I saw this during my study time and decided to do it!

I know I wasn’t tagged but who cares!

1.Spell Your Name With Songs

C- Chasing Cars: Snow Patrol

H- Heart Wants What It Wants: Selena Gomez

R- Rotten to the Core: Sofia Carson

I- If Only: Dove Cameron

S- Set It Off: Disney’s Descendants Cast

T-True Love: Dove Cameron

E- Eyes Wide Open: Sabrina Carpenter

N- Night Changes: One Direction

2.Why did you choose your URL?
I’m really into Disney’s Descendants right now and I literally think I’m good and evil so it works together, the 18 and 95 is just my birth date and I always use it

3. Middle name - Ellyce

4.if you were fictional what would you be? Dragon or Mermaid! I really couldn’t pick!

5. Favorite Color - Just one? Purple!

6.Favorite Song - at the moment? Rotten To The Core by Sofia Carson, If Only by Dove Cameron and What a Girl Is by Dove Cameron as well

7.Top 5 Fandoms
Yay this will be hard! 
1. Disney’s Descendants
2. Disney in general
3. Supernatural 
4. Harry Potter
5. Mako Mermaids

Why do you enjoy tumblr?

Tumblr is literally the only place that I’m not afraid to like what I like. I don’t have to hide what Fandoms I’m in because of my age because people my age like the exact same things! It’s my safe haven to know I can be me and no one judges!

Tag people 
no one tagged me and I did it so any of my followers!