The Future Of Driving: Tesla Just Unveiled A Car That Automatically Apologizes When It Hits Someone


Tech CEOs and top Republicans met on a private island to stop Trump

Like something out of a Bond movie, last weekend, the titans of the tech industry flew out to a private island resort off the Georgia coast to meet with top Republicans at the American Enterprise Institute’s World Forum. Though many topics about governance and business were discussed, the Huffington Post reports that the “main topic” was stopping Donald Trump. At the forum, Karl Rove reportedly dissected Trump’s biggest weaknesses.

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Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence? The Experts Can’t Seem To Agree

 Could machines that think someday pose an existential threat to humanity? Some big names in science and tech seem to think so–Stephen Hawking, for one–and they’ve issued grave warnings about the looming threat of artificial intelligence.

Find out Bill Gates and Steve Wozniack’s opinion here. 


In addition to calling Elon Musk a super villain last night on The Late Show, Colbert also showed a clip of Tesla’s experimental metal snake charger, which automatically finds the charging port on a Model S.

“For the prototype, at least, I would recommend not dropping anything when you’re near it,” Musk said, proving that even billionaire superhero/villains find the idea of butt stuff hilarious. Try to concentrate on the higher things please Musk.


When Elon Musk unveiled his idea for the Hyperloop in August of 2013, no one seemed sure what the next step would be. The Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO dropped a 57-page alpha white paper on us, noting he didn’t really have the time to build a revolutionary transit system that would shoot pods full of people around the country in above-ground tubes at 800 mph.

Fortunately for futurists and people who enjoy picking apart complicated plans, an El Segundo, California-based startup has taken Musk up on his challenge to develop and build the Hyperloop. 


Tesla Energy is Elon Musk’s battery system that can power homes, businesses, and the world.

Musk’s ambitions with the battery are tremendous. He opened the press event by invoking climate change, and saying that it’s “within the power of humanity” to change the way we produce and use power. With 160 million Powerpacks, we could power the United States, he said, and with 2 billion, the world. The entire presentation and party, Musk said, was powered by stored solar energy.

As a surprise for the girls — who wouldn’t be pleased if their teens wanted to see a Broadway show about a Founding Father? —  I bought [Hamilton] tickets on StubHub.  They were, by the way, the most expensive tickets I’ve ever bought for a Broadway show but I was hoping it would be worth it.

When I told the girls, they cried.

‘An odd amount of enthusiasm for a musical based on a founding father’ I thought. I’d soon find out why.  When we got to New York this weekend, we walked to the theater a couple of hours early, just to eyeball the location.  To my surprise, there were about 700 people already there.  The crowd was energetic and loud — blocking off traffic almost completely — as the show gave away 21 front row tickets for $10.  […]

But what about the actual musical?  To witness the care, attention, and musical playfulness Miranda brought to honoring Alexander Hamilton was staggering.

It’s sort of hard to describe.  

Thomas Jefferson looks like a larger, 1980s version of Prince — but with an afro. Policy is debated in rap duels.  Aaron Burr brings you to tears.  […]

When the curtain went down, the girls ran out to get autographs of the very gracious cast. (As an added bonus, I went to get Sharpies for their autograph seeking and noticed Elon Musk walking right beside me with a Hamilton playbill in his hand!  Musk, as you know, is the billionaire polymath who created Tesla Motors, Paypal, and Space Exploration Technologies.)

The show was not a light-handed, funny version of American history which will appeal to kids.  It was a poignant  exploration of destiny, reputation, faithfulness, courage, and forgiveness.