elliotte school

i have an hour break in the middle of my six-hour studio class, so i sat down in front of a mirror with a colored pencil and… yep. perspective kinda wonky from looking up so much, but i’m not gonna try to go back in with an eraser.

just wanted y'all to know i’m not here sitting on my ass; also working on a couple of updates so look out for those


Marvel Comics Hip Hop Variant Covers

Silver Surfer #1 (Artwork by Cliff Chiang) // Nothing Was the Same by Drake

Black Widow #1 (Artwork by Phil Noto) // Supa Dupa Fly by Missy Elliott

Scarlet Witch #1 (Artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz) // Relapse by Eminem

All-New Inhumans #1 (Artwork by Marco D’Alfonso) // DS2 by Future 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (Artwork by Dave Johnson) // Verde Terrace by Curren$y


Mariposa Dance: Halloween morning #davesangels #coachpotter  @SkateMariposa Have a safe evening!

As The xx gear up to tour their new album, I See You, Oliver Sim reflects on a new version of himself

It was during The xx’s residency at New York’s Park Avenue Armory in March 2014 that Oliver Sim found out what stardom really looks like. “Those shows were crazy,” he says of their 25 performances at the former military headquarters on the Upper East Side. “The response we got, the people who came, the whole experience was mind-blowing.” Each night - at an event more like an art installation than a gig - the band performed encircled by an audience of just 40 people, who watched them play in complete silence. On the last night, A-list attendees included Jay Z, Beyoncè, Björk, Anohni and filmmakers Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach. “Throughout the show I was facing (co-vocalist) Romy, and Madonna was standing directly behind her,” he says, reliving the moment. “Every time my gaze went up an inch, I was staring straight at her. It was surreal.”

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