elliott steel

so I’ve been reading Kate Elliott’s Spirtwalker Trilogy and it is the best, most realistic fantasy I’ve read in a while because the characters:

  • have to eat on a regular basis, think about eating, prioritize eating because they have a hard time thinking about other stuff when they’re fucking hungry
  • run out into the cold in the middle of winter and forget their cloaks and then actually get really cold and sometimes have to revise their plans so that they can get warmer clothes because if not they will get frostbite or chilblains or die
  • pee and sometimes use having to pee as a way to get away from people and collect their thoughts
  • tell dudes who keep trying to “protect them” that they should fuck off

“Beatrice, you have no idea of the cruelties of the world. I will protect you.”

“Legate, you have no idea of how condescending you sound. I’m not interested in your kind of protection.”

  • are naked when they shapeshift back into human form and run into a lot of inconvenience as a result
  • realize that attraction isn’t always worth turning the world over for
  • aren’t all white– aren’t even *mostly* white; almost everyone who is introduced is given a physical description with the protagonists’ guess at their ancestry and it seems that the migration routes that people have taken mostly make sense
  • don’t have a view of race that obviously mirrors the one we have today, it’s obviously constructed based on the powers at play in the particular alternate universe the story takes place in
  • often are inconvenienced by social custom and often are awkward at social customs
  • have important female/female friendships that tend to be central to the story

Seriously, it’s fucking great. I’m only a bit into Cold Fire, which I read a while ago but have forgotten by now, and I’m enjoying the crap out of it.

Bravo, on what can be considered a perfect first season in what was one of the bravest, ambitious, exhilarating & soaring first seasons of television of the last decade. Every now & then shows come along that remind you why we obsess over television on an intellectual, existential & emotional level. Why we read the re-caps, why we listen to the podcasts, why we have these water cooler conversations. Its life affirming.

Mr. Robot is a dread filled, paranoid emotional odyssey gravitating around the trauma of a personal family history set in the backdrop of our troubled and anxiety-filled state of modernity. Before you pick apart the nods to Fight Club or American Psycho in the not so subtle subtext, understand that it comes from a place of adolescent nostalgia within the characters and is reflective of a much deeper, darker yearning for understanding your personal arc better when it is filled with nothing but pain and confusion. It is a much more meditative comment on dealing with the trauma of your history being draped in darkness rather than answering the question of who is Tyler Durden?

In these times we have to question whether our technology, our media, our institutions are our gods or our demons & who will be the prophets to expose them. The bigger question lies in whether these mere mortals turned prophets should expose them, and as they make these choices do they metamorphosis into god, the devil or the better of our angels?

This series has been uncanny in dropping a pin on the state of current world we live in, it’s not that Mr. Robot has been meditating on the zeitgeist of our collective angst and ire to the state of modernity, its literally breathing it in and bleeding it out, holding up the mirror to ourselves as we ache and aggravate within. We’ve come to a point where we are joined at the hip to our technology, our media, and our institutions. The trust we place within these vices leaves at a place where we have lost sense of ourselves, our identity and are left to question who we are.

As we check our Facebook, our Twitter, our Tinder, our Ashley Madison Account & book our next Uber while eating that delicious pizza from Menulog we are left ask in this blurred world on the Information Autobahn, Are we even real ourselves?  Mr. Robot glorifies, perverts and subverts this in the most dazzling and surrealist of ways. This is the show that we want right now, but before that it’s the show we deserve. Where are our minds?


Friday Frolics In Tights!

Port Adelaide's Matt White Frolics In Lycra…

Travis Cloke Kicks It In Spandex…

And Jamie Elliott Wants Too Know If His Arse Looks Okay In Tights…

To Decide That It’s Better If His Mate Kisses His Bum!!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!