elmwood avenue

My Illustrated Life: day 37: “forever elmwood”- I realized today that I live, work, go to school, go to church, play, shop, buy coffee/ tea, and so much more on the SAME STREET. It’s a spectacular street for sure, I just can’t believe how much time I spend on it! Unrelated (sort-of): today, as I was walking from church to get coffee (where else but Elmwood, of course), I saw one of those sidewalk-snowplow things, but he was stuck in the snow! (Oh, the irony…) Without even thinking, I went over and offered to help him push the back of the plow while he gave it some gas. After doing this to no avail, yet another passerby stopped and offered to help push. Together, the three of us got the plow un-stuck. For anyone who says that humanity is going to hell in a handbasket, little rays of hope like this are rebuilding community all over the country and the world. I truly think I saw the face of God today in both of those people. The best part, was that after the snowplow man went on his way, the other individual turned to me, saying “forever Elmwood, man.” He was proud to call this street, and this city home, and so am I. Forever Elmwood indeed, brother.