(On parking in cities after growing up in reasonably dispersed places with parking lots)
“I think I was worried about someone seeing my lack of experience in the real world. Like someone was going to spot me crying, awkwardly side-hugging a parking meter after unsuccessfully parallel parking, and start singing "Another One Bites the Dust” spitefully in my direction.“ -Arden Rose, speaking straight into my soul. 😂
I highly recommend this book to anyone like me who’s been sling-shot into adulthood and now has to balance things like paying bills and going to job interviews with the overwhelming desire to do nothing but eat frosting out of a jar and watch New Girl on loop for the 40th time. Arden gets it.


The Eloise books were the brain-child of the multi-talented Kay Thompson, who at various points in her life was a radio personality, a vocal arranger at MGM and a popular cabaret performer. Thompson died in 1998, and Eloise illustrator Hilary Knight says, “To her dying day, she said it was not a child’s book. It offended her, you know, that people considered it that.”

An exhibition at the New York Historical Society shines a light on how Thompson and Knight brought Eloise to life.

‘Eloise At The Museum’ Tells The Story Behind The Beloved Mischief-Maker


Also, an introduction is in order! 

Tumblr, meet Eloise :) She’s not exactly new to the family (she’s been living with my parents for the past 3 years) but as she’s officially living with Austin and I now I figure she should get a proper introduction.

Elle was found by one of my best friends Paige a few years ago, rummaging in the trash behind a convenience store. She was spotted multiple times nicking garbage and eating old subway sandwiches before my friend finally caught her and took her home. She was thin and her hair was matted and greasy but she was the most affectionate little thing you could hope to meet and she cleaned up into a real disney princess of a cat after Paige gave her a much needed bath. Anyway, long story short Paige’s then-husband forbid her from keeping the cat (I have a lot to say on this front, but I’m going to restrain myself) and she asked if me and my parents would take her in, to which obviously our reply was yes. So she made the long journey from northern California to southern Arizona and it is there in our little animal filled corner of the world that she has been living happily for the past few years. 
When Austin and I left Leopold with my parents in february (so that we could find a house and he wouldn’t have to endure living in a hotel room with us) he and Elle became best of friends; catching mice together, napping together, chasing each other around the house. A real Bonnie and Clyde pair. So when I went back to get Leo we decided to take Elle, too. 
She’s settling in here quite nicely. So far the activities she enjoys most are watching the birds torment her from the patio, sitting on my lap and making bread out of my legs while I hopelessly try to paint, running as fast as she can down the hallway in hot pursuit of a little orange and white cat butt. She’s also made short work of discovering Austin’s weaknesses and no no longer has to walk anywhere herself if she doesn’t feel inclined (all she has to do is look at Austin with her big blue eyes and meow once and he picks her up and carries her wherever she wants to go) We’re all powerless to her charm.