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[request prompt: A Peter x reader one shot where the reader is mute and is always writing down what she wants to say to Peter? Then one day she signs something to him and it keeps happening over and over at random times when they hang out?? he realized later on that she keeps signing “I love you”???]

now it’s time for something sweet ♡

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neonlightwood-deactivated201708  asked:

PROMPT (obviously jimon): “I was going to ask what you’re doing, but at this point, I don’t think I want to know.”

“…. Uhm.”

Jace cracks one eye open to peer at his intruder. It doesn’t help much, as he’s lying on his stomach and whoever’s dumb enough to barge into his room is standing up.

“Whatdoyouwant…” he asks, eloquently. When no answer comes, Jace makes what seems like a herculean effort to roll over and onto his back. Simon is standing by the door, biting one of his nails and shifting his weight from foot to foot. “What?”

Simon looks over his shoulder and out the door. He turns his head back to the room. “You know what? It’s cool. I think I’ll just take the couch tonight.”

Jace blinks lazily a few times. Simon coming in and out of his eyesight. The fourth time he does it, everything blacks out.

The first thing Jace registers when he wakes up is this searing pain, like someone was trying to squeeze his brain out of his skull. He groans and immediately regrets it when the vibration accentuates the throbbing.  

The second thing he noticed was that the pillow smelled like Simon’s cologne.

“What the fuck,” he breathes out. Opening his eyes, slowly, he realizes that the scent wasn’t the only thing out of place in that scenario. Last time he checked, his room didn’t have a guitar case. Or a Star Wars poster.

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Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 6

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 1.5k


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A pleasant routine quickly settled between them and time flew by without either of them noticing. Mara, contrary to popular belief, was the reckless one, but also the more collected one. She knew her brother and his way of thinking better than anyone, and while Chris tried to avoid her at all costs when William was around, she knew better. It would sooner raise his suspicions that Chris suddenly put extraordinary effort into avoiding his other best friend, than if he downright flirted with her. That’s what they have always done up to this moment, that was how they communicated: with furtive glances, faint smiles, slight nudges and eloquent silences only they could understand. Sometimes William felt out of place when he stood between Mara and Chris who seemed to have development an entirely new language they were the only ones to speak.

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Expand, open, speak, name, describe, exclaim, paint, caricature, dance, jump in your writing. We are here as writers to say everything. Speak for your moods, make your muteness and silence eloquent
—  Anaïs Nin, from The Diary Of Anais Nin, Vol. 4: 1944-1947.

Requested by Anonymous

Pairing:  Trent Seven/FC

Category:  Angst/Fluff

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“About the baby… It’s yours.”

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As communication put into action, society can also include silence within communication - for example, in the sense of attentive silence, in the sense of an eloquent silence, or in the sense of “qui tacet consentire videtur” [one who is silent appears knowing]. It is of course also possible to speak about the difference between speaking and silence. This distinction, too, can re-enter what it distinguishes. In order to show that this is possible it is sufficient to do it. … One can observe this possibility, describe it, and push its representation to the paradox of communication about incommunicability. Given all this, however, the fact has not been “sublated” that every communication, including this one, produces a difference as an operation and that, because of the recursivity of its operations, every system includes something and excludes something else. Every system coproduces that which, as environment, does not enter into the system, and this may then be called (!) “silence” -though silence in a second sense: silence without the ability to connect.
What this means can be grasped somewhat more clearly if one takes into consideration that any communication puts something at stake (enjeu), risks something - namely, rejection. The risk lies in focussing on one point (a sentence, a statement) and in selecting precisely this point from among many other possible ones. One cannot avoid this risk, for communication requires self-determination. One can decrease the risk by making little of the themes, but one cannot always do so, and often one cannot do so without silently communicating precisely the intention of avoiding thorny topics.
In determining itself, every communication generates a bifurcation; it thus diversifies the possible links into acceptance or rejection. This alternative is fully located within what can be linked up; even rejection is possible only in linkage with a prior communication and with regard to what is determined by it. The alternative, brought about by the force of communication and actualized in the understanding of communication, excludes third possibilities. No communication is admitted that does not want to be either accepted or rejected. This restriction also stifles any attempt at communication which foresees that in the case of acceptance too much would be accepted, too much of a bond generated, while rejection would destroy something that matters, or the rejection would force us in turn to process the rejection itself as something capable of producing a connection.
—  Niklas Luhmann, Speaking and Silence

“I hadn’t seen him until this morning.” Alvar sounded out of breath, incredulous with his own statement.

“Phew, Alvar Edmund! Have you ensured that he has no family, no boss, no pimp?” A Lost Boy was like a Trojan horse, carrying a range of ill reputed problems with them, from venereal diseases to various law infringements that turned them into perennial fugitives.

“Unfortunately, his mother is dead.” Alvar whispered the notice.

“And his father?” Tobio insisted, but on a softer tone, thinking of his own motherless daughter. “Alvar, does he have a father?” 

At that, the nobleman let out the subtlest sigh. Imperceptible if he were not bare chested, and Tobio watched Alvar’s lean chest lightly inflate, his defined abdomen rising slightly. 

But it were the minimal tremble of Alvar’s lips that made Tobio realize that he had been answered, his friend’s silence more eloquent than any revelation.

“Alvar?!” Unable to control his astonishment, and the manners that often revealed his low bourgeoisie origins, this time Tobio complemented his noble friend’s birth name with a loud whistle. 

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my friend and I have always been fascinated by dale x laura relationship which cannot be seen directly, it was all about our feelings and senses. we have talked about it a lot, but after part 17 & 18 we just stopped. many things have happened and every thought about it makes our hearts weep and melt at the same time. but the only thing we can do rn is to keep eloquent silence.

The Letter (Dan x Reader)

Character: Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Fandom: Phandom

Title: The Letter

A/N: As you all seemed to love ‘Payback Challenge’, here’s another Dan imagine. I hope you guys like it as much!! :) And btw, Y/N/N stands for ‘your nickname’ :P

Summary: Dan is out of town, so when he calls saying he’s almost there again, Phil and Y/N get very happy. However, during Dan’s absence, Y/N finds a letter that she can’t help reading.

You know those moments when you feel so cozy that you’re actually happy? Well, for me it was real simple: food and internet.

I lay in my bed with a bowl of popcorn I’ve just made and was about to watch Donnie Darko again since I loved that movie so much. It was my favourite movie of all times.

Just as I settled in, I sighed happily. For me those kinds of things were happiness. I was cozy and delighted just by that.

I hit play and started eating my popcorn as the movie started, feeling like nothing could ever make me move from there until the movie was over.

Five minutes in and my phone started to ring. I rolled my eyes at whoever was calling me, thinking their timing couldn’t be worse.

I picked up the phone and paused the movie before I took a glance at the screen. As soon as I saw the photo I had in my contacts for Dan, along with his name, I quickly put everything away and sat on the edge of the bed.

I told myself to relax, as my heart had started beating so fast.

Dan had gone for a week to visit his family, and I was missing him so much.

We hadn’t even had the chance to speak, not even text, for so long. And he was finally calling me!

Yeah, alright, I had a huge crush on Dan. Like seriously.

So I took a deep breath and answered the call before he could hang up.


“Y/N!” Dan happily said. “What’s up? Are you busy?”

It was so good to hear his voice again after a whole freaking week.

“Um…” I looked at my laptop, the movie still on pause. “Nah, I’m not really busy”

“Great! Do you want to go for a walk?”

For a second, I was confused. But I chuckled, he was just being stupid.

“Dan, we’re not even in the same city, you dummy” I shook my head, still smiling like a fool just because we were talking.

“Yes we are! I’m back!” He laughed a little.

I had to clasp a hand over my mouth not to let out a happy squeak and keep my excitement inside.

“That’s great! I’m definitely up for that!” I said, already looking forward to see him.

“Oh, tell Phil to come too”

“Yeah, I’ll tell him right away”  

“See you in half an hour in our spot?”

“Sure thing”

“Bye, Y/N”

“See you in a while, Danny”

As soon as we hung up, I jumped to my feet and ran to Phil’s room, rapidly knocking on the door and coming in.

“Phil!” He was opening the window, so he turned around to me.

“Woah” He chuckled when he saw my face. “You look cheery”

“Yeah! Dan’s back, he’s meeting us in half an hour” I jumped up and down in my spot, unable to contain myself.

“That’s great!” His voice went high with enthusiasm as well.

“Dibs on the shower!” I exclaim, running to the bathroom.

“Aww…” He groaned in discontent.

I got out of the shower and Phil rushed in after me to take a quick shower. I ran around the house gathering up my stuff and getting ready, but we were still late.

I got dressed as fast as I could, but my jeans were falling off, and I needed a belt.

I asked Phil, but he didn’t have any. So I headed for Dan’s room, hoping he’d have one I could borrow. He probably wouldn’t mind that I did.

I slowly opened his door and peeked inside. It was weird coming into his room without him there. Usually, when I came in, I found him editing on his computer or lazily lying on his bed. Or sometimes playing the piano.

Trying to make it quick since we were already late, I went for his drawers.

I opened the first one and looked through it but saw no belts, only socks. So I moved on to the next one. Belts.

“Aha!” I triumphantly exclaimed as I picked one and started to put it under the strips of my jeans.

I was about to close the drawer when I noticed something that caught my eye. A piece of crumpled paper. What was that doing there with all the belts?

Too curious to just ignore it, I grabbed it and opened it out.

It had been folded many times, and it also looked like someone had made a ball with it but decided not to throw it away after all.

Dan’s messy handwriting was scribbled all over the sheet. I thought it might be something personal, but it couldn’t be too important if he carelessly put it in his belt drawer.

Too tempted by the curiosity, I started reading it.

This is just stupid, I literally feel like a loser writing this, but I need to get this off my chest before I lose my fucking mind’ It started saying. I frowned and continued reading those lines, it sounded really serious. What if it was something bad? I was getting worried.

I’ve thought about telling Phil about it, but I can’t, it’s too embarrassing. So here I am, talking to a bloody piece of paper. I can’t actually believe I’m writing it down… It’s about Y/N. It always is

Of a sudden, I felt a heavy weight on my stomach and a lump in my throat, but I kept reading.

It’s the way she makes me feel. Whenever I’m with her, I feel my happiest. But she probably can’t see me as anything but a friend, and that’s what’s making me go crazy.

She’s just so perfect, even when we go to the lounge together to have breakfast and her hair’s still messy and she looks all sleepy and it’s just adorable.

I’ve never felt this way. And thinking I can’t… ugh. I just want to hold her and let her fall asleep on my arms and kiss her and play with her hair, and I hate it all. I sound so bloody sappy.

But it’s true, I love to be with Y/N. And I wish I could spend every second with her.

I just like love, fuck it, I’m in love with her, but she will never love me back in that way. So I’ll do what I’ve been doing for so long: keep my mouth shut and literally suffer in silence. Fuck everything

His writing got messier and messier as it went on, as if he gradually got angrier and more frustrated.

I stayed there, holding the crumpled paper in my hand in utter shock.

I never knew he felt that way; I wasn’t good at those types of things. I was always oblivious whenever someone had those feelings for me. In fact, it was the first time such thing happened that I knew of.

But he felt the same way. He loved me back.

I clasped a hand over my mouth. Oh my God, he loved me back. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

Shocked, I slowly sat on the bed, thinking about it all.

I yelped when someone suddenly slapped their hands over my shoulders and energetically shook me, still gently.

I got so scared that I fell on my back on the bed. It almost made me jump out of my skin.

“Surprise!” It was Dan’s voice. He was home.

I was so into the letter that he almost gave me a freaking heart attack, so I covered my face with my hands as I recovered from the scare.

My heart loudly beat under my ribcage, resonating in my ears. And for a moment I was struggling to breathe until I managed to sigh.

“Y/N?” He asked me cheerfully, poking my sides to get my attention.

“You scared me… so much” I whispered, my heart still beating truly fast.

“Why?” He chuckled, and I put my hands away from my face to look at him. “You must have been doing something bad to get scared like that”

I just sighed, not really wanting him to know I read the letter.

“What were you doing?” He finally noticed the open drawer, and his eyes darted to my hands clenched in fists holding something. His smile fell in a second, and he looked horrified. “Oh God, what were you doing?!”

“Nothing!” I exclaimed, sitting up and placing my hands behind my back to hide the paper.

Dan quickly tackled me and managed to get ahold of the paper I clutched. When he saw it, he glanced at me, the horror visible in his eyes.

“Please… tell me you didn’t read it”

I didn’t open my mouth, my silence being eloquent enough.

Dan stayed there for a moment, his eyes wide and staring nowhere. He looked to be deeply affected by the situation.

I stared, feeling so bad for him. He probably wanted to disappear out of sheer embarrassment.

“Dan…” I mumbled, slowly placing my hand on his upper arm and leaving it there.

But he just stood up and left the room without a word.

“I’m sorry!” I exclaimed, hoping he wasn’t mad at me for being nosy.

The day continued almost normally after that. But Dan and I avoided each other.

Well, he avoided me. I actually wanted to talk to him and tell him he didn’t have to worry because I felt the same.

But I didn’t want to make him even more uncomfortable. And he wasn’t on the mood to talk to me.

“Let’s watch a movie, guys!” Phil suggested out loud so we both could hear him.

He didn’t know what happened between us, of course. None of us told him, but he probably noticed something was off.

“I’m tired” I heard Dan yelling from his room.

I sighed. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Determined, I walked out of my room and to his. I bumped into Phil in the corridor and muttered an apology.

“Movie?” He smiled at me, but I shook my head.

“Sorry, Phil”

“Alright, what’s wrong with you two?” He planted in the middle of the corridor, not allowing me to move any further. “You were so glad he was coming back!”

“I know, I’m going to talk to him”

“But did you argue or something?”

“No, Phil, he… Nevermind, just… I’ll talk to him and it’ll be fine”

“Alright…” Phil stepped aside so I could reach Dan’s room. But he still looked mildly concerned.

Gathering some courage, I knocked on the door as I took a deep breath.

“Yeah?” His voice answered from the inside.

I dared to open the door and peek inside. He sat at his desk, probably working on a video for his channel.

I opened the door completely and walked in, closing the door behind me.

“Y/N!” Dan’s face turned a bright shade of pink. “Can we just pretend you never read that, please?”

“No!” I sat at the end of the bed and stared at him. I couldn’t really believe all of that was true, what he wrote. He acted so normal around me…

Well, of course there was the extreme teasing and the incredible random acts of kindness that went from small things like buying anything that reminded him of me to big things like being goofy when he sensed I was sad to put a smile back on my face.

But I always thought those were nothing more than him just being a good friend and person. I guess each person shows their affection differently.

“We need to talk about this”

“Look, I know you don’t feel the same, and it’s okay” He stood up from his chair and kneeled before me, placing his hands in my knees. “I can’t expect you to force your feelings”

“Will you let me talk?” I placed my hands over his, but he didn’t listen, as he kept rambling.

“It’s not your fault, it was just an accident” His lips curved up a little, but I knew it was a forceful smile. I recognized the hurt in his expression even if he wanted to cover it.

“Aren’t you mad that I was going through your stuff? I just wanted a belt, but I shouldn’t have read the letter”

“No, no” He heaved a long sigh. “I’m not mad”

I stared into his face, admiring his features. His honey brown eyes, his charming smile and those holy dimples.

Not to mention his personality. His sense of humor. His kindness. His attitude. His dorkiness. Even his awkwardness. His everything. 

He was amazing, and he didn’t even see it. Why was he so sure I didn’t feel anything for him? That there was at least a slight possibility?

I was going to tell him. My stomach already felt uneasy, building up the nerves. But I was going to confess.

“Fine, but let me just tell you that-” I was going to say it, I was. But he interrupted me again.

“Don’t worry about it, Y/N… I’ll just… Friends, I know you want to be friends, it’s fine” I could see in his face how hurt he was, how heartbroken he felt, how his eyes were a little watery. But he still kept that bloody smile on his mouth.

“You twat” I whispered as I threw myself forwards, his lips being my target.

His arms flew to my waist, supporting and steadying me as I had leaned in too far and would have fallen if it wasn’t for him.

When our mouths met, he reacted. Something must have clicked within him, because he realized what I was trying to tell him.

His hands moved down and established firmly on my hips.

The kiss softly deepened as we got more passionate. We eventually had to stop to catch our breaths.

I opened my eyes, noticing I had closed them, and looked at him.

The biggest grin was plastered on his face.

He slowly stood up, his hands not leaving my sides.

“Dan?” I waited for him to say something.

Of a sudden, he happily laughed showing me that stunning smile of his and I managed to see a glimpse of a naughty grin before he tackled me to the bed.

I tried to recover from it, and smiled in spite of myself as Dan started to laugh. A genuine and sincere laughter.

He shoved his face in my lap and I sat up, placing a hand on his head.

“What’s so funny?” I chuckled, feeling my cheeks burning.

“Nothing” I felt his lips moving against my knees as he spoke. “I just can’t believe it”

He laid his head on my lap so he was looking at up at me, with a tiny and cute smile.

“I guess that settles it then” He nervously laughed, obviously and adorably being a little awkward of a sudden. “Had I known, I would have told you myself”

He kept on chattering, but I wasn’t paying attention. He was wandering off anyway.

I kept staring at his lips, missing them already even though only about a minute had passed since we kissed.

“Y/N” He called me, gently nudging me.


“My eyes are up here” He pointed a finger to his eyes, smirking.

I laughed, noticing he had recovered from the awkwardness and nervousness of the moment and was back to his usual self.

“If you’re going to keep staring at my lips you might as well kiss them” He winked at me.

I brushed his bangs away from his beautiful eyes and leaned in closer to his face.

We kissed once again, and it wouldn’t be the last kiss of the day.

For who knows how long, we stayed in his room. Talking, laughing, holding each other and kissing.

Phil was very pleased when he came in to check on us, finding out not only that we weren’t mad at each other but that we were a couple now.