

and knowing you cant do anything about it

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I hope the boys negotiated something really good for themselves in exchange for the tattoos. 🙏 more than anything I wish they were temporary and not permanent tattoos but we'll see

Anonymous said: Okay Zayn you had a tattoo of Perrie in your arm and we know how bad that was and now you got a G? Seriously? Asdfhjkl can the boys stop with the tattoos? I cant handle it lmao


Well, we don’t know for sure if that G is an actual tatt (it doesn’t seem like it to me tbh) plus it’s on his knee which we rarely see anyway. 

Let’s not forget though that even if they all turn out to be real, one initial is super easy to cover up when the bullshit ends. 

I’m just tired of the ridiculousness of the stunts. WHY OH WHY must they do this? Do they not hear our collective groans and derisive snorts all the way in stunt hell where TPTB conjure this bullshit up?

Bearding y PR (traducción al español)

¡Hola! Esta es una traducción que hice del texto de theharrylouistreatise sobre la diferencia entre ser barba y servir como PR. (Cabe aclarar que este post es del 2014, pero igual es interesante).

Nota: “bearding” vendría a ser la acción de ser barba. La pongo en inglés porque no tiene una traducción literal al español y no queda bien con el resto de las palabras traducidas. “PR” también es un término en inglés que significa relaciones públicas. 

Sin más, los dejo con el post.

“Anónimo preguntó:

Lo que en serio me hace enojar y dudar sobre todo esto es lo expuestos que están ahora. Louis y Eleanor fueron vistos hoy en Portugal juntos. Él está lidiando con su club de football, ¿por qué ella está ahí? ¿Por publicidad? ¿Por qué? No entiendo eso. Cosas como esa me hacen pensar que realmente son una pareja, ¿sino por qué otra razón estarían juntos hoy? 


Okay. Aclaremos algo.

El bearding y los stunts de PR van por separado. Sirven a diferentes propósitos. A veces un fauxmance (*) es ambos PR y bearding (Haylor, por ejemplo). A veces no. 

Elounor no es PR. Elounor es bearding. Cuando miras a las cosas de Elounor, no te deberías preguntar “¿cómo esto publicita a One Direction?” sino “¿cómo esto sirve al propósito de ocultar la sexualidad de Louis?”. Así que, ¿por qué está Eleanor en Portugal? Para hacer parecer que son una pareja real y para asegurarles a los fans de Elounor que todavía están juntos. Es bastante simple. 

Déjame ser clara: No estoy diciendo que Elounor nunca es usado para PR. Estoy diciendo que el propósito principal es el bearding y que los efectos del PR son adicionales. Un PR stunt como Haylor se supone que expone a los que no son fans a la banda, mientras que Elounor solamente es para crear una ilusión para los fans. Y no-fans que prestan atención, supongo.”

(*) fauxmance: relación falsa que sirve para generar publicidad. 

Ayu, x

Oh hai you guys, remember that time 7 months ago when Eleanor and Gigith hung out?

And then Eleanor was featured on the Tommy Hilfiger website for TommyxGigith?

Well Eleanor has customized a look for TommyxGigith’s new collection which will be featured in the runway show

The styles were then customized by influencers Naomi Davis (The Rockstar Diaries), Camille Charrière (Over the Rainbow) and Eleanor Calder (The Trend Pear) for the upcoming runway show.

Always in my heart @Harry_Styles.

Your’s sincerely, Louis

How to know your relationship is for realz

  • Go for dairy products together (ice cream, froyo, milkshakes, all acceptable)
  • Boats Boats Boats! (this only counts if paparazzi are there to capture every special private moment)
  • Walk a Dog (bonus points if that dog is jointly owned)

  • Go out to very busy public restaurants (walk through hordes of people & look annoyed at the attention)
  • Post moody couple selfies
  • Have a photo op at an amusement park
  • Date Night at a Local Tattoo Parlor (the more well publicized the better)
  • Make sure your family Likes random posts from your significant other’s social media

Follow these steps and you’ll know that you are 100% in a real and not at all manufactured relationship! 

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Melly- I am always fascinated when you talk about the families participating in the "public messaging". How deeply do you think they are involved? Surely it is too much of a risk of someone going off message? The reason I ask is that in the last week Zayn's mom has left comments on Instagram posts of both Hadid parents, and the Ruth Payne outburst earlier in the week. Please discuss.


Here’s the way I look at it: You have to ask yourself, would you do that for your family? Because I don’t really have to give it much thought, I know I would. If I could help my family member and take some of that pressure off his shoulders, sure, I’d help supplement the lie. Like a few things on instagram, make a few comments,  take some pictures, whatever, its not a big deal, not when its for someone you love. 

You have to also understand that One Direction is a business estimated at a worth of 1 billion dollars. Stop thinking of One Direction as five individuals, and think of it as a global entity. Jobs, investments, all of that depends on keeping up appearances, like any other public facing corporation, and we are fandom that was built on consuming the day-to-day of their crafted personas, so this works towards that.

Other thing is, there’s precedent that 1DHQ has access to some of these family members’ accounts. These family accounts are also valuable internet real estate. Some of them have hundreds of thousands, even a million+ followers. That translates into social media influencer dollars. 

For instance, they cross-promote similar things w/ the beards:

They take photos and go on pap walks:

And as for whether you’d  worry about the family going “off message”? I would say there’s a roughly 187% chance that all of these dudes’ immediate families have signed iron clad NDAs. They couldn’t talk even if they wanted to (and I’m sure they’ve wanted to over the years).