Obviously I’m too lazy for actual comics…

Here’s the story, for Christ sake!

@ellissummer always think of me as some kind of dickheart eater, who fucks everything that is able to move…ask her, she will not refuse, I’m sure. 

@godspuppet and I attacked each other with message, talked about…RE7 things :D then it appears that she imagines me almost like Ellis do…

They are not alone in this club! And I never knew why people think of me like that! I can be scary, yeah, but, oh, Jesus, I’m not THAT nasty xD 

The funny thing is…later I meet one of my followers, we spent some time together, then she told other followers that I “owned everyone in Skype and taught to hurt”, Ellis made a joke that they are “immediately realized that we talking with a real Mistress” and “all bow to thee like unto a god”.

Okay? Fine. I can live with that. I just don’t really know how I got in this point of being scary kinky mistress xD

P.S. It’s not like…a fan art for Oddities, I put Lucas here for fun, ha.