Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany talks her love for Missy Elliott and the music that inspires the show’s characters.

Episode deux tonight of orphanblack ! Here’s my interview with Tatiana Maslany where we talked all things music.

Elliott Johnson - Technologic Rhapsody [Album]

Technologic Rhapsody by Elliott Johnson

This album is entirely instrumental (no vocals or lyrics), and falls within the genre of dance, including techno, electronica, trance, etc.

This entire album was inspired by, and is therefore dedicated to Kia Belle Graves.

For those who want to dance, i hope you enjoy this musical labor of love.
Executive Producer: Elliott “L-Y3T” Johnson and Dwizzy Bodega.
All songs written, mixed, and produced by Elliott “L-Y3T” Johnson for Smooth-It-Down productions (SIDP).
Album mastered by Elliott “L-Y3T” Johnson for SIDP, and Ford4D.—