a small guide to recognizing the newsies

hello !!! sorry this took so long to answer, tumblr would not cooperate :/

i pointed out each newsie here at least once for you, though a few of them are named more than once because it was a better view of their face or because i forgot i labeled them already

hope this helps !!!

~I gotta be either dead or dreamin’, cuz look at that pape with my face beamin’
Tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it, but I was a star for one whole minute!~

Look at them! They’re the kings of New York!! The prompt for @newsiestober day 6 was “favourite song”, and while they’re all amazing, this one is really special to me :D


Elmer Fudd Vs Batman // artwork by Lee Weeks (2017)

So… I’m gonna file this one under “what the fuck did I just read?” In a recent-released comic (Batman and Elmer Fudd Special written by Tom King with art by Lee Weeks) Bugs Bunny manages to pit Elmer Fudd against Batman by killing Bruce Wayne. They both fight and Elmer actually holds his own against The Dark Knight! 


Believe it or not, this #Hulk doll is made out of recycled tsinelas (that’s tagalog for flip-flops). @elmerboytsinelas made this for me so I just wanted to give a nice shoutout. Not only is this inventively creative, but it’s sustainable and just pure awesome! Thank you Elmer!