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A prompt for Elle! “If I wake up in the morning and I’m dead… Wait.” with Merlahad! Please? :D

:D <3 Hope you like it dear Dia ;)

They’re lying on the floor of Harry’s living room, passing their second bottle of scotch back and forth. Or maybe it’s their third… Merlin’s not sure and Harry is never one to count his drinks.

Especially not when he’s celebrating.

Celebrating what, Merlin cannot be bothered to remember.

That it’s a happy occasion and Harry is half lying on top of him is all that is important to him.

“Meeeeeehhh,” Harry suddenly starts whining quite eloquently and only stops when Merlin slaps him behind the head. Well. Pats him is more like it, because after two (three?) bottle he sure doesn’t have the coordination left to slap anyone. “The bottle’s empty.”

Harry snuggles even closer, his lips pressing against his collarbone and Merlin feels pleasantly grounded to the now by the weight on top of him.

But feeling good or not, he cannot suppress the tiny fear that Harry will smother him when they’ll fall asleep. And since Harry isn’t getting up and Merlin cannot keep his eyes open, it probably won’t be long before they pass out.

“Move Harry.”

“No.” He sounds very much like the petulant child Merlin has always suspected him to be. “‘m too comfy.”

“Harry, if I wake up in the morning and I’m dead… Wait.”

Harry starts chuckling sleepily against his neck and Merlin forgets what he wanted to say, pressing a kiss against his temple instead.

Harry sighs in pleasure, his breath tickling his skin, and Merlin finally gives up on consciousness, hugging Harry to him like an oversized teddy bear.

Carmilla name theory.

I was thinking. Laura has to be used to calling Carmilla by that name right? So what happen’s when Laura grows older and Carmilla stays the same? Carmilla is used to changing her name every few decades of so, so people don’t recognize her. Right? 

My theory is, Carmilla went by Mircalla from 1680-1872. I think the only reason she decided to start changing her name, was because the name ‘Mircalla’ became too hard for her to hear, not after Elle had said it with love in her voice. 

So Carmilla changed it and continued to do so, but never used Mircalla. So I’m thinking that Carmilla won’t change her name again. Not until she can no longer hear Laura said her name with love in her voice. 

Even after Laura’s dead and gone, I don’t think she would ever go back to the name ‘Carmilla’ maybe she’ll go back to Mircalla, because that name once caused her pain to hear after Elle. But now it’s just a name. 

Where as ‘Carmilla’ That name means everything. That’s the name she used when she defeated her Mother. That’s the name she used when she went up against a God. That’s the name she used when she fell in love with Laura. That’s the name that Laura fell in love with. That name has power over her. 

So maybe she’ll go back to Mircalla, try to recapture part of that 17th century girl who was murdered. ‘Mircalla’ wouldn’t be painful to her anymore, but it would still hold significance to her. That’s her birth name. That’s the name Elle fell in love with. But it’s also a name she can use, without the heartbreak of not hearing Laura call her ‘Carmilla.’

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Ugh great, another nightmare. It was even worse that her and Ell shared a bed, she turned over, away from her girlfriend, hugging herself into a small ball and started to weakly sob, silently and dry. She didn't want Ell to wake up to a panic attack from her. (Drunken-liifestyle)

Too late to not wake her up, Ell was a light sleeper so when she felt the shift her eyes fluttered open, petting Tamara’s hair back and snuggling against her, lightly humming and trying to calm her down @drunken-liifestyle

Request - Derek Hale “Il m'aime” (sequel to Je l'aime)

 “Bew? Who the hell is Bew? And who would want to be called like that?” You tried to avoid all the question you got today, but you didn’t manage… this time it was Isaac who caught up with you, immediately followed by Stiles.
“And why do you keep telling everyone you love him? In French?” You knew it was a bad idea to continue to practise talking about Derek in French when the others were also around. They took French classes as well, and they didn’t hide the fact that they knew exactly what you were talking about. Or reminding you that they really wanted to know who you were talking about, for that matter.
“Come on… you can tell us… you know everything about us as well!” Scott tried as well, but you really didn’t want to tell them anything. It was your secret, and if you were telling someone, it would be Derek, not the boys here. But you weren’t ready to tell Derek. Not now at least. Maybe later, maybe a lot later. At the moment you were just scared that he would laugh at you. Why would he like you, of all people?
Still, you decided to visit him later, just to escape the teasing of the others. It can be nice, but sometimes really tiring, and those times, you preferred Derek to hang out with. You crashed next to him on the couch.
“Bad day?”
“Mais oui…” you start to tease him. But you knew he would understand what you meant, and he did, because he did ask what was bothering you.
“Nothing important… nothing you should worry about”, and you just started chatting about everything that to mind. He was listening, answered at the right moments, and after a while, you didn’t say much anymore. Just hanging out there was enough. You saw he fell asleep, and secretly you had to laugh. Apparently you weren’t the only one having a bad day. The next thing you know is that you must have fallen asleep as well, because you suddenly wake up.
“Elle ne me veut pas…” It was Derek’s voice, you recognized it immediately. “Je l’aime…” Suddenly you were fully awake. Could he be really talking about you? And was he awake or still sleeping? You looked at him, but he seemed really asleep. He must have talked in his sleep.
“Mais elle ne m’aime pas…” He was really just like you. Alone, a one sided love. “Elle aime Bew… pas moi…” You didn’t know how fast you were standing on your feet. He was talking about you… he was really talking about you! You couldn’t believe yourself. If he would only pick up the courage to really tell you, not just in his sleep. Then you could tell him how you felt as well. Suddenly you realized he must have understood everything you had said, every word about Bew. But still, you weren’t able to tell them they were about him, not someone else… Because you suddenly jumped of the couch, he woke up.
“What happened?”, he asked you, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
“Did I fall asleep?”
“You must have had a rough day… I’m leaving, you should sleep some more!” When you opened the door to leave, you looked back one more time.
“À demain?”

jen's allison argent fix-it fic recs


  • i saw a ghost (i think it was me) by EllEli [Allison wakes up cold, with a crick in her neck, on hard dirt. Her first thought is to wonder why she was sleeping on the ground, and not in her warm bed. Her second thought is that she’s dead, so why is she waking up at all?]
  • run in the blood of the sun’s hard rays by magneticwave [“They say that la loba wanders the desert, gathering the bones of dead wolves. When she has enough, she—can sing them back to life.”]

let me know of more <3

a heaven of abandoned stars (we can be ghosts now)

[the implications of eternity are never easy. carmilla x laura, angst, fluff. i still can’t figure out forever but this is close.]


a heaven of abandoned stars (we can be ghosts now)


meet me in the dust cloud/ as the towers tumble all around/ we can be ghosts now/ we don’t have to make a sound
—hiatus ft. shura, ‘we can be ghosts now’



You come home from Intro to Bio lecture one day in October to find Carmilla asleep, her back to the door, yellow pillow safely on your bed. You’re relieved, for a moment, because it’s becoming increasing harder to talk to her without noticing the set of her hands, the pout of her lips. 

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