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“I was worried about my reputation at first. I remember I sent Eleanor’s mum a few text messages saying, ‘Please don’t judge me thinking I’m like the stereotypical boyband type who is going to go around and sleep with everything that moves’. I was trying to convince her I’m quite a good lad but I didn’t really need to. Her family are really cool actually and very understanding of the situation.”


without a doubt, one of the best parts of being a larry shipper is the overwhelming amount of..



painfully adorable, 

fan art.


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Okay, but remember when Harry was crying while Modest! (guy holding the phone taking a picture of elounor, and the very short girl) people were taking a picture of Elounor together. Most likely because of that. 

In the GIF it may not be noticable, but when you see the picture attached it makes it more clear that he’s crying. I don’t think this gets enough recognition so that’s why I’m bringing it up now. 

If this doesn’t scream Larry proof I don’t think anything else can, really. 

1. It looks like the short girl is instructing Eleanor and Louis to stand in a certain place, while the other one is taking a picture.
2. Harry’s crying. Why else would he be crying? 

It can’t just be a coincidence that he’s crying at the same time Louis and Eleanor are getting told where to stand taking pictures together. 

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Your tags on the Elounor picture, I totally agree with you. Danielle is an amazing girl and Louelle was a beautiful couple, but I feel like Elounor is the kind of couple that always find their way back to each other.

Exactly! Louis’ been through so much, he really deserves some stability. To be totally honest, I can see him and Eleanor actually getting married in a few years (I’d guess like five years from now if I had to). They just seem like a couple that’s gonna stick, you know? Either way, Danielle is one of my fav people still she’s such a sweetheart, and I never stopped loving Eleanor, I’ve been following her Instagram since I made my account in like 2013 so I’m happy no matter what hahaha

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i can't believe i'm seeing new pictures of elounor on my dash again, i feel like i'm in 2013

The golden years have returned

Sipping My Tea

Okay most people are surprised that they didn’t know about Niall going out with Melissa.


Niall James Horan, In the most famous band around the world. Hid a relationship since November of 2014.

So Let’s talk about “private” sophiam.

How come they can’t be really private? Why do we get HD pics of them or get HD pics from Update accounts? Yet Niall and Melissa have pictures taken from a phone. Louis and Eleanor also get pictures taken from a phone now and then. They are considered a fake relationship but looks more real than Sophiam.

*Sips My Tea in my shack*

Yes I’m bringing this up. We have HD photos from France while they were on the yacht.

France where paps have to be given permission to pap celebs. 

They just wanted “private” trip my ass

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Oh and they got papped at Tiffany’s

Hmmm you know who else got lapped at Tiffany’s? No one.

Elounor had pictures taken by a phone not by paps.

Not to mention that Liam didn’t even look happy. Yes I understand that lights are all around them but shouldn’t be happy that he is with his “girlfriend” and he could ignore the paps? Since he was buying her a gift. 

*Sips my tea from my 2 story house*

Sophia has been papped more by herself more than Eleanor has ever been papped. She has been here longer than Sophia.

To make matters even better for me. Eleanor is mobbed by phones so when she is by herself the pictures we see are taken by fans not paps.

Yet…..Sophia is alone she isn’t mobbed by fans and if she is they don’t post the pictures they took or I haven’t seen them. Sophia gets mobbed by paps. So we get HD pics of her by herself. 

Isn’t that something. Both are not famous, both are doing the same thing in college even though Eleanor graduated. Yet one of them gets papped the most by paps than the other. The other girl was here longer.

*Sips my tea in my 3-story house*

Sophiam has been papped a lot at fashion shows. Elounor has been papped once together at a fashion show. 

Reason why I’m comparing them together is because most people in the fandom who ship Sophiam are Larry shippers. Right now Elounor looks real compared to Sophiam.

How did Sophia and Liam meet? Hmm. What’s the back story?

Pick one. We all know they can’t ever get their stories straight.

Makes you wonder right?

Also the only thing private about Sophia right now is her Instagram. 

*Sips my tea in my mansion*

My case here is closed.

Whenever you doubt that the baby isn’t his, just remember; there are photo shopped pictures’

If there was a baby, and it was his, there would be no need to photo shop pictures of him with the baby. That’s all the proof I’ll ever need.

But, if you need something else, just remember that Elounor had photo shopped pictures too, and that ended.

The very presence of a fake picture tells me that this isn’t real.