Song of the Day: Arctic Monkeys - Fake Tales of San Francisco

I saw this GIF on my dash while listening to this song. So cute & funny


It is almost midnight were I live and I am crying from laughter at this video. I don’t know why nor do I understand the context of this clip, but I am cracking up.

anonymous asked:

QUICK! Top 20 favorite movies

omg okay here we go (in no particular order just thinking as they come to me)

Goodfellas, Dazed & Confused, American Psycho, Play It As It Lays, Pretty Poison,The Squid & The Whale, Smoke Signals, The Shining, Good Will Hunting, Wolf of Wall Street, Almost Famous, Bernie, Heathers, Slacker, Something’s Gotta Give (cheesy i know), Psycho, Gone With The Wind, St. Elmo’s Fire, Dirty Dancing, Coraline

There ya go!


Poor baby is definitely looking like Elmo don’t dance like that😂😂😂 #Lmao #hadtogetmygoosnightlaughin😂😂👍

Elmo had sum so he did give it

When Elmo win the dance contest 😁 #lstevents #lstcharacters #lstelmo