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Twenty First Century Headcanons 

Ginny is ideologically opposed to yoga, but finds leggings to be the best thing since Felix Felicis. 

Hannah Abbott and Eloise Midgen adopt Muggle acne treatments, because they’re more about the root cause than disappearing stuff from your skin every morning. They also leave you with more feeling in your face than you get from zapping it with magic daily. 

Katie Bell finds identity in fandom culture. 

Charlie discovers Netflix, and falls in love with The Walking Dead. Chyanne, the dragon ranch intern who introduced him to Muggle television regrets her choices the morning she finds that Charlie cut the sleeves off his leather jacket and sewed angel wings on the back. 

Andromeda has a sleek Macbook that she uses for three things - bills, emailing Narcissa and Harry, and Mahjong. 

Ron tries to impress Rose and Hugo with his Muggle slang - and does not properly grasp the concept of “lmao.” 

Luna adopts the succulent plant trend in its early stages in 2015, but Neville suspects that the tiny pots she’s given him might be a little bit …sentient? 

Neville wears his phone on the outside of his belt.