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Raising Hell in a Hotel

Castiel is a bad influence on Dean. Okay, they’re only six years old – but when they join forces, they’re Mary Winchester’s idea of a parenting nightmare. In theory, Dean and Cas live in hotel rooms opposite each other. But in actuality, Castiel lives with Dean. Shares his clothes, his food, his bed. That sort of thing. Dean might like the colour pink more than society says he should, and Cas has the same problem with petty crime, but there’s one attribute they have in common: neither take well to being apart.

29k · T ☻ read on AO3

♥♥♥ Welcome All Winchesters is now up!!!

60k of pure Christmas-themed fluff: a human AU featuring fake-engaged!Destiel, a snowy log cabin, kinks and cuddles, bottom!Dean, and “oops we’re in love” happiness. also teacher!Cas and ferrets. ♥

The teacher assigns a buddy to all the children in her first-grade class. Everyone writes their buddy a postcard, giving them a compliment. Dean is supposed to write something for Castiel, the mysterious autistic kid in the corner – but he doesn’t hand anything in. Does he have nothing to say? Or does he have too much to say?  

p.S. will you Be my Boyfrend ?

In celebration of 1,000 lovely kudos on my fic A Postcard for Castiel, I decided to illustrate it! I love every single one of those teeny tiny “I like your fic” hugs. They definitely provide motivation to write more kid!fics and fics with autistic!Cas~ ♥

“All right, I’m ready. Open your eyes.”

“This better not be one of your ‘special surprises’, Cas.”

“Please. You love my surprises.”

“Yeah? And how do you like mine?”

“Dean! You got me something!”

“’Course I did, buddy. It’s Christmas. I got something for everyone. But, uh… I dunno. I got somethin’ a little different for you. Since you’re my best pal and all.”

“Dean… I… I don’t know what to say.”

“Ugh, you haven’t even seen what I got you yet. Come on. On three. Let’s open them together.”

I wrote a 20k Destiel AU! FBI agent!Cas and musician!Dean help save a dog from a car accident. They then take turns to look after the little pitbull, until they realise she really ought to live in one place, not two. (And we all know what that means.) It’s fluffy and happiness-inducing, with some bonus roleplay smut, because I couldn’t resist. ♥

AO3 link: Sharing the Rain Dog ✧

GUYS!! I wrote a new fic~! (and I love it very much)

this one is called Lucid Nightmare. 10.2k, rated T.

there’s fire in this city //
sirens, ghosts, and earthquakes //
one night, you protect me //
and we run until dawn breaks //

it’s a peculiar Destiel AU with prisoner siren!Cas rescued by Dean. it’s half regular fic, half poem, because of narrative reasons. sort of like “emotional intimacy or die” as opposed to “fuck or die”.

according to @cersei-the-truth-bombardier​: “Sooooo Basically this thing is super weird but I’m really into it A++ job 12/10 would read again”

and @sweetdreamspootypie​: “Is this spooky Dr Seuss or something”

go read it!!!! ♥ have fun, friends.


“we get a tingly feeling when we hear it, so we know it’s you”

there is now a somewhat subtle Cockles fanart on the hood of our car. this was made for GIsHWhes 2015, for this item:

87. IMAGE. Your car color is uniform and boring. It’s time for a paint job. Paint an image of a celebrated musician riding a unicorn on the hood or door panel of your car. It must cover the entire hood or door panel. 76 POINTS

I mean, who doesn’t want Jensen Ackles playing guitar and riding a unicorn in an explosion of rainbows on the front of their vehicle???

(the rest of my submissions for this year are here!)


i needed a ridiculous way to express my disgust and this is that

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sometimes Jensen and Misha can be found in the green room at conventions, or at family gatherings, or on the couches of friends, their bodies nestled against each other, not a space between them. it’s possible they cuddle up like that because they can and nobody stops them. they’re bold men; maybe they’re daring someone to notice their secret. but perhaps they do it simply because their physical closeness makes them both deeply, deeply happy, and they can’t imagine being any further apart. they share clothes and endless affection – some would say intimate affection – but they genuinely have no idea how obvious they’re being. anyone who spends thirty seconds with them knows. they just don’t talk about it. (well, except Jared, who teases them constantly.)