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You forgive Rob for by-proxy murdering Darwin and Anais once? I mean, it was in a different timeline, but Darwin straight up choked to death and Anais just vanished slowly before ceasing to exist at all. She's like, 4. Sure, Rob's sorry for it, and he reset everything, but that isn't exactly an excuse for painful timeline related murder. Or bus-hijacking with intent to blow people up. Or trying to blow up the Elmore Dam.


My TAWOG blog @elmore-town has reached 1,000+ followers few days ago! I am very thankful for each of you and the blog too!

Have a double Gummypuss, original and my own version.

I discovered the show when CN had preview promos even before it premiered. The blog was created back when no one really watches the show much. Now i’m hoping for season 7 and 8 to be good after Ben leaves the show once season six ends. Don’t become another Spongebob pls

I met sooo many amazing people and friends in this fandom, and the show is a huge inspiration to me. I still watch Gumball now and then even though i’m not super duper into it much as i used to, since my main priorities now are life and original projects.