Etta Grigsby Partee by Jeremy Kendall
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Historic Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis, TN.


Etta Grigsby Partee by Bernice Riga
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Sculpture of Etta Grigsby Partee, 1884-1911, in Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, TN. Inscription: Warm summer sun shine brightly her/Warm southern wind blow gently here/Green sod above lie light lie light/ Good night dear heart, good night, good night The memorial of Italian marble was encased in the 1940s with a glass dome that was broken and never replaced.


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This is the grave of a little girl known as “Violin Annie”. Annie was a young girl who lived near my hometown in the late 1800’s. While alive, she was very passionate about her violin. She would play for everyone, and even wanted to become a professional violinist. Unfortunately, she passed away at the age of eleven due to diphtheria. She was buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Southern Illinois. Her parents erected this statue of her above her grave to symbolize her love for violin playing. I had always heard about her, but I wanted to visit her myself. Rumors say if you go to the cemetery at night and listen hard enough, you can hear her playing her violin. They also say that if you visit her grave on Halloween night, you can see her statue glowing.

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9. For the October challenge with Phichit and anyone else you'd like to scare a bit 😂

9: A fun, creepy night of urban exploration gets the character(s) into trouble.

1. This is a college/frat AU because why the heck not
2. credit: https://detroit.curbed.com/maps/thirteen-haunted-creepy-or-spooky-detroit-places
3. putting all of these below cuts just in case

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hey this was a reeeeeeally long time ago (maybe 2 years??) but i remember you posted these really cool pics of this abandoned theme park thing and gave tips on what to bring for exploring as well as some cool places in michigan to check out. i know it was a really long time ago (sorry!) but do you remember what some of those places were? i think the franklin cemetery was one of them but i'm not certain

oh heck! someone asking ME about paranormal stuff? OH BOY!  LET ME GEEK OUT A BIT!
yeah i can help you out!!!!  here’s some cool creepy/haunted places in michigan to visit (some of these are links so check em out) 

  • 1. ELMWOOD CEMETERY- Real pretty, old, old place. Has a gate though, you’ll need to email the caretakers for special permission. History- Battle of Bloody Run took place here, real long time ago (1793! wow!). A creek connecting to the Detroit river runs through here, it was said that the river run red during the battle. Detroits most important people through history have been buried here. Definitely one of the most haunted cemeteries in all of michigan!
    2. ELOISE ASYLUM- Terrible, terrible place! really though, when were asylums ever good? mean, terrible terrible “doctors” and “nurses”. This place is so haunted, there’s actually going to be a horror movie/mockumentary called “Eloise” to come out? is it out? GOOGLE IT!! Place is in shambles, easy access. I haven’t been here yet, but you bet some time soon The whole property is haunted (from the pipes, to the buildings, the sewage canal, and the cemetery and the fields).
    3. THE MAJESTIC-  Now a performance club. The very place where Harry Houdini himself was attacked before his untimely death. Workers there have seen some pretty interesting things going on there!
    4. IRISH HILLS GENERAL/ABANDONED AMUSEMENT PARKS- On US highway 12 you will find a slew of creepy old abandoned tourist traps! Including a full prehistoric dinosaur park that would freak even the most burly dues around out!  it’s irish hills in michigan! the spookiest tourist trap-back in time place that ever existed (well, in MI)! i’ve got lots of stories, but now isn’t the time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE! 
    5- THE WHITNEY- An old inn! It’s REALLY famous and REALLY creepy looking. A terrifying old-style mini-mansion in the middle of a big bustling modern city. The famous TV Ghost Hunters show came here a few years back even! I walk past it sometimes, it’s really close to where i live. The original family, the Whitneys, are said to haunt this place- but they don’t seem malicious, only there to spook people and play pranks.

    and let me tell you, additionally, WATCH OUT FOR THE WOODS! there could be anyONE and anyTHING in the woods here in MI….

    there are SO many more but i don’t want to make this big long post any longer, so here are a few more things you’ll have to research on your own….
    Belle Isle Zoo

    Northville Psychiatric Hostpital

    Masonic Temple

    Fort Wayne

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Do you know the names of the places Dylann visited/where he took the pictures?

I don’t know the names of all the places but I can name a few:

- Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
- Audubon Swamp Garden
- Boone Hall Plantation, Mount Pleasant, SC
- Avenue of Oaks
- Kensington Mansion in Eastover, SC
- Columbia, SC
- McLeod Plantation, James Island, SC
- Elmwood Cemetery in Columbia, SC
- Museum and Library of Confederate History in Greenville, SC
- Sullivan’s Island, SC
- Edmondston-Alston House in Charleston, SC
- Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon in Charleston, SC
- Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, SC
- Finlay Park in Columbia, SC
- Falls Park, Greenville, SC
- Medusa Tree (Falls Park), Greenville, SC
- Friendfield Plantation
- AMC Dutch Square 14 movie theater, Columbia, SC
- Angel Oak, Angel Oak Park on Johns Island near Charleston, SC
- Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island, SC