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I’m okay with all ships- straight, gay or anything in between. You think Zayn and Liam get it on backstage when no one is looking? Okay! You think Phil sucks Dan off when he’s filming videos for his channel? Fuck yeah! You’re pretty fucking sure that Jack and Mark have a thing behind the scenes? You’re probably right! You think Louis is/has dated Eleanor, Brianna, and Danielle? Okay man! Or maybe that Harry belongs with Taylor Swift? Alright! But where I draw the line is people insulting/harassing other people because of something that brings them joy. Is it that fucking bad if not everyone agrees with you? If they’re wrong, let them be wrong! It’s not your problem! But don’t tell someone to cut or kill themselves or disrespect them just because they don’t live in the same reality as you.

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You ship Elounor?

I don’t do the ship thing. I enjoy Louis being happy, he deserves it. Especially with everything he’s gone through the past year. And clearly he’s happy with Eleanor. So, I’m completely here for that, and it makes me happy.

Tips on what to do when you say something problematic

(and are called out)

1. Apologize.

2. Delete/edit the post to fix the error.

3. Learn from it.

That’s it.

Tips on what not to do:

1. Fight back with the person.

2. Justify your behavior as “just a joke” and “not a big deal.”

3. Tell people they’re overreacting.

Getting called out doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person. But it does mean you said something disrespectful and not really okay. Own up to it. Grow from it.

P.S. We all say problematic things at some point. We all aren’t born being respectful perfect snowflakes. That’s why it’s so important to realize when we say something disrespectful/rude/sexist/problematic and learn from it.

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I joined the fandom in early 2014 and after like two months i found the larry videos like the boy saw a comet, admit that you love him, what's a soulmate, a story about a boy meeting a boy, top 30 iconic LS moments and i was totally fucked up like I couldn't stop thinking about it and realized that there's sth more between h&l than only friendship. Thank god i never actually shipped elounor. Their "relationship" never seemed real to me that's why I ended up watching larry videos and here i am

okay but the boy saw a comet fucked me up more than most other larry vids i’m trying not to tear up just thinkin about it


Larry Stylinson Is Real, is real, Israel. Harry is half Jewish. He has a tattoo in Hebrew of his sisters name Gemma, Gemma, jem ah. Jems are really expensive. You know what else is expensive, cars. There are Disney movies about talking cars. The movies star a large bunch of cars. You know what you buy a bunch of, carrots. Back in x-factor days, Louis says he likes girls who eat carrots. But he doesn’t like girls, he likes boys or “carrots”. Who has a “carrot”, Harry. Larry Stylinson is real.

“Believing in love” masterpost

I’ve gotten a number of asks about this, so I thought I would take some time to address it. You’ve heard this stuff before: “if larry isn’t real, I don’t believe in love” “if elounor is real I never want to be in love,” etc., etc.

There’s a lot going on in these statements and I’m not going to address them all (for example, I’m not going to go into why one couple determines your stance on love, that’s another story). Instead, I’m going to make a masterpost about Louis and Eleanor and how their relationship (regardless of many of the lies/misconceptions spread around the fandom) is a pretty good example of love from where we stand.

So, let’s get started:

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I am not that type of person to send eleanor hate and i actually don’t hate her because its not her fault that she has to be a beard and I think shes quit beautiful but everything above is so true.
We couldnt even trend #HappyBirthdayZaynMalik on twitter this year remember, while El gets her own trend for a whole day. I don’t think that’s fair.

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