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Okay, so this is why I ended up not posting until right now I’M SORRY.

I present to you, my version of Qrow and Raven’s parents! Their story is unchanging, between MRAU, Head canon, and Happily Ever After AU.

A synopsis of Kite Branwen

Kite Branwen (based on the fable ‘Kaa’nang’)- “Illegitimate” (considered by his step-mother), bastard son of the Oceanic Tribe’s Chief, Eule (Owl in German) Branwen, Kite was not a conception of love between his parents. Mother being a POW of their tribe, she left him in the care of his father as soon as she was pardoned, around two years since his birth.

Kite grows up in the distant observation and something akin to care and protection of his father, while a commander of his, named Tawny, takes Kite in as her own and raises him despite harassment from the chiefess and fellow tribesmen and women. Finding out his semblance of Foresight, he is often used by his father to predict danger and attacks.

Despite step-mom Sienna’s best efforts to stunt him, Kite develops into a strong, highly skilled fighter (thanks to his father and mother) who can remain calm and stable on and off the battle field. He is a natural born leader, more-so than her own, “legitimate” children. Once he was offered the title of ‘General’, Sienna finally got her way and was able to take his title from him by enticing Kite’s then, now ex-boyfriend, Merlin. Taking Kite’s title without shame or guilt, Merlin immediately cuts Kite down in front of the entire tribe and also severs their relationship.

Betrayed and abandoned one too many times, Kite’s trust in others breaks. He constructs a wall of disdain and aloof disinterest around him and isolates himself from everyone in his Tribe. In an act of desperation and desire for peace in his life, he builds himself a small home at the edge of stable earth and near the shore; solitude and the ocean being his only friends.

His solitary life ends, however, when a trio of young women stumble upon their tribe and beg for help.

A synopsis of Cerise Demet

Cerise Demet (based on Ceres/Demeter) - A young woman who is running from a dangerous group of people and a situation she refuses to be in, Cerise, along with sister’s Heather and Olivia, stumble through a waterfall to find a long, winding cave behind it. Following the path, the three find themselves trespassing into an Oceanic tribe of shape-shifters, Faunus, and hunter’s.

Captured and taken before Chief Eule, he and Chiefess Sienna decide what to do with them. Offering their services, Cerise’s semblance enabling her to grow, destroy, and move plants at her will, and contribution to the tribe in exchange for hiding, the chief agrees.

Tawny offers her home and care to the girls, who are much appreciative. Cerise spots a small house near the shore, and asks Tawny who resides in such a tiny, secluded home. Without missing a beat, the older soldier replies with one phrase. “My troubled son.”

Interest peaked and curiosity getting the better of her, Cerise makes the decision to sneak out later that week and meet this mysterious ‘son’ of Tawny’s.

I might do a mini series on AO3 about Cerise and Kite, revealing her past and how the two of them got together, them being together, and whatever follows. I’m going to be including them in the Happily Ever After AU and doing sketches of the two of them on here.

If you have any questions about them (just them for right now. We can get into their interactions with RWBY and STRQ later once I develop these two a bit more), don’t be afraid to comment, message me, or send me an ask.

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number 7 with kylo?

Sure hun!

Kylo Ren +  “Someday my prince will come.”

Resting your elbow on the balcony you released a sigh as your eyes looked off into the distance. Night had fallen over Naboo and yet again you found yourself out on the balcony, staring out into the great expanse of space above you as if waiting for a sign. Though at this point you were certain it wasn’t going to come.

You wished for a lot of things in the galaxy, success in your kingdom, adventure across the star systems, wielding a blaster in battle at least once. As of late however, your desires seemed to take a different turn. A turn many in the palace would deem “practical”. A prince.

You weren’t sure why or how, but you had never yearned to find someone out in the great wide somewhere more than you had now. Perhaps it was the fact that you noticed so many of your companions with their own partners that this came about. 

Another sigh escaped you as you looked to the stars.

“Somebody has to be out there…”

At the thought of going on your desired adventures you smiled, imagining meeting your ellusive prince in a whirlwind.

“Someday my prince will come.”

“Or perhaps another will.”

Suddenly it felt as though your heart had leaped up into your throat and ceased from beating. With a gasp you turned around behind you, eyes frantically searching the space behind you. In the corner of your balcony you finally saw the foreign presence lurking in the shadows. Though his garbs concealed most of his appearance you could make out his pale complexion from under his hood. Now that you could make him out, you could instantly feel your veins throbbing within you.

“Who are you?! What are you doing up here?!”

“You yearned for somebody, and here I am.”

You shook your head, “I didn’t ask for you.”

Slowly he began walking towards you, stalking you like a predator with its prey.

“That may be so.”

Suddenly you felt your limbs freeze in place, locking you into the place you stood. He was obviously one step ahead of you in planning a next move.

“But I asked for you.”

Your eyes instantly grew wide as his face finally came into view, nearly causing you to choke on your breath. Though he was, from what you could tell, handsome you couldn’t shake the fear of what would happen next. Just as you were about to protest he suddenly ran his hand over your forehead, causing you to fall limp. He caught you with ease, putting you over his shoulder as he made his way to the edge of the balcony once again. 

Basically Summer this chapter.

Poor evil birb wants her and doesn’t want her

oh the struggle

Qrow. Qrow. Stop. Stop squawking and let her love you.

Next MRAU Chapter is up. I’m sorry there is only one chapter update this week. I’ll make up for it next week with three chapters!


*eating crackers and having sudden deep thoughts*

So a while ago we had a DPxVLD idea on the chat where Danny arrives at the castle before the gang and befriends the Alfor AI and is then mistaken for an AI himself and he’s good buddies with Alfor and becomes good at tech-delving like Technus.

So i was just sitting here, as you do, imagining the angsty scene where Danny loses Alfor to the Galra virus, as you do, but then i was thinking… could Danny’s ghostliness, through continual exposure and interaction, change Alfor’s program so much he becomes less of an AI and more of a presence? Like just enough that he’s something tangible Danny can save if he delves into the castle mainframe and searches for an untainted part of the AI and Alfor’s been just sentient enough to protect the spiritual not-exactly-digital part of himself?

*loses train of thought, grabs some more crackers, suddenly finds the train again*

It’d be interesting cuz then he’d be like a ghost of a ghost of himself, maybe with some big memory holes that slowly get patched over time, or maybe they don’t and Alfor reinvents himself. Like maybe when Danny saves him he’s this small untainted part of the AI and not all traits/memories made it through, and he needs time to stabilize/readjust so Danny keeps his ‘survival’ a secret cuz he’s not even sure if he saved something relevant enough to function as a human AI, or if it’s just a few codes overlaid with something that’s residue of Danny’s ghost energy. Danny puts it in a separate chamber/computer so the other can’t find it and often visits it, trying to coax it into something more functional. And this thing is like a ghost core, slowly developing by feeding on the energy Danny provides and the emotions on the ship, which we know grow increasinly hectic and more potent through the seasons.

And then one time the ship is invaded and it’s a really close call. Maybe Danny at this point is captured by druids or captured in the mainframe of another ship. Several times when the others are hiding it looks like the Galra suddenly see something to the side and go inspect it, but there’s nothing there. Hunk swears he briefly saw a non-Galra standing in the middle of a hallway. Then Allura is about to be killed and something looking like Alfor exits a computer and attacks whoever is about to kill her. And it makes contact. And deals injuries. But it’s really weak and disperses with one bolt from a druid. Until it appears again later in another room when Coran is threatened.

After the battle everyone seeks out Alfor but he’s ellusive and when they find him for a few secs it’s obvious he’s really absent and evasive and doesn’t want to interact with any of them AT ALL. But the gang can tell he’s got some of Danny’s abilities so they try to ask him to help them find Danny, and that’s what finally gets him to react. And by interacting more with him it becomes obvious to everyone he’s not really Alfor anymore, just a shade of a shade of him, and Alfor doesn’t really know who Allura and Coran are but he feels like he needs to protect them. And i dunno how Allura and Coran would deal with all this but it must be hard. Maybe they try to settle on regarding him as another person (Al, the nickname Danny always had for him), but it’s difficult to see the face you knew so well on a person who’s not really that person anymore. Al sometimes spouts off philosophical advice and behaves like Alfor, but it’s brief and just… he’s a mess. He’s a mess and everyone who knew him is also a mess because of it.

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Hiii! I wanted to know what advice you have when it comes to writing twilight fanfiction with an OC? As yours seems to be very well-done which isn't always the case with other fics...Also, do you have any blogs that you can recommend that could be used as resources for writing twilight fanfiction? Thank you!!!

God I’m so sorry this took so long! I answered it partially and saved it to my drafts and totally forgot, I am the worst.

First off, thank you so much, that really means a lot :)
Okay I just posted a list of petpeeves about fanfiction, but that’s obviously just my opinion. Mostly I just watch what I dislike and like in fanfiction myself, and then I avoid/ do that, that already helps a lot!

What I think is important is that your OC is a somewhat complete person, even if none of the canon characters existed. They need family or friends, at least a reasonable amount of backstory that explains why they are who they are, a few interests or hobbies, a fear, something they dislike. Give them some aspirations too.
And the most important part is- stick with them! So many writers establish these things at the beginning, but then drop them, never to be mentioned again.
That way they appear more like an excuse or make your character seem like they’ve become extremely dependant on the canon characters. If you establish that your character goes swimming once a week and really loves that, but from chapter 3 on they never do that again, your readers will wonder a) why you mentioned it in the first place and b) think that now the canon characters are there they’re more important than everything the OC normally did before. In the end, your OC will be someone entirely else than they were at the beginning, and unless that’s something you WANT to happen, that’s kinda bad.

…Which is, by the way, exactly the problem a lot of people have with Bella.
At the beginning of Twilight SM establishes this about Bella:
- she loves Phoenix and the sun/hates Forks and rain
- her mom is her best friend and she’s very close with her.
- she’s selfless
- she dislikes being the center of attention
- she’s a bookworm
- she’s clumsy
- she’s not particularly good or bad at anything.

Now by the end of the series, none of these things are true anymore.
- Forks is her home ( because of Edward, not because she’s grown to love Forks itself)
- She has effectively cut her mother out of her life.
- ( this is not meant as judgement, just as a fact) She asks dozens of strangers to sacrifice their life for her and her family- based on decisions she made
- “I was amazing now. This was the place I shined.” Arguable, but I do think she is enjoying that. A lot.
- She reads to Renesmee, but we never see her read herself anymore.
- “That was graceful- even for a vampire”
- The Shield. The selfcontrol.

Which would be okay if those were organic changes, but the thing is, most of these things aren’t even true in Twilight? Her mom is her best friend, but she dodges her mails and is hesitant to talk to her from the beginning of the book. We see her read a book all of two times- which would be an easy fix, just have Mike come up to her and tell us she closes her book to talk to him, have Edward climb in and find her reading, let her drop her bag and let books fall out. She also isn’t that selfless? I mean the whole love triangle disaster was very selfish on her part too, cause she tried to keep both around when it clearly made all of them miserable. She adjusts to Forks as soon as she falls in love with Edward- when in reality, she might choose to stay, but still moan about the rain now and then. Her clumsiness is the only constant thing, but sadly reads as more of a plotdevice than anything else.
So SM tells us all these things about her, but doesn‘t follow through- these things never actually happen or play any role in the story. Even more- Bella ( and this is because SM intended her as a reader proxy, I do realize that) has no aspriations at all. We have NO idea what she might’ve wanted to do with her life besides becoming a vampire. Fanon puts its money on author cause she likes to read, but I can’t really see that. She has no hobbies besides reading- which she stops doing by the middle of book one.

Which is… a little wasteful, cause you can use hobbies and aspirations to tie people together.  How to you bond with people in real life? Because you share an opinon, an aspiration, a hobby, an interest.
Give your OC interests that make them stronger, that tie them to the canon characters, or that move the plot forwards. All the things you tell us about your OC need to DO something for the story- otherwise they shouldn’t be in there.

Also, take the time to actually build a relationship. Now, E/B is a teenage romance, so that is somewhat of an excuse, however, if you look at it, there’s really no reason why Bella fell for Edward except his looks. I’m talking strictly about Twilight here- up until the point she first admits to herself that she loves him, he really hasn’t shown any qualities that make him very loveable? He’s saved her life, yes, but he called her crazy afterwards, and ignored her, he was rude and ellusive. But he was also beautiful and mysterious, and that’s what has drawn her to him. By the time she says “I am irrevocably in love with him” she doesn’t even know he’s a vampire who forgoes human blood!
Obviously, as a teenager that didn’t bother me, but today it kind of makes me raise an eyebrow. This sort of thing happens a lot in fiction, actually. People proclaim “I love him! He is the best person I know!” and yet that character hasn’t really done anything remarkable at all?

So yeah, sorry this got so long and ranty. Just, give your OC’s a life apart from the canon characters and let them keep it, too. Let it influence the plot- more so, let it influence the canon characters! If you throw a new person in, your canon characters shouldn’t remain unchanged either. Keep it consistent, don’t rush relationships and instead give your characters reasons to fall in love. Tie the hobbies of your OC in to make them feel real, even if it’s just something like… paint stains under their fingernails. Even better, let it influence the way they speak! If your character likes to cook, they might say and idea is “half-cooked”, if they like music they might say, “ Her sister plays the second fiddle in that family” instead of “ she takes a back seat compared to her sister”. Get my drift?

I hope this is somewhat comprehensible and that it helps a bit. Again, sorry for the late answer!

Princess Annora

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Summary: The Solo/Skywalker family go on a family vacation to the happiest place on Earth. Overwhelmed with excitement, the littlest cousin Rey has the whole trip planned, including meeting the newest princess at the park. As the time comes to finally take her to meet this elusive character, Kylo is asked to accompany her. Reluctantly he takes his little cousin to see this princess, only to become enchanted himself.

A/N: I couldn’t get this out of my head after @primma-dona brought it up and totally fueled me with ideas and I needed a little something floofy to make me happier, haha, so here’s this! For reference, I made it so Rey is like 8 or so, and cred for the triplet AU goes to @knightsoforgana

Also please note I only gave the princess a name and a vague background story so it’s truly reader insert with whatever you would want to see that character as. Hope you enjoy!

The sun was shining down over the park, glistening against the roof tops of the various shops and the glorious castle. People were bustling through the space, covered in merchandise, ears of all fashions and colors engulfing the park, with smiles accompanying almost all of them. The atmosphere of joy and excitement could be felt in the air that carried the scents of various foods and thousands of voices and laughs.

Among the sea of people, the Solo-Skywalker family emerged before the grand sight of Cinderella’s castle. The smallest of the bunch, Rey, stopped in her steps as she gazed at the structure in all its wonder. Her eyes widened as her jaw slowly fell open, the amazement obvious in her expression. Looking down at her Luke smiled as he crouched down to her height.

“What do you think?”

Rey turned to him with an ecstatic grin, “I love it already!”

Luke patted her on the back as he stood back up, watching Rey charge forward towards the castle with her trio of buns bouncing with every step she took.

“Whoa, whoa, Rey wait for everyone else!”

Rey turned back, throwing her arms in the air dramatically with a somewhat serious expression on her face.

“We’re burning daylight dad!”

Luke shook his head with a sigh as Han approached him, patting him on the back with a smirk.

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The Last Jedi LEAK! Han will show up running in the middle of the war with Finn/Luke's DNA test proving they are son and father. Everybody will stop fighting like "Han??? is alive???" and he will be like "whatever, guys you have no idea what I found out!". After the revelation, Finn & Luke will cry and hug each other, HanLeia will make out, Poe and Rose will show memes to Rey

You better be right or I will find you Anon and hit you with a Fish.

[but im 95% sure Han is alive that ellusive bastard]


So I decided to start my Rainbowcy… @berrysweetboutique was so kind and encouraging I couldn’t put it off any longer lol.  Short bios are below:

Mona Van Chrome: For the better part of her life, Mona was raised by Van Chrome Sr., an ellusive and enigmatic news paper magnate who was strict, unyeilding, and cold in his brief interactions with his daughter.  Primarily raised by Nannies and Governesses, Mona left her home at 19 with a photo and a last known address, in an attempt to find her mother.  What she finds instead is a web of lies and deceit hidden among the night time denizens of Forgotten Hollow.
Porto Flip: Charming, sociable, engaging; if a man could be boiled into three bullet points thus would go the story of Porto Flip.  A bar tender working his way through the police academy, Porto meets Mona early on in her journey to find her mother.  They get together, but their relationship is stormy at best; will his jealousy spell the doom of their relationship?  Will he ever learn to trust without strings attached?

Violet Tea-Cakes:  In a city that never sleeps, Violet is something of an eccentric; she loves the sun, craves the beach, and although paralyzed in her legs, finds joy in nature as a whole.  She works at the local library, is studious to a fault, and befriends Mona one afternoon while trying to help her trace the lineage of the illusive Ms. Van Chrome.  Violet brings out the best in Mona, and Mona brings temperance to Violet’s outgoing nature; but can this friendship blossom into something more if Porto will not let Mona go?

I’ll get to the actual story soon, I had a major interview today so I’m a little fried but I’ve got so many ideas; hopefully they’ll be as much fun to read as they were to create. :)

What was once used. Joker x Reader x Batman

A/n: this took a bit to write and pretty angsty . Still hope you enjoyed. Btw if you want to be tagged for future images let me know ;)

Warning : angst , like no joker here , guns , blood, depression, self harm , probably a lot of crying and pretty long too .

Pairing : (Jared Leto ) Joker x Reader x Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Plot : the Joker left the reader heart broken and on deaths door step. Bruce, her good friend, helps her over come her pain .

What was once used.

You were hurt .

It burned .

Your heart broken and burning from the pain it had to take , it was almost impossible to breathe when the pain grew stronger , holding you in a steal grip .

He used you , multiple times. He left you many times as well . But why did you keep running back to him ?

Was it his voice?  The way he made you feel ? That addicting feeling of freedom he gave you ? Or was it just him on his one ?

You loved every little part of Joker . From the way the laughed to the way he would be in one of his sadistic episodes,  showing almost no emotion besides pure anger and insanity. 

You were with him , not a step behind him , for almost 5 years.  From the point he started his empire of pure terror to the point he said “i have no use of you anymore” . That’s when he shot you 4 times in the stomach. 

Why did you survive . The horrifying memories haunting you almost every night along with the smell of gun powder and blood .

And here you were . About 6 months after.  With a scared stomach , the only thing constantly reminding you of him .

You didn’t even have a place anymore. 

Your best and only friend,  Bruce Wayne,  didn’t want to leave you alone.  After all your attempts at suicide.  Your scars on your wrists proved to him that you were just a shell of a person you used to be . Nothing more was left of that once beautiful young girl with a constant smile on her face , the cutest pout , at the most gorgeous eyes he has ever seen . The girl he once knew and loved was gone . Yes , loved .

He loved and still loves you . But seeing you in this state broke his heart . Anger would take over him . Knowing that he could have stopped this . Maybe not as Bruce Wayne but as Batman.  But no . He didn’t.  And regret was the only thing on his mind when he would remember seeing you with Joker .

But it slowly started to get better .

He saw that after that night .

Bruce heard his bedroom door gently open and close almost without a single sound . He sat up to see your silhouette in the dark . “(Y/n) ?” He asked as tears turned on the bedside lamp.  Seeing your face hurt him .

Your eyes puffy and red from crying.  Your face seemed a bit sunken it . Probably the fact you haven’t been eating is taking its toll . Your lips cracked and a slight stain of blood in one corner of your mouth.  You were in pyjama shorts and a long black shirt .

“Bruce ?” Your voice was raspy as it was the first time you spoke in weeks which brought a bit of hope to him , hearing your voice again . “I don’t want to remember him anymore.” You say as you sat right next to Bruce on the side of the bed. “I’m sosorry…” you say .

He slightly smiled , a slight bitter taste in his mouth.  He placed his hand on your shoulder.  “Hey don’t worry . It’s will all be ok . I promise. ”

“Can i stay here tonight ?”

That question,  he definitely didn’t expect.  Slight confusion and shock was visible on his face . “I just don’t want to be alone anymore. ”

And you stayed the night in his room . Getting a good night’s sleep for the first time in months.  No nightmares.  No fears . No nothing. 

And after that night things did get better, just as Bruce promised .

You started talking more , bit by bit . You started eating again . You slowly forgot the burning pain in your heart . And soon it stopped.  Your smile was seen more than one can a day . And it surely brought a rare smile to Bruce’s face .

Seeing you becoming your old self was a relief. 

Over the course of a year you were back. 

The same smile on your face , your eyes just as bright as ever . You were back. And this time nothing will happen to you . Bruce made sure of that.  Especially after he finally confessed his feelings to you .

You were finally happy again . And not and allusion of happiness no , true happiness.  She feeling of warmth in your chest , at bubbly happy feeling. 

No more pain . No more Joker . And no more ellusions.

That’s what you thought anyway .

Until it happened.

Bruce was hosting a charity event and things were going grate. 

Until he came along .

Crashing an important event wasn’t something new for the psychopath. 

Noticing that Bruce was not by your side you slightly growled,  you knew he was gone to “get ready” but it still scared you to be in the same room as the psychotic clown.  So you stayed in the crowd my trying to be unseen but today was simply not your day .

As his eyes landed on you , his smirk only seemed to widen .

“Oh my ! Look what we have here !! My previous little doll ” he smirked as he gripped your arm , pulling you closer to him . The once so addictive touch was now revolting to feel . “I’m not your doll you asshat!  You your self said you have no use for me 2 years ago ” you growled at him , ripping your arm out of his grip. 

“Now now , doll don’t say things you will regret later ” he smirked again.  It made your blood boil . “You ignorant prick !!” You yelled “I’m not your property.  Not anymore.  You are revolting to me !! I hate you ! Get that through your thick scull.  I’m done . And was done for a long time now ” you yelled at him . Seeing his expression darkened you felt scared but didn’t show it . He gripped your chin and made you look right in to his eyes .

“You better not test me (Y/n) . I failed to kill you once but who said I can’t try it again ” he growled at you . His pearsing blue eyes stared at your (y/e/c) eyes.  But you still decided to stand by your words .

You will not go back. 

Not this time .

“Try me Joker” you say . You never called him more that just J because you knew he didn’t like it . And right now you felt lucky. 

His jaw tensed at your words . Anger in his eyes and something else. What was it . Was it desperation to get you back ? Sadness?  Hurt ? No . If it was he wouldn’t be himself anymore. 

You waited with , now closed eyes , for some sort of pain to go through your body but it never ceme.  You opened your eyes only to see him walking away and his men leaving the ballroom. 

“What is this ?! What are you planning!?” You yelled. 

He stopped in his tracks and looked at you.  He whispered something to you . Your eyes widen at his words.  At that point time stopped for you .

Everything was a blurr.  The police , batman , all the guest.  They were just figures out of focus .

You stood there . Still remembering his words .

“I’m sorry Dollface. ”

Everytime they visited the Burrow, Molly made it a point to ask about grandchildren. As if she didn’t already have enough. Charlie would talk about his work and their busy schedules to which Molly replied,

“There’s always time for children.”

And what were they to say but nothing? Molly had raised all by one of her children during Voldemort’s height of power. You couldn’t beat that with ‘training dragons on a Romanian Reserve’.

You couldn’t tell you mother/mother-in-law you were ace. So it was naturally Charlie’s bright idea to invent a child that coincidentally couldn’t seem to ever visit the Burrow or be seen in person. His wife rolled her eyes and told him just how stupid he was, but after a particularly grating Burrow visit, and after they were both extremely drunk, the pair created one Norbert Weasley.

The minute Ron heard, he figured it was a giant farce. He, Hermione, and Harry had a few good laughs over it. To which Charlie replied,

“You have to help us keep mum fooled.”

Of course, Ron immediately made Hagrid the godfather, in front of Molly, making the statement irreversible. It took three weeks to find a reasonable explanation for that. They managed to keep Molly away for five hard years, which was when Charlie “borrowed” his friend’s son to pretend to be Norbert to buy more time. By the time “Norbert Weasley” was school aged, Charlie and his wife figured the gig was up, but in swooped Hermione with a prestigious Romanian school “that would be just perfect for smart, little Norbert!”

Norbert had become an inside joke within the Weasley clan, privy to all except Molly. Charlie had such a hard time not cracking at all the dragon jokes said by his brothers. But out of all of them, Ginny was the absolute worst. Her favorite pastime, it seemed, was to ask just the right questions about her “nephew” that set Molly on an annoying quest to visit her ellusive grandchild.

“I don’t know why you leave him in Romania when you come to visit.”

“We’ve told you, Mrs. Weasley. Norbert’s school has a very strange schedule.”

It wasn’t until “Norbert” was nearly an adult that Molly demanded to be present for his coming of age party. Charlie and wife thought long and hard on how to dodge that bullet, but in all honestly the whole Norbert idea had gotton away from them. It was a miracle Molly still believed.

So they told her Norbert ran away to see the world. They had to forge letters from “him” to reassure Molly that he was doing alright, but somehow, after eighteen years, and way much more work than what it was worth, Charlie and his wife never had to answer a single “why haven’t I gotten any grandchildren yet” questions.

Keep In the Dark

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Request: “ Would you be interested in writing a fic in which Kylo Ren finds the Reader fighting off a couple of thugs in a large city (planet/moon)? Kylo is about age 20, & while Reader isn’t Force-sensitive, he offers her to join the Knights of Ren. She’s intrigued, looking for excitement in the galaxy (but he careful what you wish for). 10 years later, though, she hasn’t looked back. Meanwhile, Kylo is pleased that she proved herself worthy to fight alongside him- & as his lover.”

Summary: (Y/N) is fiercely fighting to defend herself from a group of thugs that have been chasing her, attempting to mug her. Upon taking down the aislaints, someone happens to take notice of her strength, the one and only Kylo Ren. Seeing the potential in her as a fighter, and more, he decides to persuade her to join him.

A/N: This isn’t super long and it’s kinda meh, but hopefully you guys like it! I do not promote theft haha, but it worked for this story also there’s an “ellusion” to smut but nothing “risque”, and also some violence just so you know. Enjoy!

The rain was pounding down from the ink blank night sky. Barely bothering to look behind you, you kept running down the various alleyways as quickly as your feet would carry you. As your feet pounded against the cement you could feel your heart thudding against your chest, almost in sync with your footwork. Completely drenched by the onslaught of rain you could hear your breaths growing heavier the longer you ran. 

Despite your physical agility, the career of swindling rarely allowed you to flex those skills, and more frequently made you use your quick wit. It wasn’t an ideal choice for a life, obviously, but it made you money quick. If you were lucky you got to feel adrenaline like this after a risky deal. Your job was nowhere near as risky as most criminals, but for your young age, it sure felt like it. The enraged yelling that often echoed after you, the adrenaline of slipping away unnoticed in the shadows, the blaster shots that occasionally came flying towards you or the creatures, much like the thugs chasing you, who came after you. Needless to say, people took their material possessions seriously. Very seriously. 

The older you got, the more cocky you got with the tasks you accepted and the riskier you tried to make your “prizes”. Feeling as though you were worthy you kept using every birthday as a pass to accept higher offers, thus leading to higher payments. Though you never kept the “prizes” themselves and rather sold them off or gave them to someone who had requested your services, you got a little rush of pride whenever your hands wrapped around whatever object in question. The smirk that always grew across your face after was one reflecting your inner dialouge of ‘I did it’. 

Your feet skidded to a stop as you suddenly realized with a pang of anxiety that you had hit a dead end. The three walls around you were miles high and most definitely in no condition for you to climb with your bare hands. The slick metal would not at all support you on your way up and would only lead you to one painful setback. 

“Shit, oh shit.”

Just as you assesed the massive wall to your left, you saw the same thugs from earlier standing at the end of the alleyway. Their silhouettes appearing as nothing but black brooding presences. Turning to face them you saw their three broad figures blocking your way out, standing strangely still as you could sense their eyes all burning into you.

“Isn’t it past your bed time boys?”

“That orb you took…where is it?”

You shrugged drastically, making sure to look like you were mocking them. Though it got you into trouble on other deals, you couldn’t deprive your ego entirely. It was starved lately.

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“How you’ve managed to acquire the status of Gryffindor’s slut and the castle’s most ellusive, unobtainable bloke I’ll never know.”

Sirius laughed as he looked up at Lily Evans, who flopped grumpily onto the sofa beside him.

“Harriet Bleakly wants to know if you really felt up Helen Forster in the broom cupboard last week.”

“That’s none of Harriet’s business.”

“…I now kind of want to know whether you felt up Helen Forster in the broom cupboard last week.”

Sirius snorted, “Why?”

“Sirius half the girls in this castle have some story or other about snogging you or various …activities you’ve gotten up to.”


“So…are they true?”

“Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t.”

“Oh come on, if you do even half of what I’ve heard then you cannot claim to be a kiss and don’t tell kinda guy.”

“I’m claiming nothing. What if none of it’s true?”

“Well then why on earth are all these girls saying it is?” Lily asked, perplexed. 

Sirius shrugged, “Beats me.”

“So…they’re not true?”

“Don’t you think if they were then half this castle would be pissed off at me?” Sirius pointed out.

Lily leaned back into the sofa cushions, brow creasing.

“It’s quite funny if you think about it.”

“How is it funny that girls are making up creepy stories about hooking up with you? If what you’re saying is true,” Lily asked, still doubtful. With the amount of girls willing to fling themselves at Sirius, she would be very surprised if at least some of the rumours didn’t have an echo of truth to them.

“Ah Evans,” he swung an arm around her shoulders and Lily’s eyebrows rose at the action. He just grinned. "I’m gay.”

“You’re…you’re gay?”

“As the day is long.”


“And since you’re that interested, I’ve snogged exactly two girls. And one Remus.”