Français- plant words

Noms des Arbres

Un aulne- elder tree

Le bouleau- birch

Le chêne- oak

Un érable- maple

Le frêne- ash tree

Le gommier- gum tree

Un hêtre- beech

Un if- yew

Un orme- elm

Le pin- pine

Le platane- plane tree

Le sapin- fir tree

Le saule- willow

Noms des fleurs :

Le camélia- camellia

Le datura- datura

La jonquille- daffodil, jonquil

La marguerite- daisy

Le narcisse des prés- daffodil

Le nénuphar- water-lily (my fave <3)

La pivoine- peony

La rose- rose, duh

Noms des autres plantes :

Un églantier- wild rose

Everyone Loathes Marineland 4/?

“My name is Kandu 7. I was caught in Iceland as a young orca and brought to Marineland. Compared to a lot of new captives, i adjusted well to captivity and grew to be sexually mature. I have sired all of the calves born at Marineland, and I ended up getting my own daughter pregnant. In total, I have sired more than 10 calves. None of them are alive today. A few were born with defects or health problems. My genes are often blamed for their problems and and early deaths. In December of 2005, I died. I was in my late 20’s/ I am one of the oldest orcas who has lived at Marineland. My cause of death was cancer.”

Next up is Malik

Everyone Loathes Marineland 


“I’m Junior, a wild caught Icelandic male orca. Most of my time at Marineland was spent in a tiny, indoor pool without other orca companions or even natural light. I was for sale, but no one ever bought me. After five years in the indoor pool I died of brain damage.”

im not sure i got the half emerge effect i wanted on the painting but w/e information is still there

Everyone Loathes Marineland


The writing on this one is tougher to read

“I’m Neocia, the second killer whale born at Marineland. I was seperated from my mom, Nootka 5, at a very young age. When I reached sexual maturity, my own father, Kandu 7, impregnated me, however, I had a miscarriage. Not even a month after my miscarriage I died of an infection that is believed to be linked to it. I died just before my 12th birthday.”

I know, it has  lot of grammatical and a few spelling  errors. I might rewrite the caption on the computer and edit it later.