ells wake

Carmilla name theory.

I was thinking. Laura has to be used to calling Carmilla by that name right? So what happen’s when Laura grows older and Carmilla stays the same? Carmilla is used to changing her name every few decades of so, so people don’t recognize her. Right? 

My theory is, Carmilla went by Mircalla from 1680-1872. I think the only reason she decided to start changing her name, was because the name ‘Mircalla’ became too hard for her to hear, not after Elle had said it with love in her voice. 

So Carmilla changed it and continued to do so, but never used Mircalla. So I’m thinking that Carmilla won’t change her name again. Not until she can no longer hear Laura said her name with love in her voice. 

Even after Laura’s dead and gone, I don’t think she would ever go back to the name ‘Carmilla’ maybe she’ll go back to Mircalla, because that name once caused her pain to hear after Elle. But now it’s just a name. 

Where as ‘Carmilla’ That name means everything. That’s the name she used when she defeated her Mother. That’s the name she used when she went up against a God. That’s the name she used when she fell in love with Laura. That’s the name that Laura fell in love with. That name has power over her. 

So maybe she’ll go back to Mircalla, try to recapture part of that 17th century girl who was murdered. ‘Mircalla’ wouldn’t be painful to her anymore, but it would still hold significance to her. That’s her birth name. That’s the name Elle fell in love with. But it’s also a name she can use, without the heartbreak of not hearing Laura call her ‘Carmilla.’