A sztori, ami legjobban erzekelteti milyen 2016 magyarorszaga ugy kezdodik, hogy egy haveromat megharapta egy denever

Az, hogy ez megtortent es a hogyanja a legkevesbe erdekes a tortenetbol, ugyh onnan meselem, hogy a harapassal bement a balesetire. Ott gyorsan adtak neki tetanuszt, majd kozoltek vele, gyorsan oltassa be magat veszetseg ellen, de persze ne naluk, mert nekik nincs ilyen gyogyszeruk, menjen szepen az antszbe. “Oke, de hol es kit keressek az antszben? Tudnak egyaltalan telefonszamot adni hozzajuk” - tette fel az adekvat kerdest g. (innentol g-nek nevezzuk). Nem, nem tudnak szamot adni, menjen haza es nezze meg az interneten, mi a teendo. Itt most egy hosszu telefonalgatos resz jon, atiranyitasokkal es antszen belul egymasra mutogatassal, hogy megis ki intezi a “veszettseges ugyeket”. Vegul valaki konkretumokkal allt elo: tenyleg van naluk injekcio, g. menjen be hozzajuk egy zacsko (!) fagyasztott (!) zoldborsoval (!), hogy abba becsomagolva elszallitsa a gyogyszert a haziorvoshoz. G igy is tett es g igy menekult meg a veszettseg torkabol.



Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

No physical interaction with SCP-106 is allowed at any time. All physical interaction must be approved by no less than a two-thirds vote from O5-Command. Any such interaction must be undertaken in AR-II maximum security sites, after a general non-essential staff evacuation. All staff (Research, Security, Class D, etc.) are to remain at least sixty meters away from the containment cell at all times, except in the event of breach events.

SCP-106 is to be contained in a sealed container, comprised of lead-lined steel. The container will be sealed within forty layers of identical material, each layer separated by no less than 36cm of empty space. Support struts between layers are to be randomly spaced. Container is to remain suspended no less than 60cm from any surface by ELO-IID electromagnetic supports.  

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About the Muse

Tagged by: @fair-fae

name: Sasha Rochester
height: 5′7″
weight: 127 ponz
occupation: Researcher, Socialite
gender: Female
sexual identification: Bisexual (Turned Hetero by a very, very bad experience)
romantic identification: Heteroromantic
alignment: True Neutral

favorite food: Rolanberry cheesecake
favorite drink: Wine
favorite hobby: Reading
favorite artist: Redolent Rose
favorite musician: X’elo Maimhov, of course!
favorite scent: Roses
favorite person: X’elo Maimhov

list ten facts about your muse:
Sasha is a very sickly and physically weak character.
Despite being very gifted with magic, aether takes a huge toll on her (often making her sick). 
 Sasha has a difficult time getting attached to people or feeling any sort of empathy for those she doesn’t benefit from: X’elo is an exception.
Sasha’s mana and life-force (MP and HP) are one and the same, hence why using magic has great potential in harming her.
Despite considering herself to be very neat, her library is often extremely messy and all over the place.
Sasha feels a rejection for any Au-ra and Miqo’te that follow any hint of a tribal lifestyle. To her, they should be more ‘civilized’. 
Sasha is a monetarist, though not openly so. She sees royalists as too ‘soft’ and ‘old-fashined’ 
Sasha deeply frowns upon Ala-Mhigans who show disdain for Ul’dah and her people, especially those who are openly resentful.
. Sasha is a ‘mutt’, having heritage from Eorzea on her mother’s side, and Sharlayan and Thavnair on her father’s side. 
 Sasha has a pet bunny named ‘Ser Caramelfluffs the first’, little does she know, he’s dead and X’elo is looking for a similar replacement. 

list five things they like:

(Positive) Attention
Intelligent conversation
Soft, silky textures and beautiful fabrics.

list five things they dislike:
Most bugs
 ‘Poor’ people (Unless she can exploit them)
Being bossed around by those she considers incompetent
 Ugliness in general.

common words / phrases that annoy them?:
♦ “Back in Ala Mhigo/Doma [things were so much better]”  
‘Pirate’ talk. Hates the way they speak.
 Excessive use of references to the gods.
People who smack their lips too much.

personality types they prefer:

♦ Dominant (matched with competence)

personality types they avoid:

♦ Quiet with little energy
Lack of ambition
 Rude and ill-mannered
 Angry and bitter