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But now I wonder how Hux will react when they come home. Of course he would announce a holiday to celebrate his daughter's return but I wonder what he would do about his brother.

Kylo wouldn’t have told Hux that they’ve found their daughter. He’d just walk down the ramp of their stolen shuttle and Hux would run to him like he usually does when Kylo returns from a mission, but Kylo’s eyes are different this time. They’re not as heavy but they’re still filled with tears, filled with emotion.

Kylo steps aside and Elora steps down from the ship, eyes cast downwards, hands trembling.

Hux is completely speechless. The girl in front of him seems to have an ethereal glow around her, her messy red hair framing her pale and freckled face.

“It’s her, Hux,” Kylo says, taking his husbands’s hand and leading him gently forward towards her. “She’s come home.”

And Hux slowly lifts his shaking hand to Elora’s cheek, touching her softly, feeling the tears he’d refused to cry finally stream down his cheek.

“Elora,” he whispers.

“I’m sorry, Father,” she says, leaning into his touch.

Hux hugs her tightly, imaging the way she’d fitted so perfectly in his arms when she was just a baby, before she was taken by–

Tentative steps down the ship’s ramp catches Hux’s attention for a moment, and he looks up to see his baby brother cowering, tears on his cheeks, eyes scrunched in fear and agony.

“Y-your Highness,” Techie stutters, bowing, presuming that Armitage has likely deowned him by now. “I’m sorry–”


Techie flinches. Hux steps closer to him, though Elora’s eyes are silently pleading with her Father not to harm him.

“Tidge, please–”

“I said, silence.”

When Hux’s hand reaches up to Techie’s face, he cowers away, curling in on himself to protect himself from the strike that he knows his brother is about to unleash on him. But the hit never comes. Instead, Armitage’s hand is on Techie’s cheek, stroking his cheekbone like he’d done when they were boys and Brendol’s scolds had gone too far.

“I forgive you,” Hux says. “I want my family back. All of my family.”