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Frisk the Flirt?

(undertale spoilers)

The child protagonist of Undertale is widely known for flirting with many monsters. But just how many monsters does Frisk actually flirt with? There are a few, but maybe not as much as their reputation leads people to believe.

Flirt by Phone

The first monster Frisk can flirt with is Toriel, though the option is not available in her battle. After acquiring the cellphone from Toriel, Frisk can use it to flirt with the boss monster.

Flirt in Battle

It may come as a surprise to some, but Frisk has the option to flirt with only four monsters in battle. Given that there are fifty-four monsters Frisk can battle in the game (not including alternate forms like Mettaton Ex or Undyne the Undying), that’s actually not many.




If Frisk flirts with Papyrus, Papyrus assumes that he is obligated to take Frisk out on a date. Frisk is able to accept this date offer.


Flirt in Hangout

While not an explicit ACT, Frisk is able to flirt with Undyne during their hangout. After Undyne instructs Frisk to “point to what you want,” Frisk can point to Undyne for the following reaction.

Flirt during Roleplay

In the pacifist route, Frisk delivers a letter to Alphys from Undyne. However, Alphys mistakenly assumes the letter is from Frisk. Frisk plays along with this assumption and goes on a date with Alphys. Once it is revealed that Alphys actually likes Undyne, Frisk is able to help Alphys out with roleplay. Whether Frisk roleplays as Alphys or Undyne, they have the option to flirt.

Roleplaying as Undyne

Roleplaying as Alphys


Frisk can flirt with seven of the fifty-four monsters they can battle. To put it another way, they have a 13% potential flirt rate. There is no denying that Frisk’s flirts are memorable, but perhaps Frisk isn’t quite flirty as some may believe.

anonymous asked:

Do you agree with this? For me it's kinda suspicious and I'm not entirely against it because its actually really weird for Sasuke to say it again and then suddenly adding "Naruto", but I also don't want to see too much into it, haha. I'd like to hear your opinion. post/119393741337/sasuke-being-jealous-caring

That’s not enough for me to see the post Anon, but judging from the URL, no I don’t agree with it at all. It seems to have been another one of those “Sasuke is jealous about Sakura…” posts when he wasn’t jealous about her at all.

In this case, judging from the implications of the way the scene was translated, Sasuke was still in the process of trying to make it seem as though all he cared about was Naruto’s survival (as he’d attempt to make clear later on in chapter 680), so when they all seemed to have dropped their guards when he had said to Sakura and Kakashi mere moments earlier not to let their guards down, he wanted to remind them, but he put emphasis on Naruto in order to reach the aforementioned effect:

To be honest though, I think that the above translation is incorrect anyway, because the Viz translation (below) has Sasuke simply telling Naruto that he had just told everyone not to let their guards down, and this time there wasn’t that weird ellipsis before he says Naruto, which would completely shut down any lingering theories of Sasuke’s apparent jealousy during this scene:

I think this version makes far more sense than the MangaPanda translation. What reason would Sasuke have to be jealous over Sakura here anyway? The fact that she was paying attention to Naruto? Why would he care? He’s not that childishly possessive, especially not when his mind was so clouded.

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hyperlolman submitted: so,i was playing the undertale demo,and i saw the proof that Toriel isn’t a cinnamon roll!

(undertale spoilers)

Here’s proof from the game itself.

When Papyrus questions Alphys knowing Sans, Sans replies with “doesn’t everybody?” Toriel tries to be funny by asking “Who the hell is Sans?”, accidentally using a swear* word.

*Among certain people (such as teachers), “hell” is considered a swear word. 

Like many adults, Toriel is capable of swearing. She simply chooses to not swear in front of the children. (But she is prone to slipping up!)

making this exchange public because @after-the-ellipsis is so on point here, and also


please respect that caretaker chara is male

Time to address a few things.

Mistaking Caretaker Chara for a female at first glance is understandable!

Society’s expectations of genders have been drilled into our heads. Mistaking Caretaker Chara for a female because of their looks is acceptable. However, before you send an ask, we ask that you read the FAQ, which clearly states Chara is male. It is just one small request we ask of you. The same questions and assumptions have been sent to us many times. Taking a moment to read the FAQ will save all of us time.

Insisting that Caretaker Chara should be female because of their looks is NOT acceptable.

We’ve actually had people tell us that Caretaker Chara should be female because of how they look. Because “long eyelashes, long hair, and a slender body are only for females.” A quick glance in both the real world and fiction disproves this claim. The human body comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Forcing your views of a female Chara on Caretaker Chara is HARMFUL.

Even more disheartening, we’ve had people tell us they see our Caretaker Chara as female and do not accept the fact that they are male. We have heard that because Chara seems feminine they cannot possibly be male. As evidence, they push the false belief that males cannot have long hair, long eyelashes, a slender body, wear robes, etc. In short, they believe all people must fit society’s view of masculinity and femininity. While Caretaker is fictional, this kind of thinking is harmful to real people. All people should be able to express themselves however they please.

If you absolutely cannot see Chara as male for whatever reason, don’t tell us about it. Don’t ask us for permission to see our Chara as female, because you will not receive it.

Drawing fanart of a female version of Caretaker Chara is absolutely acceptable!

There is nothing wrong with drawing fanart of female Caretaker Chara. Many cases, it’s because the artist wasn’t aware that Chara is male. Even if the artist is aware and chooses to draw a female version, that is fine! We adore seeing the variety of interpretations of a female Caretaker Chara. Fanart does not have to match the comic’s canon.

We are not against different gender/sexes for other Charas (or Frisks).

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unclevertitle  asked:

I see Asgore's beard and hair is completely white instead of blonde. Is this a simple artistic choice or a sign of his age since Asriel is alive and fully grown?

Remember, Asgore’s hair and beard are blonde in the Interlude: Patience.

His new appearance is a sign of his age. If you look closely, you’ll notice the tips of his hair and beard are a very light blonde.

anonymous asked:

Well, I just thought all souls have all the traits, and your soul color depends on what you have most of. I mean, if you can concentrate and liquify determination, why wouldn't you be able to concentrate other traits? Also, COULD the other souls remember the resets?

“Determination” is a power. The will to keep living. The resolve to change fate. And it’s never implied to be a trait.

Here are more theories for you to read in regards to all of this: