eloise talks

honestly i get the appeal of sleeping next to someone and cuddling and all its very nice but the novelty wears off when your leg has been cramping up for 20 minutes and you need to move but u cant without waking the other person up and ruining the whole arrangement so u just lie there in suffering and resentment


But you couldn’t wait
I couldn’t promise you anything
If it was all a mistake
Then I guess we’re both to blame

Queer Film for the Straight Gal! An audio podcast about bad, but sometimes (usually) great, queer films and how gay they make straight Eloise feel. It’s a dumb time. Check it out!

In this episode Eloise and Lana talk about their recent theatre experiences, why Australia day isn’t great, Lana gets heated about Glee/Faberry and finally the two discuss Carol (2015) starring Cate Blanket. 

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this guys vines are so important to me