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I hated too. It was ruined as soon as Billie wasn’t playing actual Rose and that we didn’t get to see Rose and Ten together AND wtf ten would never have a dalliance like that.. jeysus even as Eleven he still loves Rose!

Tbh it wasn’t the lack of Ten/Rose (or even Eleven/Rose) that bothered me as such but the fact it wasn’t Rose AT ALL. The fact Moffat reduced an excellent character to a small aspect of series one where she absorbed the Time Vortex to save the Doctor. It wasn’t really necessary for the weapon to be “Bad Wolf” so it invalidated the character and her act. 

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I was re-watching 'The Next Doctor' (the first special post season 4) and the 'doctor's' companion was named roseita.. and 10 just says "now that's a good name" I never picked up on it before, but had a total ten/rose moment.. and wondered if you'd seen any gifs for it? or could make one?

Yeah, I noticed that…and awwed a bit. I haven’t seen any gifs…but I’ll throw one together for you!

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You can call your local branch to ask if it is in stock there xx

Yeah I just bought it online. It was too nice and I couldn’t call the shop till tomorrow anyway cause it’s like half ten at night so it was easier to just order!

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I didnt cry at allllll. But probably because saw it in the cinema, and I dont cry in front of people over films.

You my friend have strength that I am not blessed with. The first time I saw it, it was in my own room (it leaked online and I know my tendency to cry at films so I downloaded it) I sobbed. And when I say sobbed I mean hyperventilating type breaths occured. I then saw it in the cinema the next week and still cried (though nowhere near as much) so I don’t know how you didn’t cry the first time cause I still even know sort of tear up at Valjean’s death and “it’s too soon to say goodbye”