elmomoreno replied to your post: okay guys, we have a plan. that plan, for anyone…

Omg yes please - I need to know what could have been. Closure - because I highly doubt we’re getting a second. Unless tomorrow a miracle happens with the dvd realease.

tbh i’d kind of die if it pulled a rocky horror and then seven years later we finally get our shock treatment. aka our sequel.

or i guess a better metaphor would be we get a parallel time movie but whatever.

and 15 barney/angie icons for fuck-yeah-dark-shadows and elmomoreno and i think an anon? idk they're like five years late.

as before:

  • …or anyone who wants to use them
  • no credit is required for use on tumblr
  • but if you use them on lj/dreamwidth, a credit to zombiejosette/ghettospellwork (my lj)/swords (my dw) would be pretty cool.

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