I wrote this for my kid

In the future
I hope to have a job
And a wife.
A home, and any other things that come with adult life.
Most of all though,
I hope my angel blesses me with a child.
A little kid with a high spirit
And loves to run wild
The type of child to shoot rounds of questions
And expect me to know the answer
The type of child to hear a song and say, daddy let’s become dancers
I look forward to the days
When we’ll make fortresses out of pillows
And tents out of linen sheets
When will run out in the rain
And jump in the puddles that fill the streets
I’ll let her take naps on my chest
I don’t care if she drools
Show up with a bouquet of flowers and surprise her with it at school
I hope to be great, the greatest dad that ever lived.
Every child deserves the best
I hope to be that for my kid