Entrée of the week: Peas cream with its gelato, snails raviolo, buds and saffron

The idea is to value the work of a farmer who works at 1000 mt above sea level. Working on the product at low temperatures, the taste keeps its integrity. A note of soil is given by combining snail, buds and saffron.

Rumtopf of Pasta: Olive Oil and Orchid Emulsion, Potato and Apple Gelato, Elder berries, Raspberries and Wood Sorrel

With the taste of the original Rumtopf, we gave the pasta a different texture, maintaining its properties. We cooked the pasta through infusion in alcohol and berries syrup for more than 15 hours, at 4°. The perfect cooking time is between 15 and 21 hours, depending on the type of pasta in use. We tried about 50 different types of pasta and we found out that for this specific cooking the spelt “Fusillo” is the best one. Once upon a time they used to cook fruit through this procedure… Today, we are cooking pasta through it, combining it with fruit…

So, this is the resulting dessert that we presented last February at “Identità Golose” in Milan. We have been collaborating with this Pasta factory for several years, which is the only one in the mountains.



The 4 Elements