elounor is fake!!!

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Everytime I see an anon go around calling themselves a new Larry who doesn't understand how Elounor could be fake I immediately equate them to either an astroturfer or Rusty's assistant 😂 . Or Jessie since apparently her job is social media monitoring .

Yeah, I’ve gotten a few asks along those lines lately. “I’m a new Larrie, but Elounor seems so real” and “I’m a new Larrie, but Harry and Kendall seemed really intimate!”

I suppose they could be legit, so I answer as if they are, but I’m not sure how you become a new Larrie in this economy and then have those kinds of doubts at the same time.

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Hi i'm new to Larry and i'm conflicted as to whether it's real my main reason is I just can't believe Elounor is fake. I know there's some pictures they look unhappy together but there's loads more where they looks happy and they spend a lot of time together and each others families often not calling the paps. If she were a beard that he hates why would he do this also if it's fake who has she been actually dating the last six years? She's never been connected to anyone else ever.

No, she hasn’t. And I’m sorry bud, but you’ll have to work that out for yourself.

If you think they seem real, you’re more than welcome to think that. I’m just not in a place to do a Larry 101 or “Why Elounor Isn’t Real” class. We went through that the first time and personally, she doesn’t even bother me enough to debunk it this time.

I will tell you this though, Louis has a triangle tattoo on his ankle. If you know what that historically means, you’ll know why the first 9 months of me being a Larry, I was more certain that Louis is gay than I was that Larry was real.

So to me, Elounor is just not a thing to be concerned about. Ever. But I’m not going to work to convince anyone else of that. I’m too tired™️

One of the biggest Larry proofs we have was the question: ‘Is there a rumor you don’t wanna hear about yourself?’ on 1D day and Louis answered: 'That I’m not good at playing football.’ The most suitable answers to that question would have been 'That I’m gay.’ or 'That Eleanor isn’t my girlfriend.’ or 'That I’m in a relationship with Harry.’ He didn’t say it. He fucking didn’t.

just to refresh everyone’s memory there has been loads of confirmations that elounor is real and that larry is fake, and it’s not like random ass people (like the ones who are only relevant when they confirm larry), all of these people are of course close to the boys

there was danny (zayn’s friend)

stan (louis’s childhood friend)

jullian (songwriter/travels and is very close to all of the boys)

Grace (harry’s friend)

Tasha (fizzy’s friend)

ella (eleanor’s friend)



jake (harry’s friend, the tweet was after his twitter blew up after his livestream after joking about larry)


max (eleanor’s friend)

lottie (this is only one of the many many occasions she stood up for louis and eleanor)

fizzy (also, one of the many occasions)

josh (their drummer)




oh how rude of me, let’s see all of those close to the boys who have actually confirmed larry and denied elounor


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