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How Many Times-3

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Sam pressed his ear against the door, he could hear the music playing in her room. It had been playing for the last twenty-four hours, he was worried about her. It had been almost twenty-four hours since she had come out of her room.

Dean had tried a number of times to get her to come out, but she ignored his attempts. He tried all her favorite foods, but she wouldn’t even open the door. He had called and sent her texts, just asking if she was okay.

Dean was ready to go kick the door in after twelve hours, but Sam convinced him to leave her be. Now at the twenty-four hour mark, Sam found himself just as worried as Dean.

He knocked softly on the door. “Baby, please open I need to see that you’re okay. I’m worried about you. So is Dean, Cas, and Crowley…” 

 There was nothing, no movement, just music playing. There was movement behind him. Turning around, Cas stood there looking worried.

“She’s warded the room.” Sam’s eye’s widened, he stepped back, kicking the door in.

Rushing inside to find (Y/N), he came out with tears in his eyes.  “She’s gone.”

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Nat: I don’t know, I can only sit through “I Can Hear the Bells” so many times. And it’s not like Flan’s character even has a name

Jefferson: It’s Noreen. Or Doreen. I forget.

Nat: You would know that–

Ana: There they go again.

Ellie: Just leave them to it. I’ll start cleaning up the kitchen–

Jefferson: Ellie, you’re a guest. You ain’t cleanin’ nothing–

Ellie: No, someone cooks, someone else cleans, that’s always how it’s worked. I’ve got it.

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  • Who’s more dominant: Ellie’s pretty fiesty. She’ll get what she wants.
  • Who’s the cuddler: Joel. He just wants to sit down and rest.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Joel is the big spoon. Ellie likes him wrapped around her because he’s warm.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Killing zombies and riding horses.
  • Who cooks: Joel. I assume Ellie can’t cook for shit.
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Hm. I can see Ellie doing it in a teenager rebelling sense, but I also see Joel doing it. Hm. 
  • Who kills the spiders: They kill zombies, I think they can both handle some bugs.
  • Who falls asleep first: Joel was asleep like double the time Ellie was in the game so I’m gonna go with the old guy.
  • A headcanon: Joel wishes Ellie would spend more time with the other kids at the camp, but she thinks they’re all too childish and boring.
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: 

    Don’t ask me why this is the gif I chose, I just think it’s cute and they’re cute.