image noise, photographed / not photographed by soho, 14th june 2015.

35 frames, photographed over 7.5 hours, with the subject of the images removed as much as possible; some traces of the background stars remain, however. near centre, elnath (beta tauri) is somewhat visible as a crescent. most of the noise is from charged particles hitting the image detector.

image credit: nasa/soho. animation: ageofdestruction.

planets & constellations, photographed by stereo b, autumn 2012

mercury moves swiftly through taurus and over orion. earth moves slowly at right, and slips out of flame. 

you can see mercury appear to change direction and then to brighten as it circles the sun. i assumed it was getting brighter because it was getting closer to the spacecraft, but in fact mercury is moving toward the opposite side of the sun. i guess instead it brightens as it changes phase to become more full (as it would be when stereo, the sun, and mercury were a straight line).

32 images, photographed 15th october-15th november. 

image credit: nasa/stereo. animation: ageofdestruction. thanks to: astrometry.net