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i was tagged by the gorgeous dragneel queen @tartatail and others over a month ago whoops for a selfie thingy, i cannot live w/o snow filters i look less tired @ god help me

i’m tagging my beautiful @fulllbusters, @sestets, @tobeiru, and @witchnyx!! don’t do it if you don’t feel comfortable <33


a lot of you seemed to like the previous post so i did another one???? i’m sorry i love these two so much i’ll add the others next time,

i have a,, jaehee’s version now,,

added a saeran and saeyoung’s version!!

unknown’s version!


video game meme: [8/8] favorite female characters 

  • Vanderwood: Why are you late?
  • Seven: *having a flashback of earlier spending 15 minutes saying bye to Elly*
  • Seven: Traffic

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Imagine: Being in the pit and watching your best friends do what they love, all the while loving watching them.

| Elli in her wedding dress! —“Harvest moon” |

Im playing the “boy version” of Back to nature right now & im sooo going to marry this lovely girl~😏 (Elli won my heart the day she got me sandwiches for lunch, haha)

—I enjoyed lots while colouring this one! It was pretty hard because I always have troubles to combine the different colours, but I still love to work on that! 😂❤️