ello mate!

things i could listen to tom say for hours

•darling (duh)

•yeah i’m a trained actor mother fucker

•metal gauntlet

•i told you guys to get me a proper chair…


•she’s built like a brick shit house

•i’m spider-man so shut your face

•ask me anything, jacob

•i have so much money im batman



•i need a boxing trainer thaaanks

•pencil-vania, not penizee-lavania

•hey uh do you wanna uh maybe do like the spider-man kiss thing


•really soft baby hands

•ello mate, you alright?



in which a prank goes a little further than expected, and you find out that the boys will always be there for you

Word Count: 2,500

Rating: PG

I finally got around to finishing this one, hope you guys like it! It’s a long one!

“You ready?” Joe asked, checking the mic for the last time.

“Yep!” You responded, scooting over a tiny bit so that Joe could join you on the bed.

“Alright I’m gonna do the intro, do you want to explain it?”

“Yeah that works for me!”

It wasn’t often that you and Joe filmed videos together – he had always preferred for his personal life to stay private, but after Jack had accidentally outed the two of you in a vlog a few months back, Joe had grown more open to the idea of you on his channel. Not to mention that his fans absolutely loved seeing the two of you together.

“Hello everyone, today I’m joined with my girlfriend Y/N as you can see. Now, since we’ve been dating I’ve pranked her a few times, and she’s gotten me back each time, and in doing so, she’s proven herself to be quite the prankster herself. So today, I thought we were going to put our pranking abilities to the test with some good ole prank calls.”

“So, we’ve put all our friend’s names in this hat here, and whoever we pull is who we have to call and pretend that the two of us have gotten into a fight. The rules are we have to try and get whoever it is to be on our side of the argument, and if we do, we get the point,” you explained, giving the camera a thumbs up. The hat consisted of all the buttercreams, Alfie and Zoe, since they knew the two of you best.

“Rock paper scissors for who goes first?” Joe offered. You nodded and proceeded to lose, so he pulled a piece of paper out from the hat first.

“Ohhh, I’ve got Oli. Ughhh this is gonna be so hard, he bloody loves you!” Joe groaned. You grinned at the camera, getting excited.

You both waited as he rang Oli, listening to the tone until he picked up.

Oli: Ello!
Joe: Ello, alright?
Oli: Yeah, you?
Joe: Eh, I’ve been better. Are you busy?
Oli: Nah, I’m just at mine, what’s going on?
Joe: I’m in a bit of trouble…
Oli: Oh bloody hell, what’ve you done?
Joe: Nothing too serious, it’s about me and Y/N
Oli: Go on…

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Just had to look up what "are you taking the piss?" meant 😅

lmao hahah!!! for those of you who aren’t english, it basically means “are you fuckin kidding me” !!!! other variations include “are you having a laugh” or “are you taking the mick/mickey” or “are you having a bubble bath” (but that ones more cockney than all round english) ok english slang 101 w ya girl beth enJOY

Having a YouTube channel with Tom Headcanon

Head Canon: having a YouTube channel with Tom
Warnings:none that I know of
A/N: I decided to post the Head Canon to my YouTuber!Tom series instead of part 2 hope that’s alright!


-Videos consist of 80% Spiderman puns

-you guys have signature Spider-Man and Ironman chairs you guys sit in for videos like Q&As and reacting videos

-your channel is called “The Spectacular y/n&Tom”

-trying British candy (and Tom judging you for not liking most of them the whole video)

-trying candy from y/c and Tom like most of it

-having Harry as your camera man whenever he’s available


-you’ve both have gotten amazing things happen to you since a young age so your subscribers always can’t wait for the next story

-pranks 24/7

-but once Tom made you cry and you gave him the cold shoulder for 3 days so you guys stopped for like 2 months

-but only 2 months because Tom and you love pranks

-Harrison featured in 50%+ of your videos

-separate vlogs when you’re away from each other

-when you and Tom took a break you still stay vlogging because you’re both dedicated af and stay committed

-but you guys surprise your followers when you end your break;))
“Hey guys, there’s someone I want you to see
“Ello mates! You you alright?”

-social media goes WILD

-you guys continued to tease your subscribers in your videos when Tom wouldn’t show anyone his hair

-food challenges the time

-but fair share of workout Videos too

-occasionally you guys get some of your movie costars in some videos

-but you guys don’t invite RDJ anymore or Mackie because they hog the camera

-Zendaya and Jacob love getting in videos and they always get ideas of starting their own

-make up tutorials with Laura (harrier) when you guys get breaks

-set tours

-flat tours

-room tours

-everything tours

-omegle trolling when you run out of ideas

-collabs with other YouTubers

-you especially like collabing with other couple channels

-you made a diss track against Tom with RiceGum as a joke because he is so unproblematic and this is the only way he would ever get one

-Tom loves it and thinks it hilarious



-fans spot hickies on your neck in a video and breaks the Internet

-Tom and you BOTH crying in the try not to cry challenge

-and laughing in the try not to laugh challenge

-Tom makes you edit the videos because he sucks™

-boyfriend does my makeup challenge

-girlfriend does my makeup challenge

-Tom just giving you compliments the whole video

-but also making fun of you

-you guys color coordinate your outfits because you’re That Couple™

-your intro is a parody of the original Spider-Man theme song

-Tom vlogs the whole day that he has planned to propose to you

-but he doesn’t actually plan on videotaping your proposal

-but you’re in public with the whole smhc gang so everyone starts videotaping the minute Tom gets on his knees

-you break the internet pt.3

-”my bachelorette party!”

-”my bachelor party!”

-comment sections:
~please have babies
~no fair I wanted to marry Tom
~I wanted to marry y/n

-you have Harry videotape the whole wedding

-you break the internet pt.4

-you guys make it to the YouTube 2017 rewind

-you love your subscribers so much and make sure they know and give them lots of giveaways

-you get the silver and gold play buttons and are making your way quickly to the diamond

-you’re overall proud of yourselves and each other with how your channel turned out

Accents - Tom Holland Imagine.

(A/N: Ok, so this was inspired because I am actually Australian and I just thought it you be a cute idea to just have (Y/N) and Tom making fun of each others accents)

“Tom~, come on babe. Wake up” you whisper into your boyfriends ear. He groans in response before wrapping his arms around your waist and pulls you closer to him. This shocks you slightly

“Bloody hell, Tom” you say to him. He laughs slightly

“You accent is funny” he mumbles sleepily into your shoulder. You scoff

“Says the fricken Brit. My accent came from ancestors of yours, buddy” you state while poking his chest

“It’s still weird. You Australians just talk funny” you roll your eyes at him

“Yeah right, what about you? Ello mate, shall we treat ourselves to some tea and crumpets?” Tom giggles at this.

“That was terrible but soooo cute” he grins at you

“Hey, our countries all have stereotypes of each other” you say while playing with his soft brown curls

Bloody hell mate, did ya see the Kangaroo highway this arvo? T’was choca block” you gasp but laugh none-the less

“Okay, first off, we don’t use ‘t’was’ you bloody Brit and two….we don’t ride Kangaroo’s everywhere. My first car what a Subaru, alright? I had a car”

“A… Su-ba-roo!!” you stare at him in disbelief as he giggles to himself.

“You are such a damn dork” you mutter

“Yes, but I am you dork and you love me” you sigh while kissing his forehead

“Unfortunately, I do”

The end

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden: Ayato Sakamaki [Manservant end] ~translation|traducción~

-Yui’s monologue-

At the moment when my father came running towards Ayato-kun,
I stretched out my hands and placed myself between them.

I won’t let him kill Ayato-kun.
I definitely won’t let him do it … …-

-End of Monologue-

Seiji: Don’t make it more difficult please… …!
Yui: I definitely won’t let you kill Ayato-kun!
Seiji: … … … …
Seiji: I see, it can’t be helped then… …
Yui: (Did he understand… …?)
Seiji: Then we’ll start by the weakest
Reiji: !… …What do you mean… …–
Seiji: It’s the moment! Kill them one by one! We’ve fooled the Demons!
*many people come into the castle*

Yui: … …!

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She’s gone // Conor Maynard

Requested by anon - Conor’s a single dad because his girlfriend left him alone with their baby.

Joe’s P.O.V

You picked up your vibrating mobile to see Conor’s name lighting up the screen, chuckling lightly at the funny photo of him that covered your screen you answered the call wondering what hilarious parenting disaster had happened to him now.

“Ello mate,” you answered cheerily.

“Joe,” he croaked making confusion wash over you at his tone, “she’s gone Joe,” he choked out before you heard him break into sobs.

Who’d gone, had he lost the baby? He could be so careless sometimes but how he could lose a 3-month-old that could hardly move was beyond you.

“Who Conor? Have you lost Ava?” you asked warily, already moving to go put some shoes on so you could go help him search for her just in case.

“No, Y/N. She’s left us Joe and I don’t know what to do.”

“Fuck,” you muttered under your breath. “I’m on my way over, just don’t freak out too much until I get there,” you instructed him while grabbing your keys and rushing out the door.

Upon entering Conor’s house, you saw him in the living room cradling his sleeping daughter, clinging onto her as if his life depended on this one tiny being.

“Conor?” you sat next to him and his eyes immediately left his daughter and landed on you, they were red and swollen. He made no attempt to hide his tears as they flowed freely down his face. “How about you put Ava in her crib and then we can talk?” you suggested but he shook his head.

“No,” he exclaimed a look of panic flashing through his eyes. “If I leave her she may go too.”

You saw his breathing quicken and silently cursed Jack for choosing this week to take a holiday, he was much better at dealing with Conor when he got like this.

“She’s not going anywhere mate, I promise. We can put her in the bouncer by there, you can still see her then, okay?” you saw him hesitantly nod so carefully took the baby from his arms placing the baby securely in her seat and then returning to him.

You waited a few minutes for him to start explaining what had happened but when it became evident that if you didn’t prompt him he’d spend the next few hours staring at Ava you started the inevitable conversation.

“So, are you gonna tell me what happened?”

Conor’s P.O.V

“So, are you gonna tell me what happened?” you heard Joe ask, breaking you from your trance. The realisation came flooding back to you that she was gone and you felt a stabbing pain in your chest.

The feeling was still raw and you felt a constant stinging pain, just thinking about it brought the tears back to your eyes. Jack always seemed to find a way to leave you when you needed him most, right now your entire world was falling apart and he was having the time of his life in LA.

You took a deep breath, preparing yourself to tell Joe everything that had happened. So you told him and he listened to every word, not interrupting once and instead of judging you for the tears that fell down your cheeks he pulled you into a hug.


You bounced your giggling daughter in your arms while walking back into your home, fascinated by the adorable sounds leaving her mouth.

“Y/N?” you called out, searching the oddly quiet house for your girlfriend.

Your confusion grew as you walked around the rooms and found no trace of her anywhere, you couldn’t even see her possessions. You walked into the kitchen, the only room you hadn’t checked, and found the only trace of her left in the whole house. A note. You rushed towards it and eagerly read it, your heart breaking at every word you read.

Dear Conor,

I know you’re bound to be confused right now, why wouldn’t you be? I’m gone and I’ve taken everything with me without even saying goodbye. Before you start wracking your mind for what you did wrong like I know you will let me reassure you – you’ve done nothing wrong. I’m still just as in love with you as yesterday, the week before, last year, as I’ve always been.

The thing is I can’t be a mum. You instantly adapted and became this amazing dad to Ava but I haven’t been able to do that. I thought it may just take some time but I’m still waiting for those motherly instincts to kick in. It’s got to the point where the only thing I feel towards her is jealousy and annoyance. I’m jealous that you’re giving her more attention than you’re giving me and I’m annoyed that I can’t be a good mum.

So, I’ve decided to do what’s best for my own child and for you Conor. It breaks my heart to have to leave but I’m not ready to be a parent, I know you are though. I know you’ll look after her and make her into a human that’s just as perfect as you are.

I love you so much and I’m so sorry. I promise that this is what’s best for you and Ava, I have every faith in your ability to bring her up. Just remember you’re not in this alone, I know it sound hypocritical for me to say when I’m leaving, but I need you to remember if times get hard for you again there’s plenty of people who will be eager to help.

Don’t stay caught up on me, you deserve to be loved by someone who could do a better job than I ever did. She’s out there, so be free and find her.

I love you,


You slid down the wall to sit on the floor, hugging Ava closer to your body. You sighed looking at the tiny body you held, at least you still had her and you were not going to lose her no matter what happened.


“Do you think it’s my fault? If I’d payed more attention to her maybe I could’ve helped her, made her change her mind” you asked Joe quietly, scared to hear his answer.

“Don’t you dare blame yourself for this, I think she’d made her mind up about this a long time ago and nothing would alter that.”

Today was the day of Ava’s first birthday and you were amazed to see how incredible what the boys had organised for her was. Caspar and Jack had convinced you to let them organise everything so you were glad that everything had turned out okay and you were also glad Jack had moved on from the Peppa Pig fancy dress party idea after you’d refused to put your daughter in the outfit he bought.

You were talking with Jack when you saw his eyes widen in shock, you started to turn around in confusion but stopped when you heard a familiar voice calling your name from that direction.

“No,” you mumbled turning around fully and making eye contact with her, the girl that left without warning months ago.

She started to walk towards you but you backed away, you saw her gaze flitter to where Ava was sat with Jack and immediately moved to pick her up and cradle her against your body out of her gaze.

“Can I hold her?” Y/N asked still approaching you and you shook your head.

Jack stepped in and stood in front of her, preventing her from getting any closer, “I think you should just go now,” he ordered but she just stood staring at the little girl in your arms.

“You can’t make me go, she’s my daughter too,” she glared at Jack and tried to push past him.

“You lost all rights to call her your daughter when you left Conor all those months ago, you have no idea how hard this has been on him so don’t you dare just come waltzing back in here expecting to receive a warm welcome, now leave before we force you. Got it?” Josh butted in.

Y/N stared at both of them wide eyed before her eyes landed on you looking for some support but when she found none she turned around and slowly walked out of the room.

You thought about the past 9 month and how hard they’d been at first without her there but as she told you, you were surrounded by people who were willing to help and when you accepted that, life had become a bit easier and the dark cloud started to lift. Soon you realised you didn’t need Y/N to have a family, Ava and the boys were the only family you needed.

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Ello mate saw a Made In Abyss ask and wanted to give you a heads up that Akihito Tsukishi worked on a game series called Elebits and honestly think you'd love it if you haven't tried it yet. The DS game is sort of similar to the Zelda games [more actiony and really puzzle heavy] and is really pure/cute. Plus the art is incredible and world/character designs and music is quite nice.

Woah thanks for the heads up I’ve never seen this game before and it looks so great despite its old age! It reminds me so much of LoZ! I will try to find a way to play it, thank you!!

ello hiya mates my name is gemma but do feel free to call me gem if you ever bring me biscuits. please do not be fooled by this picture as though i look like it I’m anything but a mysterious lass with great looking hair (at the moment its a ball of fluff). though most of my days are spent in front of a camera pretending to not be thinking about becoming a dog guardian i also run a secret salad pics ig because doing it so on my own causes makes people get their knickers in a twist. i have the connections for the last lost pepes and harley n me grandma both think im a decent human being so do hmu @ floofgalore for 2 hours late replies. all the love x

Get to know me

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Name: Zoe

Nickname: Weeble, Wildthing, Sis

Gender: Girl

Sexuality: I’m a bi. ^^

Country: United Kingdom (’Ello mate! Pip pip! Lovely day for a cup of tea. XD )

Star Sign: Cancer

B-Day: 7th July

Height: I dunno but I think I’m 5′3″.

Things I can’t but people can’t: Smoke and drink too much (I only drink fruity cider once and that’s it)

Favorite animals: Reptiles

Favorite TV shows: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Loud House, Spongebob Squarepants

Favorite Games: Zelda Breath of the Wild, Pokken Tournament, Disney’s Magical Kingdom on DS.

Favorite Bands/Artists: Evanescence, Marilyn Manson, The Birthday Massacre

Favorite Disney Villain: Maleficent

Obsessed with: Halloween, Gothic stuff, tea, Asian food

Why you made this account: Because I want to know what’s it like to have friends from other sides of the world and looked up at the talented blogs ^^

Number of Followers: 354

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A Chance at the Hidden Power. Pt.6

Words: 4.3K

Warning: Swearing and slight sexual things.

Summary: Its been a couple of days since Y/N woke up in Calum's body and Calum woke up in Y/N’s and thing take a turn for the worst. Thank you @lucidmalum for helping!

*Y/N’s POV*

“I don’t see why I have to come with you all,” I mumbled, pulling the sleeves of my (well Calum’s) Drop Dead hoodie over my hands and yanking the hood over so it nearly covered my face. Calum was walking right next to Michael, Michaels arm swung over his shoulder keeping them close together. Calum was smiling and agreeing with whatever he was talking about, slipping his arm around Mikes waist.

“Are you serious?” Michael asked, looking back at me as if I was stupid, “You’re the fucking bass player, of course you need to come with us. Without you, the band would basically be fucked. You and Ash create the rhythm and keep it going, the bassline is what guides us.” Luke and Ashton hummed in agreement with what Michael said, Calum smiling to himself with a light blush on his cheeks.

As I was about to say something we all stopped outside a modern yet old music shop, all sorts of acoustic and electric guitars in the window shop, records all hung on a silver thread from the ceiling and different parts of drum kits, with all the price tags on them.

“I do admit I’ve missed this place,” Ashton sighed in relief and walked into the shop with Luke and Michael following him. Calum let go of Mike’s waist but he didn’t notice it, he was too focused in Luke trying to trip him up. When the boys were in the shop, Calum looked at me and smiled, the blush on his (well my) cheeks even redder than before.

“Are you okay?” I asked worriedly, pulling my hands out of their sweater paws and grabbing his face gently, inspecting it to see if there were any tears. Calum shook his head and smiled small, before taking my hand and pulling me into the shop, our fingers interlaced. I quickly grabbed the camera over Calum’s shoulder, before it got smashed between the door and door frame, Calum thanked me before walking around the shop. I looked down at the camera in my hand and groaned, knowing Calum purposely left me with it to take the photos.

However, for some odd reason I felt safe around a shop like this, as I could see Michael sat on a stool setting up a Kurt Cobain Fender Jaguar, his fingers playing around with the chords to tune it properly. A small smile appared on his face when he had tuned it properly, plugging the guitar into the amp and playing the first chords of ‘She Hates Me - Puddle Of Mudd’. I turned the camera one quickly, turning it on video mode (thankful that the quality was even better) and started to record Michael, his hand eye co-ordination absolutely perfect making it look like magic.

From the back of the shop, I could hear Luke singing the lyrics, his voice getting louder as he came closer and Michael started to join in singing. Luke squatted down in front of Michael and placed his hands on his knees, still singing. A smile washed over Luke’s bearded face as Michael got a bit more into singing, so Luke lowered his voice so everyone in the shop could hear Michael, and this was a silent encouragement from Luke to say 'Sing louder Mikey, show them what you’ve got’. Then came Ashton, sitting down on top of a drum box just a couple of feet away from Michael’s left. That when it all came together, but there was one thing missing; the bass.

Now I saw what Calum’s job in the band was really like, he kept up with Ashton and made the bassline go smoothly. The boys were all singing together, smiles on their faces and looking at me, waiting for me to join in. So I did (putting the camera on the shelf that held different drum sticks, so it was still recording us all )and I could see their eyes light up. We sang the song all the way through to the very end, pulling ugly faces at each other, Luke and I not having our instrument so we played them in the air.

'And she tore my feelings like I had none! She fucking hates me..’

Clapping was heard from behind Michael so we looked over to who it was, the smiles on the three boys faces fading when they saw who it was. Or rather, who it wasn’t.

The tall, porcelain skinned lad smirked, raising his perfectly shaped eyebrows at us. He was dark haired Luke look-a-like and I was hypnotised, his soft greyish green eyes scanning us all. He had a tight black button up on, hugging his biceps beautifully; he had his shirt sleeves rolled up three quarters of the way, his detailed tattoo sleeve on show. He had silver tunnels in his stretched ears, a black lip ring on the same side of his lip as Luke does and his curly hair hidden under a beanie. When he took a step forward his bulge was evident against his tight black, ripped jeans and it made my mouth water, thinking what it would be like if he became hard.

“Puddle of Mudd ay? Didn’t think people round here would know that band.” The lad spoke, his voice deep and husky, but had a hint of sweetness to it. Ashton squinted his eyes at the tall boy before standing up and putting the drum box where he got it.

“Luckily we aren’t from here then.” Luke spoke, a bit freaked out of how the boy looked so much like him. He smiled nervously an stood up, dusting himself off and holding his hand out.

“I’m Luke.”

“I’m Mason, my uncle owns the shop.” They both shook hands and started talking about the shop and how they always come here to buy their supplies when in LA, Michael was still a bit cautious of Mason but he joined in with the conversation. I grabbed the camera and stopped recording, making my way around the shop until I found Calum stood near some Vinyl’s, the lights from the bottom of each section holding the records shining on his face. A smile etched on his face when he pulled out a trippy looking record, looking around to see if the boys were near before skipping over to me and showing me the record.

“There’s this really hot lad talking to Lu-” I was cut off from my fangirl state as Calum turned to me.

“This is art.” He held he record out in front of us boh and I read the title of 'Headswim’.  “I grew up listening to this band and my dad always told me this record cover was fucking vintage.” Calum then grabbed my hand and yanked me to the section he got the record from before making me hold it in my arms.

“I’ve heard the music you listen to so I think you’ll like these bands.” He mumbled, flipping his black black waves out of his face. He pulled out a futher 12 records, tlling me about each band and what each song on he record was wrote about or who for.

“What were you saying before? About some lad talking to Luke?” Calum asked again, a curios look on his face.

“Oh yeah!” I snapped back to what I was saying, “He is fucking gorgeous! He made my mouth water and my heart beat faster, you HAVE to-” Once again I was cut off from what I was saying by a panting Luke.

“Oh thank god you’re with Y/N, Calum.” Luke spoke is a hushed whisper. He quickly came over to us and wrapped an arm around Calum, kissing the top of his head.

“What why?” I asked, worried in case something has happened to one of the boys.

“Nothing to worry about mate, Ashton and Mike don’t like the look or like the feelings they get around Mason so he asked me to come find Y/N. They don’t want Mason seducing Y/N only to break her heart.. or get her pregnant.” Luke spoke. Calum burst out laughing at what Luke said, not believing how protective all of the boys could get.

“Whats so funny?”

“I can do what I want thanks,” Calum laughed, “But I won’t, I’ll keep my legs shut for a little longer.” Luke gave Calum a funny look before walking away.

“I think he’s gorgeous.” I shrugged, Calum glared up at me before stomping off the the other section of records. I sighed and I felt a presence behind me, I turned round to be faced with Mason he smiled.

“Ello mate! I’m Mason, you must be Calum, right?” I nodded and he continued, “Right so I’ve met all the lads, but who is that bird over there?” He pointed over to Calum, a smirk on his face.

“O-oh! That’s Y/N, Ashtons little sister. When I say little, I mean a couple of years younger.” I chuckled, “I can introduce you if you want?” I asked, not waiting for a reply before walking over to Calum. Mason followed me and Calum looked up, a surprised look on his face when seeing the lad behind me.

“Shit bag this is Mason, Mason this is shit bag.” I smiled sarcastically, trying to keep up the act that we don’t want anything to do with each other. I placed all the records down with a quick 'You forgot these.’ and walked to the other side of the section, standing close enough to be able to hear their conversation. After Calum explaining that his name wasn’t 'Shit bag’ and that I was trying to wind him up, Mason just shook his head and laughed.

“It’s fine! I see you’re interested in rock? Didn’t know someone so beautiful would listen to something so raw.” He smiled down at Calum, looking through the records and CD’s he had picked up.

“Yeah.” Calum spoke, unaware of what Mason was saying; probably not giving a shit either.

“You know all the days I’ve been here I’ve never seen a girl as stunning as you come into this section, like you get the wanna be metal head girls but all they talk about is Nirvana and Biggie.” Mason said smiling, his dimples popping. Calum looked up at me and saw I was blushing because, well I’d never been called beautiful or stunning by anyone outside the band.

“Thanks. Although, smells like teen spirit is the best song of ya know, all time.” Calum sarcastically spoke, acting as if he were a girl who just listened to only that song and drank Starbucks. I glared at him and crossed my arms, to which he smirked at and went to a different section of music; Stone Rock. Mason rolled his eyes and groaned, going to walk away until I grabbed his arm.

“Hi sorry for Y/N she’s just really shy, she doesn’t really know people out of the band. She is surrounded by us sarcastic, mean fucks all day and every day so she doesn’t know what you’re saying is the truth.” I shrugged my shoulders, acting as if I couldn’t care less. “I mean, if you really wanna get somewhere with her, you could take her out on a date and see how it goes? She would love to get away from us lads.” Mason looked between me and Calum and nodded. He thanked me and walked after Calum, but I still followed. I hid behind some shelves that had different punk CD’s from different eras on and made a gap between them, so I could see and listen to their conversation.

However, my spy techniques didn’t go to plan when Calum looked up at the noise and saw me peeking, to which he chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“Hey, Y/N? I would really like to take you on a date sometime. Only if you want to of course?” I smiled looking at Calum with a big grin and nodding.

“Yeah I’d love to” he grumbled, sounding a bit more cheery than before. Calum gave Mason my phone from his bag and Mason put his number in.

“I’ll text you the details.” Mason winked at Cal. Once he walked away Calum made puking noises as I hit him on the head, but Calum made the noises even more. Unfortunately for me, Luke saw and was tearing my hand away from Calum before we even register what was happened and had me pinned up against the CD rack. I looked at him as cooly as I could, a bored expression on my face and he was glaring at me even more.

“If you fucking touch her again Calum, I will rip your dick off and make you eat it with fucking noodles.” He snarled, his nostrils flaring and his eyes darkening. Calum was stood behind Luke smiling slyly and walked over to him, stroking up his back and squeezing his ass in both hands.

“Lukey?” he whined, I felt Luke’s hand loosen as he let go of me and turned round to face Calum. Calum stood up on his tiptoes and nuzzled his face into Luke’s neck, putting his arms around his neck then running his hands over his chest, his acrylic nails causing goose bumps on Luke’s skin. He pulled the shocked yet lustful Luke down a bit, brushing his lips over Luke’s and licking his lip ring before planting a hot opened mouth kissed over the piercing. Calum’s glossy lips made a trail when he pulled back, which connected Luke’s bottom lip to Calum’s top lip. I stood there, shocked to the bone at what Calum was doing and how Luke was reacting, surely he should have some sense?!

Calum knew I would never go there with Luke and what he was doing was crossing the line. Luke let out a shaky breath and Calum smirked and looked down at Calum with such a burning desire, you could feel the heat between them. It started to scare me how much Calum was hypnotising him, how Luke’s gripped tightened on Calum’s bare waist and pulled them closer to each other. Calum’s fingers were tugging on the curls at the back of Luke’s head, leaning forward and gently pressing his lips against Luke’s. I couldn’t let this happen, so I pulled on Luke’s shirt harshly and stood in between them, my chest puffed out and glaring at Luke; if look’s could kill. Luke shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair, pulling on it with stress.

“Y/N shit man, dont do that” Luke laughing nervously, backing away from me and walked away once again.

“What the fuck was that for?” I growled at him, looking down at the smirking Calum.

“I can do what I want.” He smirked, popping his hip out and crossing his arms so his (MY) boobs looked bigger than they already were. I shrugged, quickly thinking of pay back and chuckled, walking away from Calum.

If he wanted to play a game, I’ll give him a game that will be never ending for him. I searched the shop for Michael and he was still sat down playing with the same guitar he was before. I walked over to him smiling, he gave me a light smile as I got on my knees in front of him (taking the guitar away from him and putting it on the floor), running my hands up his thighs and body as he looked at me weirdly but I just grinned.

“Mikey..” I whimpered. Michaels eyes widened and his head tilted to the side as he raised an eyebrow. I leant forward and crashed my lips on his, he didn’t pull away for a good couple of seconds but when I moaned, he tried to get a grip of my shoulders and push me away. He wasn’t pushing desperately which was surprising and I tilted my head sideways but before Mike could react in any way, I felt a hand pulling on my hoodie to get me off Michael.

Michael sat still, his cheeks red in confusion, anger or shock whilst I heard grumbling from the person who pulled us apart. When we walked out of the shop I laughed even harder when I noticed there were over 15 wide eyed, cute smiling fans with their phones out, probably having videos and photos of what just happened. Michael whimpered embarrassingly and hid his face in Luke’s arm, making us all laugh; the fans cooed over him, still recording us.

“Guys nothing is going on with any of us!” Michael whined when one of the fans asked if we were all secretly dating each other (“Speak for yourself Mikey.” Luke winked playfully, “Guys! Muke are showing their fondness again!” A tall red haired squealed.) as we walked out the shop.

“For fucks sake I’m not gay!” Calum muttered slapping my arm before stomping a head of us all.  I laughed evilly and caught up with him, the boys following.

Once we got back to our LA house, we started to get ready as the boys had an interview, which had just been arranged a couple of hours before. We all had our own rooms, set to our styles and Calum’s room was pretty impressive. The large room had a large white bed with black and white pillows with a black side table and a large wardrobe which had a mirror on the front of it, he probably got this wardrobe so he could fuck all his groupies in front of it. If I was going to be in Calum’s body then I had to at least try and be him, so I got dressed in an oversized green jacket with a tight long sleeved top underneath, a new pair of skinny jeans that made my thighs look divine and arse perky. I also pulled out his old scruffy army boots which gave his look more punk like character. When I heard the boys slamming their room doors, I knew it was time to go. I opened my door and at the same time Michael walked past my room.

“Dude you know earlier and you kissed me?” Michael asked, not looking up from his phone.

“Yeah, sorry about that mate it was a dare; I lost an 'Odds On’ with Y/N.” I chuckled, checking my pockets to see if I had everything.

“Nah its good, just don’t fucking do that again!” He laughed, playfully pushing me, “C'mon, lets go!”

Me and Michael both walked to the car talking about some random shit, and how the last time we were here Ashton nearly broke his nose which made our bellies hurt with laughter. We hopped into the back and we were off to the radio station for our interview, I was thankful that Ash had taken Calum and Luke there before us, otherwise we’d be arguing over the space. I was just hoping that Calum wasn’t causing to much attention that would bring a reputation to myself later on.

Outside the radio station, Ashton and Luke were taking photos with fans and Calum was there strutting around in a way too tight black body suit and a mini beige suede skirt, his make-up totally over done yet sassy. I groaned in frustration as the black body suit was too small for my boobs so it ended up pushing them out every second, Calum giggling like a school girl when he nip slipped. I walked over to him and grabbed his wrist, pulling him into my body so we were chest to chest.

“What the fuck do you think your wearing?” I growled.

Well I’m acting like the little slut you are, since I am in your body.” He said getting out of my grip and wiggling his hips. He walked over to the studio doors doing a twirl, the mini suede skirt rising up which showed my whole ass, the body suit making it look peachier than normal. The skirt raised so much that I’m pretty sure he wasn’t wearing any panties with the body suit; fucking great. He opened the door and walked inside with Michael and me following, Luke drooling every time he looked at Calum whilst Ashton paid more attention to the person who was taking us to the studio. I took off the green jacket I had on and wrapped it around Calum, pulling him into me.

“Get the fuck off me.” Calum whined, struggling in my grip as I saw Michael tense and look at me. I sighed letting go as Calum smiled victoriously. Michael picked up the jacket and shrugged before putting it on himself, his snapback nearly getting knocked off.

This wasn’t making me sad anymore, it was making me fucking angry, how dare he do that. He’s using my friends against me all because of something he did. I was getting pissed off and I wanted revenge badly and I was gonna get it. We gotten into the interview room and Calum took his seat backstage as we walked onto the set. I shook the interviewers hand and took a seat in-between Michael and Ashton.

“Hello and welcome to the show, today we have 5 seconds of summer with us!” The interview said, they boys all said hi and I just sat there, acting as if I had somewhere better to be. The interview went on and I was acting like a prick throughout, since thats what Calum is. The interviewer would ask me questions and I’d either give them one worded answers or just look at Ashton, scoffing at the questions as if to say 'jeez, what makes you think you can talk to me’.

Calum was all over the sound guy and he smiled at me when the sound guy started whispering in his ear. When the interview was over I was beyond angry with how Calum was acting and each time he did something to annoy me I would do or say something more harsh during the interview which made Calum act out again; it went like this for the rest of the interview.

Before we got into the cars to go home, I nipped to the bathroom and locked the doors, pulling down my pants. Somehow Calum’s dick was semi-hard so I shut my eyes reached down, grasping hold of his dick. It felt super weird but a thrill ran up my body and to my stomach.

I pumped it a couple of times and got out my phone, trying to hold back the moans for more contact. I took a quick mirror selfie, making sure it clearly showed Calum’s dick and his sun kissed skin, along with his tattoos. I made sure not to show his face though, I’m not that mean even though people will know who’s this nude is by the end of today.

I logged into my twitter fan account for 5SOS and posted the picture tagging Calum and using as many hashtags I could. I pulled up my pants up with a smirk and walked out of the bathroom. Calum was stood outside of the car with an unlit cigarette in between his fingers and his phone in his other hand, a shocked expression on his face.

“What did you just do..” He whispered looking at me and shaking his head, his eyes wide with anger. I looked at my phone and my fan account notifs where going crazy, my followers going up by the hundreds per minute.

“Keep playing with fire and you’re gonna get burnt.” I laughed walking past Calum and into the taxi.

When we arrived back at our home and Calum stormed into the house and straight into Michaels room, the boys confused as to why he was in a bad mood. Instead of fussing they just shrugged it off and went into the living room, turning on the PS4 and ordering pizza and Chinese from the nearest take-outs. Michael put fifa in and asked me to play but I told him it would be best if I go and see what’s up with Calum if no one else will, of course the boys were sceptical about it but flinched and shooed me away when they heard angry screaming and loud banging noises.

I walked up the stairs and checked in Michaels room but Calum wasn’t in there, but the groans and angry screams were coming from the bathroom so I just left Calum alone and walked into my room, sighing and falling back on the bed. After 10 minutes I heard the door open and shuffling, when I looked up Calum was in the room carrying all his suitcases and belongings.

“What are you doing?” I asked staring at Calum as if he were insane when he fell back on the bed next to me.

“I’m not staying with Michael, he likes cuddles in the morning and that boy is like a furnace when he’s in bed.” Calum shrugged, which was true and the reason why no one ever shared a bed with him.

“So I’m staying in my room.” Calum said standing back up and tugging the suitcase to the large mirror. He opened the wardrobe and grabbed my clothes chucking them in, not caring that they made a mess.

“What about me?” I sat up on my elbows, looking at Calum who was stood in front of me with his hands on his hips.

“Looks like we’re going to have to share” Calum smiled, almost sarcastically. Before I could protest Michael shouted from downstairs making me and Calum run as fast as we could to see what had happened.

“Look at this Calum! Pictures of you sticking your tongue down my throat because you couldn’t resist me are all over the internet!” Michael moaned, shoving his phone in my face, “They didn’t even get my best side!” But Michael was wrong. The pictures taken looked as if Michael was pulling me closer, both of our heads tilted slighted as if we were ready to step up the notch and have a hard core make out session.

“You still aren’t complaining though.” I winked which caused me to get a slap around the head from Michael and Calum.