Imagine being a cambion, and Dean and Sam’s (half) sister, and the demons take you and feed you demon blood because they think you can raise Lucifer from the cage.

Written by: theyavril

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eloelle asked:

I love your new URL. VM is one of my favorite shows of all time. And Logan...I die. And this is Elle from MGEF by the way.

Hey, Elle! :D Oh, did you get another blog? Following you back. Oh, thanks! :) Yeah, just changed it a few days ago. Ahh, I didn’t know you were a VM fan, too! Love that show and yeah, Logan is one of my favorites, too. Love him! 


The Raincoats - Lola (1979)

megörjít, mikor beleragad a fejembe, hogy looola eloeléola, és utálom az angol fiúkat, akik elkezdik énekelni nekem reggel, aztán nem hívnak fel!!!!