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this guys vines are so important to me

my neighbours are having a pool party again and they have music playing and first they were playing im a believer and i was like okay but then accidentally in love came on and i was like wait a minute and now theyre playing all star they have the fucking shrek soundtrack playing for their pool party gdi

i had to go through hell to get the excerpts for the raven king because i’m living in japan right now SO i thought i’d share the hastily screenshot pages from my kindle to make it easier for anyone else in a similar situation

prologue and chapter 1 of the raven king are below the cut! but please read through the proper site (http://buzz.publishersmarketplace.com/book/the-raven-king#tab2) if you can

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so i was walking downstairs from my dorm entrance after picking up a form when i ended up behind this girl who was on the same floor as me

i’ve barely talked to this girl before except from just reciting ‘ohayo’ or ‘konbanwa’ whenever we’ve run into each other on our way in or out, but suddenly she turns around and asks me something in japanese that i don’t catch because i wasn’t at all ready. when i ask her to say it again she repeats it and i realise she’s asking if i eat bread. i say i do, slightly confused

next thing i know she’s reaching into her bag and bringing out a small bag, from which she takes out a mini croissant and hands it to me as a gift

i feel like i’ve just gotten an item from a random encounter with an npc in a game or something. what just happened