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Peek-a-boo Pikachu! Mama Kaminari learned the hard way that startling the baby was a bad idea. Denki still loved it.

Decided to draw another baby Denki for you all since it seems like you enjoyed the previous one as much as I did :)


Little Eijirou bursting through his sister’s block structures was a common occurrence in the Kirishima household after he once watched Crimson Riot burst through rubble on TV.

elvendara  asked:

Just woke up and saw this!! Hope I'm not too late, but.....How about a just woke up Jumin with messy hair and only his pajama bottoms on 😁😁😁 In bed or out, whatever's easier. *waits patiently in the corner*

Are those the pajama bottoms? Is it underwear? You decide ;D
Thank you so much for the request and for all your support and love dear! I hope you like it!