elounor is fake proof

One of the biggest Larry proofs we have was the question: ‘Is there a rumor you don’t wanna hear about yourself?’ on 1D day and Louis answered: 'That I’m not good at playing football.’ The most suitable answers to that question would have been 'That I’m gay.’ or 'That Eleanor isn’t my girlfriend.’ or 'That I’m in a relationship with Harry.’ He didn’t say it. He fucking didn’t.

just to refresh everyone’s memory there has been loads of confirmations that elounor is real and that larry is fake, and it’s not like random ass people (like the ones who are only relevant when they confirm larry), all of these people are of course close to the boys

there was danny (zayn’s friend)

stan (louis’s childhood friend)

jullian (songwriter/travels and is very close to all of the boys)

Grace (harry’s friend)

Tasha (fizzy’s friend)

ella (eleanor’s friend)



jake (harry’s friend, the tweet was after his twitter blew up after his livestream after joking about larry)


max (eleanor’s friend)

lottie (this is only one of the many many occasions she stood up for louis and eleanor)

fizzy (also, one of the many occasions)

josh (their drummer)




oh how rude of me, let’s see all of those close to the boys who have actually confirmed larry and denied elounor

This reminds me of high school power couple louis and harry like louis just asked harry to prom and gave him cute little flowers and harry can’t stop giggling and kissing his cheek because he’s so happy