Hello! My name is Selena, and I am the chef in training who runs this blog. I created this blog to help track my progress through culinary school and start building a reputation base for my future goals.
It is my end goal to open an actual gay cafe. As someone who is nonbinary, pansexual, and aromantic (hence the name batch-elor), I have craved a safe place throughout my youth to be able to meet people like me, not just to have partners, but to make friends. And I want to open that opportunity up to the generations that will follow us.
I have tentative plans to create this business as a non-profit that gears proceeds towards lgbtqa+ chairities, and to provide safe work opertunities for at risk or lgbtqa+ teens. This is a long way off though.
For now, you can follow this blog as a cooking and recipie blog, and wait for updates on this goal I have set. I hope we can achieve this dream together.

I’m gonna be working on some ~DOG AU~ project with Fenter and Elore, which is probably going to crash and burn due to ridiculous deadlines but here are some quick, boring sketches I threw down… The big guy isn’t from The Pursuit or anything else, though.

DOG!Fenter and Elore aren’t really different from their regular looks because they’re just stupid deer-dog people to begin with.

An old painting sketch I finished up quick… Painting water is hard when you approach painting with the mindset that everything has to be rendered like a sculpted, solid object.

Finally finished a picture of Elore! AKA the only good person in the entire cast of The Pursuit. She’s Fenter’s ex-fiance, they were together for ten years god bless her obliterated soul. Also she has the color scheme of banana how about that huh.

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