Titus Lester

➛House: Slytherin
➛Year: Sixth
➛Family: Pureblood
➛Face: Hunter Parrish

“I’m devious, cruel, 
cunning and addictive.” 
             -- Anthony Hopkins

“Terrified of the night time because
Of the things I might find like I’m
Avoiding my own mind and I
Can’t escape these bad things this time” 
            -- Maddy Ellwanger 

“Forsaken, I walk the night alone
No sanctuary
No place for me to call my home.” 
            -- Motionless in White 

Although many pure-blood wizards grow up with their parents, Titas did not. He’s used to the push and pull of relatives raising him; all of which are, fortunately, also pure-bloods, thus making him not feel inferior to them for being purer than he. Incredibly used to the seclusion from parentals raising him, he’s made it without the need of any, real adult supervision. A self-centered lad, he follows his own rules. 

 A prankster, rule-breaker, trouble maker, and bold boy, Titas enjoys the isolation of a good read, this includes his studies that come before anything else, including friends. Many of his friends, though, do consider him to be that ‘annoying’ friend that’s either terribly nosy or all out vile. Something that’s often cost him is his inability to watch what he says. This in turn is something that’s rather unfortunate and seems to get him into trouble all too often. 

 Titas covers his hurting from the abandonment of his parents by guarding himself with an arrogant, cocky attitude, especially in the presence of females. Not that he’s terrible with women, he fears the most that they will find the greatest depths of him, and above all, make him fear himself, or worse. Additionally, he tends to integrate profound things to say when talking with others that pulls them in and keeps them hooked by his every word. His variety of thought-provoking questions is just one of his intricate personality traits that many notice right off the bat. With that he uses it against people, particularly in malicious ways..

                    The role of Titus Lester is currently closed as they are an original character.

Beat Dragon dogma dark arisen end boss. He has a simple yet cool design. He was a pretty fun and sorta hard fight. Now to beat his awaken form. #dragon dogma #fan art # sketch #traditional (at Ellwanger & Barry Park)