[1507.05093] Higgs mass predictions of public NMSSM spectrum generators

[ Authors ]
Florian Staub, Peter Athron, Ulrich Ellwanger, Ramona Grober, Margarete Muhlleitner, Pietro Slavich, Alexander Voigt
[ Abstract ]
The publicly available spectrum generators for the NMSSM often lead to different predictions for the mass of the standard model-like Higgs boson even if using the same renormalization scheme and two-loop accuracy. Depending on the parameter point, the differences can exceed 5 GeV, and even reach 8 GeV for moderate superparticle masses of up to 2 TeV. It is shown here that these differences can be traced back to the calculation of the running standard model parameters entering all calculations, to the approximations used in the two-loop corrections included in the different codes, and to different choices for the renormalization conditions and scales. In particular, the importance of the calculation of the top Yukawa coupling is pointed out.