elly :(

For the anon that requested Zen and Jumin as Team Rocket ages ago…I present you Dream Team Rocket. They’ve got it all - money, looks, talent…and a very beautiful cat ;D
Jumin and Zen as elite TR members
Elizabeth the 3rd as their Meowth
And Vanderwood as Giovanni the TR Leader

Also for the Day 4 AU prompt in JuminZen Week :3

Day 6: Jumin

Seeing him bicker with Zen is always so much fun hahaha they’re like an old married couple rofl (◐▽◐) 

And is it just me or shouldn’t Jumin be concerned if Elly is dropping so much hair…?

Happy Valentine’s week! ❤

Day 6 of @mysticmessimagines event ^^

  • Me: *dying*
  • Doctor: we're losing her!
  • Nurse: her heart is beating so slowly, we need something to make her heart race.
  • Doctor, taking drastic measures: Oh look, it's Jumin Han
  • Me, rising up at the speed of light: wHERE