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Here are all the illustrations for my 36k Dean/Cas fairy AU Our Garden Home, which is finally completed after 19 months!! Hands-down, it’s the most personal (and cutest) story I’ve ever written, with lots of hard topics all wrapped up in a childlike narrative. If you crave some flowers, cuddles, or “tiny disabled fairy vs. society” adventures in your life, this fic is what you need.

✿ the cuddling illustration by itself

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a wild Porn With Plot fic appears

Night Exhibitionalmaasi

27k · NC-17

Summary: Welcome to the world’s most generic museum. In the café, you’ll find Dean, putting dinosaur cut-outs on his award-winning apple pies. In the gift shop, you’ll find his snarky yet devastatingly handsome friend Castiel, folding t-shirts for a living. But Castiel has a second job as a night watchman, patrolling the marble halls and protecting the museum exhibits after dark. One night, Dean asks to tag along. He could never resist a crisp blue uniform, and he’ll take any opportunity to have his friend show it off. It might take all night, one dance, and a playful sex act (or five) in a few unusual places around the museum before either of them realise… maybe Dean’s interest was never about the uniform. And maybe their friendship was already something else.

featuring Dean’s uniform kink, agender + demisexual + autism-spectrum Cas, the hOLY SHIT W H A T kind of rimming, and a ton of really frickin cute fluff

a quote from my beta: "Um. So. That was one of the hottest scenes I have ever read in literally almost 16 years of fic. So. Congrats.“

» read on AO3

new fic new fic NEW FIC

A Place and A Feeling – realtor!Cas/house-hunting!Dean, 24k, CUTENESS OVERLOAD

Summary: Human AU. Dean Winchester still hasn’t found the perfect little house in the suburbs he’s always dreamed of. On the off-chance that another meeting with his totally adorkable realtor could finally change everything, Dean keeps going back to Castiel’s agency. Like Cas always says, home is both a place and a feeling. But what if the place Dean’s looking for is Castiel’s house, and the feeling is Castiel himself? 

Sometimes the most unprofessional choices lead to the most enjoyable personal consequences. This is one of those times.

also desk sex, Cas in glasses, and DOMESTIC GROSSNESS which is what we’re all here for right

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anonymous asked:

When has Jensen ever unnecessarily touched misha? I think it's always misha doing the unnecessary touching lol

I ship Cockles like I’m floating a boat in the ocean itself, so I can’t say this post will be entirely objective (it’s really not at all). there is, however, some input from my mother, who absolutely does not ship the thing.

short answer to your question: Jensen touches Misha unnecessarily all the time.

let me start by providing examples from convention photo ops: here! or here!

or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here (seriously, that last one. in what universe is that considered a necessary touch?)

but boy, that barely skims the surface. don’t even get me started on the gifs

may I introduce you to Mr “get your stupid adorable face away from me” Ackles

and Mr “omfg!! Misha is the funniest thing that ever happened to me – oops I touched him!!!! oh god frick what do I do with my hands now??” Ackles

Mr “were you born in a barn?” Ackles

Mr “I wanted to kiss you but I had to detour and kiss Jim Beaver first in case anyone noticed I made a beeline for you” Ackles (+ this)

Mr “I like your stubble, also hello people at home, this is my pet Misha he is mine” Ackles

Mr “quit moving Dmitri I’m trying to grope your ass” Ackles (don’t believe what you’re seeing? look at this)

Mr “I’mma spread my legs really fuckin wide to make room for my massive balls but actually I’m just trying to noogie your knee with my knee” Ackles

Mr “look at my buddy here with his nice suit and strong shoulders that feel super sturdy when I pat them” Ackles (x)

Mr “look out haters!! check out how much I love this guy!!” Ackles

and these??? 99% sure they’re unscripted 

(also this and this)

(or that time Jensen went in for a kiss)

and lest we forget this gem:

Mr “I drape myself over you as a testament to my cuddly blanket-like affection” Ackles

the point is, while it’s true that Misha touches Jensen A LOT, Jensen also touches Misha A LOT. between the two of them they average out touching each other A HELLUVA LOT. Jensen’s touches tend to be “accidental” or “I swear I had a purpose with this” most of the time, or he attempts to hide them or make them look jokey, whereas Misha doesn’t conceal that he touches Jensen to reassure him or comfort him or to provoke him. Jensen doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing other than “I must touch him any way I can”.

and he goes out of his way to do it, too. he’ll reach over extraordinary distances just to make a tiny bit of contact, or change direction on the stage, or align himself in exactly the right way so he can put his hands on Misha while a fan is between them. it’s quite impressive the effort he puts into it, really. or maybe it’s effortless. maybe it’s natural for him and he doesn’t even think about it - which makes the fact he does it so often even more interesting.

my mother is determined to sink the good ship Cockles, and assures me that Jensen only touches Misha so much because he’s shy and nervous and he needs security.

well, not to disappoint her or anything, but that is a perfectly valid reason to touch someone. if Jensen’s touching Misha for security… goddamn, that’s adorable.

and calling them security-related touches doesn’t negate the fact that Jensen touches Misha practically all the time if he can get away with it.

(see: nearly all photo ops where they’re together).

I also think they’re slightly possessive touches, particularly in the photo ops, and with the face-stroking. Misha gives himself to other people a lot, he kind of throws his soul at them sometimes, so Jensen does he best to ground him, and grounds himself while he’s at it.

Jensen said at jibcon that he used to hold himself back from fans and not let the love in - and I think these touches are a way to remind both Misha and himself that “we have to stick together and hold tight so we don’t lose ourselves to this friendly but scary, slightly invasive bunch of people”.

what’s classified as a “necessary” touch, though? looking at these images, I’d say the majority of touches outside of the photo ops are not specifically meant to be comforting, reassuring, life-affirming, used to help, aid or abet in any way, nor are they obviously for Misha’s benefit. it rather seems as though Jensen touches Misha just because he likes it and he can.

does that make them necessary? …well, Jensen seems to think so.

The teacher assigns a buddy to all the children in her first-grade class. Everyone writes their buddy a postcard, giving them a compliment. Dean is supposed to write something for Castiel, the mysterious autistic kid in the corner – but he doesn’t hand anything in. Does he have nothing to say? Or does he have too much to say?  

p.S. will you Be my Boyfrend ?

In celebration of 1,000 lovely kudos on my fic A Postcard for Castiel, I decided to illustrate it! I love every single one of those teeny tiny “I like your fic” hugs. They definitely provide motivation to write more kid!fics and fics with autistic!Cas~ ♥

guys I posted the thing!!!

» Fight and Fool Around – almaasi

Dean enters a bar looking for a fight, but instead discovers he’s bisexual, gives his first handjob in an alleyway - and then leaves with a hickey, sex hair, and the bartender for a boyfriend.

(in which Dean mistakes wanting to bang dudes with wanting to fight them)

5.5k, explicit // read on AO3

I wrote a 20k Destiel AU! FBI agent!Cas and musician!Dean help save a dog from a car accident. They then take turns to look after the little pitbull, until they realise she really ought to live in one place, not two. (And we all know what that means.) It’s fluffy and happiness-inducing, with some bonus roleplay smut, because I couldn’t resist. ♥

AO3 link: Sharing the Rain Dog ✧

regarding Our Garden Home

*screaming* OKAY ILLUSTRATIONS ARE DONE, EDITING IS DONE (maybe? might add a 200 word end scene right before i post in about ~9 hours)


definitely managed to save the best illustration for last, somehow. i’m REALLY EXCITED TO SHARE THIS

(a preview)

honestly after this final illustration i think i’m officially calling myself a writer/illustrator. i love this one so much

this fic is so precious to me.. i don’t even have words for how much personal importance it has

anyway SLEEP k bye

ao3 link: Our Garden Home by almaasi (a Dean/Cas garden fairy AU, featuring more fluff than anyone can sensibly handle. will be 36k as of tomorrow)

GO READ IT AND ENJOY IT and subscribe so you get an email when i upload~!


the paper version of this bingo card was originally supposed to be mailed to @cassammydean​ but I haven’t sent it yet, and I figured the rest of you cockles dumpster children could do with one of these right now because jibcon is upon us


Raising Hell in a Hotel

Castiel is a bad influence on Dean. Okay, they’re only six years old – but when they join forces, they’re Mary Winchester’s idea of a parenting nightmare. In theory, Dean and Cas live in hotel rooms opposite each other. But in actuality, Castiel lives with Dean. Shares his clothes, his food, his bed. That sort of thing. Dean might like the colour pink more than society says he should, and Cas has the same problem with petty crime, but there’s one attribute they have in common: neither take well to being apart.

29k · T ☻ read on AO3

“All right, I’m ready. Open your eyes.”

“This better not be one of your ‘special surprises’, Cas.”

“Please. You love my surprises.”

“Yeah? And how do you like mine?”

“Dean! You got me something!”

“’Course I did, buddy. It’s Christmas. I got something for everyone. But, uh… I dunno. I got somethin’ a little different for you. Since you’re my best pal and all.”

“Dean… I… I don’t know what to say.”

“Ugh, you haven’t even seen what I got you yet. Come on. On three. Let’s open them together.”

♥♥♥ Welcome All Winchesters is now up!!!

60k of pure Christmas-themed fluff: a human AU featuring fake-engaged!Destiel, a snowy log cabin, kinks and cuddles, bottom!Dean, and “oops we’re in love” happiness. also teacher!Cas and ferrets. ♥

lovemesomepie-andcake  asked:

Heya! I just wanted to let you know, that I absolutely adore your fics - the new update of Our Garden Home made me feel all squishy and happy inside! I love your portrayal of Cas and I was wondering if you maybe intentionally wrote him with a few autistic traits? I loved it so much! I was wondering if you considered writing some more stories with autistic characters, like the ones you already have because you just write them so perfectly (I'm autistic) I'm nervous sending this off-anon but hey!

thank you!! you brave off-anon nugget, you

regarding autistic!Cas?? yes!! Cas is a precious autistic bat sprite and goodness me I love him dearly

what’s so exciting to me is that people are relating to him and telling me about it in the comments and I’m like!!!! yes!!! you are all precious and important!!

of all my stories i think Our Garden Home is the one most relevant to me personally. especially because of Cas. the story just kind of details daily life, being knocked down and disabled, fighting depression, finding a place in society, and just doing small creative things that can hopefully make someone smile. except everyone is a tiny fairy and the world is a garden. ~

I will absolutely write more stories with autistic characters. I’d say it’s likely to just be Cas over and over again (he is my comfort therapy angel), but in the future I’ll branch out. make some original characters or somethin’. ♥

Destiel fics (by me) featuring autistic!Cas

(these are autism-related descriptions, not the actual summaries)

Of Shampoo and Fruit Flies (17k) - Dean and Cas are 20-something roommates, Cas is autistic and asexual. Dean’s secretly in love but thinks Cas won’t understand (spoilers: he’s wrong).

Take You To The Country (19k) - 1950s AU. Cas proposes elopement anonymously in the local newspaper, and Dean realises the segment is directed at him. (Cas is a clockmaker, and hasn’t got the hang of when to be subtle and when to be little less forthright. Dean’s into that.)

A Postcard for Castiel (4k) - Kidfic. Dean and Cas write each other postcards for school, giving each other a compliment. Dean helps Cas integrate better with the class.

Welcome All Winchesters (60k) - Christmas AU. Just-dumped Dean takes Cas to his mountain cabin, they fake an engagement when Mary and Sam arrive. Although it might not be obvious, I count this as autistic!Cas personally. He is agender, which might be the most distinctive autism-adjacent thing. Also sensory-seeking with scented candles.

The Moonlighter and the Magician (67k) - 1920s New York AU. Cas is a jewel thief trying to woo his neighbour, Dean. He’s cleverer than Dean thinks - or indeed, anyone thinks. (He’s also a demi-romantic and sex-repulsed asexual. Which is a significant theme in the story.)

The Joke Is on You (And So Is Castiel) (5k) - April Fool’s Day canon-verse fic. Cas themes his pranks around what he’s seen in cartoons.

Some People Would Call This Romantic (5k) - Dean and Cas take a walk on the beach. This is a sensory adventure for Cas.

Our Garden Home (WIP, 19k+, will be completed in April 2017) - Fairy garden AU. Bat sprite Cas loses a wing and takes shelter for the winter with flower fairy Dean. He battles depression, fantastic racism, food issues, social anxiety, general anxiety, sensory issues - and later on becomes a sensory-seeking cuddlemuffin.

Raising Hell in a Hotel (29k) - Kidfic AU. Dean and Cas live in a Women’s Refuge hotel. Cas is not having a good time until Dean and Mary help fulfil his unmet needs. (Cas experiences extreme sensory likes/dislikes, and suffers bullying at school, among other things)

Waiting For That Final Moment (9k) - Cas purposefully interrupts Dean’s wedding to Lisa at the last possible moment, because Cas is dramatic as heck. And that’s how it’s done in the movies.

Tickle Fight Wasteland (6k) - Post-apocalyptic fluff (yes, really). Dean and Cas have a mineral-mining thing going with a team of friends in the desert, but it’s big and overwhelming outside so Cas stays inside, does gardening, and meditates. Everyone’s cool with it. There’s a tickle fight.