• isak: treated eva like shit, put her through terror that ended up in her being close to moving schools, uses girls left and right also spewed so much ableist shit
  • skam fandom: he's human! skam is about kids being human and making mistakes!
  • jonas: was a complete tool to eva, made her feel like shit about herself, mocked her grades, mocked her loneliness
  • skam fandom: he's human! skam is about kids being human and making mistakes!
  • even: cheated on his longtime gf and had no care in the world for her
  • skam fandom: he's human! skam is about kids being human and making mistakes!
  • william: is human, is a kid, makes mistakes
  • skam fandom: SATAN!! WILLHELL!!! burn him

noora left william in london without saying anything

just packed up and left without him knowing

the one thing he was terrified of

remember when he was scared of her leaving just bc she was going to get a glass of water 

because she left him without saying anything that night after the party in 2.03

we’ve come full circle y’all


Press X to give Nick a hug after Long Time Coming.

Honestly this part made me very emotional and I swear Bethesda needs to add HUGS to their dialogue options. Let me tell Nick everything’s gonna be okay and he has people who love HIM and not a ghost from the past.

This is not a repost. My old blog got deleted so I’m putting my art back up.

noora and william were both in the wrong, stop. his family is his biggest weakness and she lied to him about it. it’s totally understandable that she did, but william distancing himself after finding out she lied isn’t a weird or horrible reaction either. y’all are already jumping on him again for not being there 100% for her, but it’s hard to fully support someone when they don’t tell you the truth and you have to find out via a letter from the police. 

she also left him without saying anything. and this is of course a reason for people to jump on him again, cause he didn’t come after her. she left him, and that’s probably how it felt for him too. if he had traveled after her people would be calling him abusive and manipulative again for going against her wishes, since she’s the one who left.

she hasn’t contacted him either. they’re BOTH in the wrong, they BOTH don’t communicate. stop blaming everything on him because tumblr keeps telling you how awful he is. 

this whole storyline shouldn’t even be here to be discussed but okay.