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You're Not the Only One On Your Lunch. Enjoy Linkin Park.

So, this happened actually yesterday. I work at a call center with 800 or so employees and a bunch of different departments! We have a lounge and also a lunch room, and the lunch room is where this happens.

There’s a woman that comes into the lunch room every day to Skype with her baby. Only problem is. She talks so freaking loud that I can have my headphones full blast and still hear her. She sings Sesame Street and Elmo songs and it gets annoying after awhile. So, I wasn’t in the best mood yesterday because I didn’t sleep well. I’m eating my lunch and here comes Miss Elmo’s World with her friend. (She is EW)

EW: “Wanna Skype with my baby?” Oh, hell no. Friend: “Aw I love babies sure!” Kill me. EW: “OMGEEEEE. HIIIIIIII. ARE YOU WITH DADDY?! AWWW. YOU’RE SO CUTE. AWWWW!” I understand it, babies are cute but this is nuts. I turn to her and say: “excuse me? Can you please keep it down a little?” Elmo’s World then retorts: “haha, no. I’m speaking with my baby. I can be as loud as I want. I’m not hurting anything.” So that’s how you wanna play? Fine.

Now, I am a fan of bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach and Three Days Grace, so I turned on a song (which was Linkin Park) and cranked it full blast with no headphones in. Elmo’s World turns to me and says: “Turn that off! It’s loud and giving me a headache!” Oh really? I then say: “Oh, I would, but it can be as loud as I want it to be. It’s not hurting anything.” EW: “It’s hurting me.” Me: “You can leave. I politely asked for you to stop screaming at your child who is probably gonna have ear issues by the time he or she turns 10. If it’s bothering you, leave.”

She rolled her eyes, walked away and scoffed. I put my headphones back in when she left. That’s what you get for being a bitch!

Dedicated to madaboutasoiaf, for her contributions to the Muppet Tully Experience

Kermit did not remember his father well.  He had been young when Lord Elmo had ridden to war, to fight at Rhaenyra’s side—young enough that his father still spoke to him as if he were a child, though he was a man grown and newly knighted.  “When Elmo returns, Elmo will tell you such wonderful stories, all right?” his father had said, his red hair blowing in the wind.  His father always baby-talked him that way, calling himself “Elmo.”   Kermit had never known why.  He’d been three-and-ten when the war had broken out, and surely his father should not have treated him like a child.  But Lord Elmo had, and only now did Kermit realize how much he missed it.  

His father had given him another hug.  “Now be good, and heed Byrd, Kermit.  Now, smile for Elmo.  Go on, Kermit.  Smile.”  But Kermit had been unable.  He’d felt near tears, in truth.  “No smile for Elmo?” his father had asked.  “Does Elmo need to tickle Kermit?” 

Kermit had shaken his head.  He didn’t remember much of his father, beyond his red hair, but he did remember that Lord Elmo had loved tickling, and he had tickled Kermit until he’d laughed and smiled before mounting his great steed and ridden off to his death, his bastard son Oscar and his younger brother Cook at his side.

It was thus that Kermit Tully learned that life was not a song.

“Come now, Ser Kermit,” Byrd had said.  Byrd was Castellan at Riverrun, a tall and lanky man with a thatch of yellow hair and an easy demeanor.  “There’s no use being sad.  Lord Elmo would not have wanted it.”

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does anyone listen to ‘drive’ by the cars and think of all the teen/brat pack movies of the ‘80s? it just reminds me of duckie standing at the top of those stairs in his sunglasses and prom suit waiting for the lonely andie; it makes me think of andrew seeing the made-over allison when she steps out from the room and claire when she presses that diamond earring into bender’s palm; it makes me think of poor jules curled up on the floor of her bare apartment, with the st. elmo’s crew crowded at her window while billy bursts through the door to make sure she’s safe; it reminds me of keith yelling watt’s name down the street before sweeping her into his arms after she thought he didn’t want her; it makes me think of marty as his life source begins to fade, strumming desperately on that guitar watching as george finally steps up and takes lorraine into his arms for another dance and a long-awaited kiss; it reminds me of dallas winston tumbling to the ground as the cops shoot him down, the greasers running after him, begging for ceasefire; it makes me think of lloyd holding that boom box outside diane’s window and jake ryan waiting outside the church for sam and whispering “yeah you” as she asks in pure bewilderment if he really is waiting for her.

the music and movies of the ‘80s really were wonderful.

Michael After Midnight: Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

This is it. This movie is… an experience. A trip. It is everything you could ever hope to see from a terrible Christmas special and more. This right here deserves the title of “The Room of animated Christmas movies” far more than that turd The Christmas Tree does. For one, this movie isn’t really painfully bad so much as it is entertaingly bad; yeah, there’s plenty of stupidity, but… well, what can you expect from an animated special based off of an awful novelty Christmas song?

The plot summary is right there in the title, but there is a bit more: after Grandma gets run over, the nefarious yet incredibly hot Cousin Mel decides to use Grandma’s disappearance to her advantage by tricking Grandpa to sign over the rights to Grandma’s store so she can sell it to Liquid Snake (yes, that is Clam Carke voicing him) for millions. This leads Jake Spankenheimer, the unfortunately named hero of the story, to go off to find his Grandma at the North Pole, where Santa reveals she has amnesia. They bring her back, but this leads to Cousin Mel trying to sue Santa. Can Santa be saved, or is Grandpa gonna sue his pants off and take him for a ride?

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One in a million

Green just like an apple, spring feels like a bath of pure warmth and joy. The clouds were cotton-like against these peaceful blue skies and the wind is soothingly wonderful. The sun beams through the window, yellow and bright.

It was just like any other day but the feel would always be like a promise of a new beginning.

Here I am wasting 15 minutes of the 21st of September lying down on the floor, eyes gazing the ceiling where a burst of color splats lightens it up. I am next to the most wonderful girl who keeps on giggling while her eyes were playfully seeking the smirk on my face and the figures in those color splats on the ceiling —- back and forth, back and forth.

“See, may hearts and circles and flowers and dinosaur-like figures..”

“Told you, dapat lyrics na lang ng kanta ang pinaint natin..”

“But throwing plastics of paint is more fun..”

“Fun, pero messy. Look at your pretty face, may pink paint splats ka.. and see these round circles around your beautiful eyes..” unknowingly my fingers had some black paint, leaving some traced circle-figures around her eyes that I found hilarious.

“Hahahahahahahaha…” and I can’t control my laugh.

“What’s funny, Elmo?” she asked.

“Nothing!” my pretense look looks epicly bad.

She moved closer giving me a knowing look, her face is like a cute lady panda. Her eyes squinted even more giving me a murder look and her lips pouted like a kid who didn’t got her lollipop.

“Ugh. Kainis ka!!!”

I laughed even harder, resulting for a series of small pinches and punches on my arms and sides.

“Julie, brutal ka talaga. Aray. Haha.. Nagbibiro lang ako eh.”

She stopped when my face got closer to hers leaving no room for air to pass by. Our eyes gazing at each other, our noses were no-inch apart.

I grinned playfully, and locked my arms around her. There’s no way she could escape my tight, warm embrace and alls he could do is give me a pleasant smile and a tomato-like red fuzzy face.

“I brought the mixtape you’ve made for me.” she suddenly blurted out. Her cheerfulness is pretty infectious.

“Really now?”

“I want to listen to it, now. Hihi sigurado korny laman nun. Haha.”

“You wish.”

“Tse, yabang.”

And as she play those songs, a quick trip down to memory lane is what I had. That mixtape contains some fantastic memories.

Just like the first song that I heard her sing where my bestfriend told me I would eventually end up with her even though we’re just dating for 2 months. Where I confidently replied to him “Nah… I’m 18 and I’m going to meet a lot of girls.. Julie wasn’t the one.”, and he gave a heartful laugh and said “Gago! Kakainin mo din yan sinasabi mo ngayon, in a couple of years from now, tatawagan mo ako and I’ll say ‘Told you so..’ haha”.. and he was definitely right.

“Aww, Elmo. I love this song! Eto yung first song na kinanta ko at andun ka.. Hihi. Ikaw kaya si Mr. Suplado. Yuck, teenage crush pa kita nun. Hihi.”

“Sabi na ba, ikaw yung ultimate stalker ko nun eh. Hahahaha”

“Kapal mo ah! Hahaha okay next song..”

We enthusiastically listened to the whole mixtape until it reached to the final song where she wonders why I put it there. “This song? Why? Haha.”

I refused to answer but knowing her she won’t stop.

“Bakit nga? Elmo ah. Baka naman song mo yan for your other girls! How dare you. Haha. Please, sabihin mo na why you include this one?”

“No. Haha”



“Why wouldn’t you want to say it?”

“Tatawa ka lang eh. You know my mushy side is really mushy.”

“Haha, okay promise I won’t laugh.”

“It’s just. ah. uhm. Haha..”

“Sige na please, Elmo. Gusto ko na malaman. I’m excited na!!!”

“Well, remember the time when we went to a concert? The same date like today, only a different year ofcourse. But. Yeah, that concert..”

“The Neyo concert?”


“What about that? Hihi.”

“Nakakahiya talaga eh.”

“Elmo, please?”

“Well, uhm. That was our first concert together and we realky had so much fun dancing to his songs and then boom, it hit me..”

“hit you what?”

“That you’re the only one I wanted to dance all my dances with.”