Everyone Loathes Marineland 4/?

“My name is Kandu 7. I was caught in Iceland as a young orca and brought to Marineland. Compared to a lot of new captives, i adjusted well to captivity and grew to be sexually mature. I have sired all of the calves born at Marineland, and I ended up getting my own daughter pregnant. In total, I have sired more than 10 calves. None of them are alive today. A few were born with defects or health problems. My genes are often blamed for their problems and and early deaths. In December of 2005, I died. I was in my late 20’s/ I am one of the oldest orcas who has lived at Marineland. My cause of death was cancer.”

Next up is Malik

Everyone Loathes Marineland 


“I’m Junior, a wild caught Icelandic male orca. Most of my time at Marineland was spent in a tiny, indoor pool without other orca companions or even natural light. I was for sale, but no one ever bought me. After five years in the indoor pool I died of brain damage.”

im not sure i got the half emerge effect i wanted on the painting but w/e information is still there

Everyone Loathes Marineland 6/?

“I’m Skoot, a beluga whale born at Marineland in 2011. in 2012 when I was 9 months old, I was viciously attacked by two males. My mom Skyla tried desperately to protect me, but was no match for the males. After a 2 hour attack, I died in the arms of a trainer. Marineland owner John Holer brushed off the incident as normal because I had Meningitis.

Kept this short and sweet, much like the little gals life.

Though animals are known to attack each other, had Marineland been better staffed, this incident could have easily been avoided.  

First non-orca installment.

Anybody have any pictures of Dee from articles or anything?? I want to do her next but I can’t find any good pictures of her to work from.

Everyone Loathes Marineland


The writing on this one is tougher to read

“I’m Neocia, the second killer whale born at Marineland. I was seperated from my mom, Nootka 5, at a very young age. When I reached sexual maturity, my own father, Kandu 7, impregnated me, however, I had a miscarriage. Not even a month after my miscarriage I died of an infection that is believed to be linked to it. I died just before my 12th birthday.”

I know, it has  lot of grammatical and a few spelling  errors. I might rewrite the caption on the computer and edit it later.

Everyone Loathes Marineland 5/?

“I’m Malik, an orca who was born to Nootka 5 at Marineland. I was born with a weak immune system and as a result, my mom attacked me. I was separated [oops spelling error] from her for my safety, and placed with my father Kandu 7 who was very gentle with me. i survived the critical days of my life, but my weak immune system finally failed just before my 4th birthday, killing me.”

WOW is this not the worst rendering of an orca you have seen??? If i redo any in this series, this one is first. Malik was such a pretty girl i feel bad for this weird marker drawing.

Anyway this is Malik, Marineland’s Nyar.

Skoot or Dee is next.