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Just Some More Shoutouts to the Webseries I’m Currently Watching

I’m still swamped with end of school craziness (the play is on Friday, then we leave on Saturday on the class trip to LA, and then when we come back there are about five events a day – AND I’m speaking at graduation), so I won’t have any actual content until after that. But I just wanted to give some more shoutouts to all the awesome webseries I’m currently watching.

The Emma Agenda – very gay Jane Austen adaptation by the creators of Twelfth Grade (or whatever). Currently on a one-week hiatus, and it just keeps getting better and better. Honestly, I think someone may finally be correctly adapting Emma (more on my Emma adaptation issues some other time).

Middlemarch: The Series – also very gay, full of incredibly messed up characters who just can’t seem to connect, already has tons of iconic lines at just twenty-three episodes, and has phenomenal production values.

Ellipses – sci-fi webseries with lots of time travel. I wasn’t sure about it, and then today’s episode happened, and I was totally sold. And I don’t usually like sci-fi, so that’s saying something.

Merry Maidens – lesbian college Robin Hood AU with nerf guns and campus politics. 

The Attic – Little Women adaptation currently on its third (!!!!) season, Unfortunately very straight and white, but very well cast and well written. 

Also a shoutout to The Better Strangers, The Glad Game, and Away From It All, which I’m waiting to watch until they’re done but which look wonderful.

And a special mention to The Roedell Project and School Spirit, which both just ended and deserve a lot of love (I promise I have more reviews coming soonish).

I love all of you so much, especially @threeminutesfast , @pansexual-link-larkin, and @greatestvoyagehistoryofplastic . Please everyone go and support their shows, because they’re wonderful and they really deserve it!

The Aitoff projection is a map projection first proposed by David Aitoff in 1889. Based on the a form of azimuthal equidistant projection, he halved longitudes from the central meridian, projected by the azimuthal equidistant, and then stretched the result horizontally into a 2:1 ellipse.