someone suggested thor secretly visiting dizzee and i was like…. his parents work with hair for a living, they would Know ok

and then i couldn’t stop thinking about this comic by the amazing ngozi and then this happened 

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im genuinely curious about this, everyone has a non-straight headcanon but i havent seen anything for ra ra ? whats the juice on him ?

AAAYYYYY let me tell you briefly about bisexual Ronald Kipling

• ra is bi as hell just like the rest of the kipling brothers

• used to have a crush on zeke when they were younger but he mostly brushed it off as best friend feelings

• him and zeke have kissed
• they said it was for “practice” (it was mostly just cause they wanted to kiss tho)

• everyone thinks he keeps going to see stars wars because of princess liea but in reality it’s because of han solo AND princess liea

• he gets so flustered around dangerous people?? lmao this boy was about to get himself killed flirting with gang bangers we are so lucky he has Tanya

• accidentally came out to Tanya cause he said one of the Zulu brothers was fine as hell and got tripped up trying to take it back
• she agreed and told him to calm down

• ra ra the prophet who is usually so perceptive about things in general has like no ability to see how gay everybody else around him is


Hey guys, thought I’d offer some different options for my sketch commissions. Of course the old ones are still available. Basically the monochrome version is the one I’ve previously been working with, thought it’d be nice to add a light color option too.

You can order a sketch through the old form, <here>

I am still not sure when I’ll fully return to tumblr so if you have any questions regarding my commissions, ask me on Discord (for those who already added me or can DM me anyways) or send me an email at sera.xiv@gmail.com

I’ll be queueing this post for maybe one or two weeks so i apologize in advance for the spam ;;

The Get Down Voltron Au

Black- Shao           

  • He’s the leader so that’s an obvious one
  • But, he also as a background of being abused by people, tortured in a way that could translate to Shiro’s time with the Galra
  • He’s also the most skilled fighter

Red-Boo Boo     

  • He’s impulsive and takes action without thought
  • He’s also passionate and acts with determination

Yellow-Ra Ra           

  • He’s caring and often puts others needs above his own
  • He also is good at coming up with ideas and planning which I imagine the yellow paladin would be good at for some reason  


  • He’s adventurous and inquisitive  
  • Along with that his creativity and skill in art mirrors Pidge’s skill with computers/technology
  • Also Rumi is green,,,,, What if the lion is red devil avocado


  • He’s the best with words, making him the diplomat. the blue paladin is known as the friendliest
  • Zeke is also very confident 
  • And he wears blue all the time 

Allura- Mylene     

  • It would be great okay 
  • Imagine her in the dress from the early episodes?? iconic

Coran- Francisco    

  • Supportive Uncle™
  • Mustache 

Zarkon-Fat Annie

  • She’s evil and bad I want her to die already sooooo


  • We don’t know what Lotor is like yet but he’s Zarkon’s kid so here we are

Blade Of Marmora- The Grandmasters & b-boys/b-girls

  • The only one I’m really sure of specifically is Grandmaster Flash would be Ulaz because he helped Shao get away from The Galra/Fat Annie

Matt- Yolanda & Regina

  • With Yolanda out there the Kipling brothers take on Pidge’s storyline getting a sibling back

Captain Holt- Winston

  • He’s there dad, so duh


  • Mom™


  • She’s all about unity and that type of thing
  • And she’s ra ra’s love interest

The Olkari- The Gay Community

  • I think it would work for Dizzee that the people from the art party were the Olkari and they could show him that he can be part of the team and be himself but the work with nature art instead of technology
  • Thor would be one of them….(I have many ideas about this… just wait)

@babybatbrat I have other (more specific) ideas but this is the basic jist


There’s no way
I’m gonna sit this one out
Gotta take a chance now

Not be a prisoner of doubt

Gonna knock them away in a whirl
It ain’t no SIN
I got the feeling of fortune
Deal me in
I’m coming straight on for you
I’ve made up my mind
I’m feeling strong now
Now I’m coming through
Straight on
Straight on for you