RFA Babysits RFA’s Kid

Hope I got this right. Enjoy! 
Expect two to three updates today! Why? I’ve been slacking ^^”


  • Jaehee and MC have been working so hard.
  • Zen wanted to do something nice so he offered to babysit while they went on a date.
  • Zen loves your girls’ son.
  • Zen shows him his motorcycle.
  • After the kid begged to go on it, and a lot of hesitation, Zen agreed.
  • But only once around the block, at a slow speed, and with helmets.
  • Cause if something happened, Jaehee would kill him.
  • Zen gets called in for work a quick reshoot.
  • Zen takes your kid with him.
  • The kid is in awe!
  • “Uncle, Zen! You look so cool! The way you fought that bad guy and saved the girl! Teach me to fight like that!”
  • Zen laughed and told him when he’s a little older, he wouldn’t mind teaching him acting. But for now he should learn how to protect the ladies in his life, his mothers!
  • He goes back to MC and Jaehee a little more more protective.
  • A day later, he asked for a white jacket, like Zen’s.


  • Zen and MC had to shoot a little further than usual so they asked Yoosung to pick up their daughter after school and watch her for a bit.
  • She’s shy at first so it was hard for Yoosung to bond with her.
  • But then he made her food.
  • She laughed at how funny his food looked but it was delicious!
  • Then he asked if she played video games.
  • No?! Well Yoosung will change that. He pulled out his ZiiU and taught her Bario Mart.
  • After a few rounds of losing, she seemed really frustrated. So they played one last round and Yoosung acted as her 2nd place driver. 
  • He took any damage any NPC threw. He drove in front when the Blue Shell was launched.
  • She had so much fun.
  • They built a pillow fort and Yoosung told stories of how Prince Zen saved MC from the evil Hacker. 
  • Zen’s daughter wanted to be saved by her dad too.
  • So Yoosung pretended to tie her up. And when Zen and MC came to pick her up, Zen understood immediately.
  • He acted like a prince and saved her from the evil Yoosung.
  • On your way home she asked, “Can we play with Uncle Yoosung tomorrow?”


  • Saeyoung and MC were in a bit of a pickle cause their babysitter bailed.
  • Jumin was home so he offered this time.
  • Surely if they left the two girls with Jumin, they wouldn’t die… right?
  • These girls were curious about everything.
  • “Why is this fish tank so tall?” “What kind of name is Ellybeth?” “Why is the ceiling here so tall?” “What are those things?” “Why are you so tall?” 
  • Jumin didn’t know how to answer so many questions at once so he just calmly told them, “Her name is Elizabeth the 3rd.” *cackles*
  • How long has it been? Half an hour? Damn. This will be a long day.
  • So he takes the girl to a restaurant.
  • “Wow, we’ve never eaten anywhere so fancy!”
  • The girls start to pretend to be rich pompous old ladies.
  • Jumin finds it amusing and laughs. Direct hit! His laugh charms children!
  • He tells the girls to never be those ladies cause they are bad people.
  • “Don’t be rich?” 
  • “No, don’t marry for money.”
  • The younger daughter is smitten with Jumin and he think’s it’s cute.
  • He spends the day getting to know the girls and teaching them lessons.
  • They can only retain so much cause they’re like 5 and 7.
  • So they spend a lot of time mimicking Jumin and playing with Elly.
  • But the 5 year old tries to include Jumin in everything.
  • The day wasn’t so bad cause he felt like a father himself.
  • After tucking your kids in bed, the younger one asks “Does Uncle Jumin have a wife?”
  • You ask why and she tells you “Cause I wanna marry him!”
  • You hesitate a moment before calling out, “SAEYOUNG! BRING THE HOLY WATER!” 


  • Jumin wanted a day with MC. 
  • So he offered Jaehee more pay for babysitting.
  • Jaehee only agreed cause you wee stressed.
  • Jaehee offers him cake.
  • He asked if it was really okay? His dad would only let him eat what his nutritionist recommended.
  • She won’t tell if he won’t tell.
  • He saw Jaehee’s Judo trophies and asked her to teach him some moves.
  • She was really against it until he said he wanted to try it out on his dad.
  • She agreed only if he didn’t let his dad know she taught him.
  • Jaehee thought he would be difficult but she enjoyed every second with him.
  • MC later asked Jaehee about her son’s new behavior and she confessed she taught him.
  • MC laughed and asked Jaehee to babysit more often.
  • Jaehee happily agreed.


  • Yoosung and MC’s babysitter cancelled last minute.
  • Seven was so excited cause he had the day off and wanted to babysit.
  • This guy had too much energy for your child.
  • Your kid had to scold him to get a decent lunch and not chips.
  • Your kid felt like the babysitter instead of the other way around.
  • But when it comes to the dangerous things like cooking with fire and knives, he was serious.
  • And when your kid tripped and scraped their knee outside, he calmly disinfected the scrape and then put a bandage on it.
  • And another bandage. And another bandage. He even put bandages where there were no cuts, like your kids cheek.
  • When you and Yoosung came to pick your kid up you almost had a heart attack.
  • Why would someone use so many bandages!
  • Your kid asked to go back at least once a week and would cry when he is busy.
  • So Saeyoung visits from time to time.