my step-grandson has lured me into a minivan & locked me inside the minivan and now he and his cool teenage friends and their hot girlfriends are pouring elmers school glue on the car until it is covered in glue & the greenhouse effect takes over and overheats me to death

ultrajchapmanstuff  asked:

(Request/prompt) The kids dressed up on Halloween and trick-or-treating: Frisk ( HUGE striped bell-bottoms, a poofy plaid newsboy hat,crop top) complains that her pants are too big(they actually cover her feetXD). Chara( Elvis, complete with sequinned,wide collar jumpsuit with equally big bell-bottoms, fancy gold belt) vainly styles his slick, shiny pompadour wig. And lastly, poor Asriel (as a hot-pink bunny) is chased by Monster Kid(Elmer Fudd-like hunter), who holds a popgun in his teeth.

for future reference, Frisk, Chara, and yes, Monsterkid go by they/them only